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Drupal 'getting off the island' with version 8

The open source CMS is getting an object-oriented makeover in its next version

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  • Business Products

    Apple postpones production of larger-display iPads

    Apple has delayed the production of its larger-screen iPads, as it works out the final design and features for the product targeted at businesses.

  • Privacy

    Inquiry to scrutinise data retention's impact on journalists

    Hot on the heels of the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security's report that endorsed the introduction of a wide-ranging mandatory data retention program, the PJCIS has launched an inquiry into the impact that the legislation will have on journalism in Australia.

  • Privacy

    NZ Snowden leaks: NZ's spying 100 per cent legal, PM claims

    New Zealand's intelligence-gathering operations are "100 per cent legal" and there are valid reasons for what they do, Prime Minister John Key says.

  • Security

    Microsoft opens up Xbox One to app developers

    Microsoft is opening up app development for the Xbox One with the launch of a kit that will be available to all developers, bringing the console closer to the Windows 10 space.

  • Software

    Intergenerational Report: Government should model service delivery on private sector

    Governments need to learn lessons from the private sector, particularly when it comes to using technology to achieve efficiencies in service delivery, according to the Intergenerational Report/

  • Data Centres

    In brief: Countdown to Equinix ME1's official launch

    The countdown to the official launch of Equinix's new Melbourne data centre is on, with ME1, along with NY6 in New York, SG3 in Singapore, LD6 in London, and TR2 Toronto, going online "in the coming weeks" the company said in a statement this morning.

  • E-Commerce

    Five things we learned about Etsy from its IPO filing

    Etsy, the online marketplace for buying and selling handmade goods and crafts, disclosed some interesting tidbits about the company's business when it filed to go public Wednesday.

  • Networking

    5G talk heats up, but launch still far off

    The 5G hype machine hit a fever pitch this week at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, but wireless services based on the still-to-be-formalised wireless standard are not expected to launch in any markets until 2020 at the earliest.

  • ERP

    Dairy Farm Group signs Telstra for private cloud

    Dairy Farm Group has signed a multi-million dollar agreement with Telstra that will see the business, which operates 5800 stores across Asia, including Ikea and 7-Eleven outlets, migrate its SAP suite to a private cloud.

  • IT Services

    Unis plead with government over research infrastructure funding

    An open letter to Prime Minister Tony Abbott warns that continued uncertainty over funding for the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy could lead to "immense" damage for Australian research.

  • Security

    In brief: CrimTrac gets new CEO

    CrimTrac, the federal agency that provides information sharing services for state and federal police, is getting a new CEO.

  • Privacy

    New Snowden documents put NZ spying in spotlight

    New Zealand is spying on some of its closest Pacific neighbours and passing the information on to the United States, according to documents released by the fugitive whistleblower Edward Snowden.

  • Software

    Google brings app messaging to its Cloud

    Closing a gap with other enterprise cloud providers, Google has created a service to facilitate communications across applications that customers build on the company's cloud platform.

  • Social Networking

    Senate passes legislation to crack down on social media

    The government yesterday won support from the Senate for its online safety bill, paving the way for the creation of a Children’s e-Safety Commissioner and the implementation of a system to compel social networking sites to remove bullying material.

  • Software

    Microsoft's universal app platform is big play for mobile, but can it deliver?

    If Windows 10 is key to Microsoft's effort to succeed in mobile, then the universal app platform is the technology that could make that happen. It promises to bring developers the cross-device nirvana they have long sought from Microsoft, but there are still challenges before Windows 10 can make headway against Android and iOS.

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