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MIT's Picture language could be worth a thousand lines of code

MIT has developed a probabilistic programming language that could take same the grunt work out of machine learning

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  • Security

    Pushdo spamming botnet gains strength again

    Computers in more than 50 countries are infected with a new version of Pushdo, a spamming botnet that has been around since 2007 and survived several attempts to shut it down.

  • Software

    Great customer experience is an elusive goal

    Every company says it wants to provide a top-notch customer experience; how many actually do is another matter.

  • Software

    Sydney to be home to Microsoft flagship store

    Microsoft Australia has revealed that Sydney has been selected to house the first Microsoft flagship store outside of North America.

  • Hardware

    IBM sales dip 12 percent despite lift from new mainframe

    IBM reported a 12 percent drop in revenue for the last quarter despite a big boost from its new z13 mainframe, which went on sale last month.

  • Networking

    Singtel to exit ASX

    Optus' parent company Singtel has announced it intends to delist from the ASX.

  • Open Source

    VMware prepares its virtualization stack for Docker

    VMware may have pioneered enterprise virtualization, but until Monday it had been relatively quiet when it comes to Docker containers, the popular lightweight form of application virtualization.

  • Mobile

    Are you ready for Google's Mobilegeddon on Tuesday?

    Google said in February that it was going to make mobile-friendliness matter more to its search-engine rankings. On Tuesday, it makes good on that commitment -- and webmasters who didn't heed the warning may see a steep drop in traffic.

  • Open Source

    VMware just created its first Linux OS, and it's container-friendly

    VMware Monday announced its first operating system, and it's designed to run containers inside the company's virtualization management software. In announcing the Linux OS, named Project Photon, VMware is attempting to convince users who are curious about using containers that they can do so while still using the company's software.

  • Printers

    Rocket maker for NASA and the Air Force to begin 3D printing parts

    <a href="http://www.ulalaunch.com/">United Launch Alliance</a> (ULA), the company that makes rockets for NASA and the U.S. Air Force, plans to 3D print more than 100 flight-ready components for its next-gen model of rocket.

  • Software

    Uber must face charges it discriminates against blind passengers

    A court case that alleges Uber discriminates against blind passengers will be allowed to proceed despite an attempt by Uber to have it thrown out, a California judge ruled late Friday.

  • Mobile

    Live streaming apps pose legal risks for users

    Live video is messy. It's raw, unedited, and with new mobile apps, it's now capable of capturing many more people who aren't aware they're being recorded. And in some cases, that can add up to legal problems,

  • Smartphones

    Samsung expects 70M Galaxy S6 and Edge phones to be sold

    Samsung has publicly described the first week of Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge sales as "impressive" and predicted overall sales for both devices will break a record, passing 70 million globally for both.

  • Apple

    Mac sales up 8 per cent as industry remains in doldrums

    Apple next week will again boast that sales of its Mac line of personal computers beat the industry average, assuming estimates by researcher IDC hold up.

  • Software

    Where Windows 10 stands right now

    With beta builds arriving at an ever-increasing pace, Windows 10 testing proceeds full speed ahead, with new features unveiled at every turn. If you don't have the time -- or the interest -- to keep up with the details, this report will keep you posted on how things stand. Like, right now. And we'll update it as Microsoft fleshes out more of Windows 10.

  • Open Source

    VMware bestows new container powers upon vSphere/vCloud

    With the unveiling of a pair of open source projects -- Project Photon and Project Lightwave -- VMware is expanding the range of its offerings for enterprises dealing with containerized apps.

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