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17 JavaScript tools breathing new life into old code

From Lisp to Pascal, old code is new again, thanks to these JavaScript cross-compilers, translators, and emulators

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  • Grid & Cloud Computing

    Suncorp's cloud transformation on track

    Suncorp Group's move to a cloud-driven "optimised platform" to underpin its operations is on track and will deliver a "sustainable competitive advantage well into the future", group CEO Patrick Snowball told an investor day event today.

  • Open Source

    Rubrik adds $41m in funding, releases backup appliance

    When a startup's $10 million in funding is followed two months later by a further $41 million, it's safe to say they're tapping into a trend. In the case of Rubrik, that trend is enterprise data management.

  • Mobile

    At Google I/O, Android may push deeper into the home

    Android, already the most widely used operating system in smartphones, could soon find its way into refrigerators, door locks and all manner of other "smart" appliances around the home.

  • In Pictures: Windows 10 - Which classic Microsoft default apps should be killed?

    Based on what we’ve seen in Microsoft’s Windows 10 preview editions, here’s our take on which classic apps should be kept and which should be killed when the final version of Windows 10 ships.

  • In Pictures: 10 start-ups that are disrupting healthcare IT

    Trailblazing into the healthcare marketplace, these 10 tech start-ups are bridging the gap between healthcare and technology to build a better, safer and more inclusive healthcare experience.

  • Hardware

    Oculus acquires image recognition startup Surreal Vision

    Virtual reality headset maker Oculus VR has acquired Surreal Vision, a company developing image recognition technology that can recreate scenes from real life inside simulated 3D environments.

  • Security

    Thieves stole data on 100,000 US taxpayers through IRS app

    Criminals stole sensitive information about roughly 100,000 taxpayers through the Internal Revenue Service's "Get Transcript" application, a major data breach at the U.S.'s national tax agency.

  • Social Networking

    Private, insulting tweet gets Italian senator sued

    A right-wing senator stands to make legal history in Italy when he becomes the first person to be prosecuted for insulting another person on Twitter.

  • Mobile

    Android M, wearables and robots expected at Google I/O this week

    With Google I/O coming up this week, developers, as well as people in the industry at large, are waiting to see what the company will trot out on stage.

  • Apple

    Microsoft green-lights Cortana on rivals iOS and Android

    Microsoft today made official what had been rumored two months ago: It will release Android and iOS mobile apps that feature Cortana, the Redmond, Wash. company's intelligent assistant.

  • Grid & Cloud Computing

    HP buying SDN company for NFV

    HP this week signed a definitive agreement to acquire <a href="http://www.networkworld.com/article/2184029/data-center/sdn-company-helps-build-clouds.html?nsdr=true">ConteXtream, a provider of OpenDaylight-based SDNs for service providers</a>.

  • Networking

    Research community looks to SDN to help distribute data from the Large Hadron Collider

    When the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) starts back up in June, the data collected and distributed worldwide for research will surpass the 200 petabytes exchanged among LHC sites the last time the collider was operational. Network challenges at this scale are different from what enterprises typically confront, but Harvey Newman, Professor of Physics at Caltech, who has been a leader in global scale networking and computing for the high energy physics community for the last 30 years, and Julian Bunn, Principal Computational Scientist at Caltech, hope to introduce a technology to this rarified environment that enterprises are also now contemplating: Software Defined Networking (SDN). Network World Editor in Chief John Dix recently sat down with Newman and Bunn to get a glimpse inside the demanding world of research networks and the promise of SDN.

  • Mobile

    Researchers claim to boost cell-phone battery life with radio signals

    Cell phones are constantly transmitting radio signals, whose energy can also be used to boost the battery life of mobile devices.

  • Business Products

    China, Android to be hardest hit in coming smartphone slump

    Smartphone shipments will decline through 2019, hitting Android phones and the Chinese market especially hard, according to research firm IDC.

  • Apple

    Hyundai becomes first to use Android Auto in production cars

    Hyundai today announced it will begin using Android Auto in vehicles this year, making it the first carmaker to enable vehicles to mirror a connected Android smartphone to the car's dashboard infotainment system.

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