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Australian government seeks agility with Drupal migration

Federal government begins shift to open source CMS, with, and a number of pioneer agencies first to migrate to open source-based Web platform

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  • Vulnerabilities

    129 out of 150 A/NZ websites fail Online Trust Alliance audit

    Some 129 of 150 Australian and New Zealand websites audited by not-for-profit organisation Online Trust Alliance (OTA) failed to meet consumer protection, data privacy or cyber security criteria, according to a report released this week.

  • Privacy

    NSA privacy director defends agency's surveillance

    The U.S. National Security Agency's surveillance programs are legal and under close scrutiny by other parts of the government, the agency's internal privacy watchdog said Monday in an online Q&A.

  • Social Networking

    Slack now letting employers tap workers' private chats

    Slack, whose chat app aims to help workers get stuff done, might now have them running scared, knowing the boss could access their chats.

  • Grid & Cloud Computing

    Would Amazon Web Services ever build an on-premise private cloud?

    Like some of its major competitors, would Amazon Web ever offer an on-premises private cloud management software?

  • Software

    Google to Apps users: take more responsibility for protecting your accounts

    To get employees more involved in securing their Apps accounts, Google has tried to simplify how they monitor log-in activity and configure security settings.

  • Mobile

    Attack of the one-letter programming languages

    Watch out! The coder in the next cubicle has been bitten and infected with a crazy-eyed obsession with a programming language that is not Java and goes by the mysterious name of F. The conference room has become a house of horrors, thanks to command-line zombies likely to ambush you into rewriting the entire stack in M or R or maybe even -- OMG -- K. Be very careful; your coworkers might be among them, calm on the outside but waiting for the right time and secret instructions from the mothership to trash the old code and deploy F# or J.

  • Hardware

    AMD tablet development stalls as priorities change

    Advanced Micro Devices' interest in tablets has waned as the company restructures operations in an effort to turn around its finances.

  • Software

    SMBs get their very own Salesforce app store

    Users of, Salesforce's cloud-based customer service product for small and medium-size businesses, now have an app store designed just for them. Called App Hub, the store offers 50 apps from Salesforce partner companies that handle functions including group chat, social monitoring, language translation and e-commerce analytics.

  • Networking

    Global Forum: Innovation creates opportunity, causes disruption

    Geneva, Switzerland -- The 23rd Global Forum, an annual policy and strategy conference for technology leaders, was held last week in the shadow of the International Telecommunications Union's (ITU) modernist tower.

  • Hardware

    Apple turns 25 apps (Red) in campaign to fight AIDS

    Apple today launched a two-week fund-raising campaign to mark World AIDS Day, promising that proceeds from the sale of 25 limited-edition apps and a portion of online and retail sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday will go to the Global Fund.

  • Security

    Thwarting attackers with threat intelligence

    <em>This vendor-written tech primer has been edited by Network World to eliminate product promotion, but readers should note it will likely favor the submitter's approach.</em>

  • Security

    Segmenting for security: Five steps to protect your network

    Relying on a DMZ to protect your network and data is like putting money in a bank that depends on one guard and a single gate to secure its deposits. Imagine how tempting all those piles of money would be to those who had access -- and how keen everyone else would be to obtain access.

  • Security

    Breaking up Google is just one possible antritrust option, EU lawmakers say

    Breaking up Google by separating its search engine from other commercial services is only one of the actions the European Commission could take to resolve the company's antitrust problems, say members of Parliament who are proposing the split.

  • Grid & Cloud Computing

    5 essentials of effective cloud data integration, a customer perspective

    In search of agility and low overhead, companies are putting as many applications as practical in the cloud. But the resulting hybrid IT environments, where certain applications remain on-premise for security or other reasons, can result in <a href="">data integration</a> issues that reduce efficiency drags and hamper agility.

  • Malware

    'Less' means more to malware authors targeting Linux users

    Using the "less" Linux command to view the contents of files downloaded from the Internet is a dangerous operation that can lead to remote code execution, according to a security researcher.

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