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New government guide designed to boost Windows 8 security

ASD releases new hardening guides for Office 2013, Windows 7 and 8

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  • Software

    Microsoft levels up web version of Outlook for business customers

    Enterprise users who rely on the web interface for Microsoft Outlook email will be getting an upgrade thanks to new features Microsoft announced Tuesday.

  • Careers

    Employment engine keeps humming for IT job seekers

    Momentum keeps building in tech industry hiring, with unemployment dropping even lower than before. But it's not all good news, as Web developers and others saw increases in joblessness.

  • Mobile

    Salesforce taps Instagram's new API with tailored marketing tools

    Users of Salesforce's Marketing Cloud on Tuesday gained easier access to Instagram's roughly 300 million users thanks to an integration made possible by a new API.

  • Software

    Review: Ikea wireless-charging furniture is stylish and functional but not without issues

    Last spring, Ikea <a href="http://www.computerworld.com/article/2910324/mobile-wireless/ikea-releases-its-line-of-wireless-charging-furniture.html">announced it would be selling</a> a wireless-charging collection of furniture with built-in Qi-enabled wireless chargers for compatible mobile phones and adapter phone cases.

  • Software

    So long (Vista), it's been good to know yah

    Windows Vista, the perception-plagued operating system Microsoft debuted to the general public in early 2007, has sunk to near insignificance, powering just two out of every 100 Windows personal computers, new data shows.

  • Software

    India reverses ban on porn websites

    India has decided to remove a block on porn websites that it introduced over the weekend, but will continue blocking sites that promote child pornography, according to reports.

  • Advertising

    EFF-led group wants to give do-not-track some bite

    For years now, checking the "do-not-track" option on your browser has been little more than wishful thinking on the part of users who care about privacy online. But now a group led by the Electronic Frontier Foundation is looking to make that a more meaningful action.

  • Grid & Cloud Computing

    Intel's big plan to seed the private cloud market

    Everyone knows Intel makes chips but what's the company cloud strategy?

  • Mobile

    Sprint sees record low customer loss rate, but drops to 4th place behind T-Mobile

    Sprint announced on Tuesday its lowest rate of postpaid customer losses in its history, even as the company officially dropped a notch to fourth place, behind T-Mobile, among U.S. wireless carriers.

  • Routers

    Named Data Networking consortium preps for workshop, hackathon

    The <a href="http://named-data.net/project/">Named Data Networking project</a>, which is working on an Internet architecture designed to better handle data and application access in an increasingly mobile world, is hosting its second annual community meeting and its first hackathon next month at the UCLA campus.

  • Business Products

    Ballmer's phone blunder cost Microsoft $10B

    Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's decision to buy the Nokia phone business and current chief executive Satya Nadella's roll-back of that move cost the company $10 billion, most of it paper losses, in the firm's 2015 fiscal year.

  • Security

    Harvard CISO shares 5 pearls of IT security wisdom

    Chief Information Security Officer Christian Hamer, who is responsible for policy and awareness across Harvard University and whose team handles security operations and incident response, took part on a panel last week at the Campus Technology conference in Boston (Campus Technology's Rhea Kelly moderated; ESET researcher Lysa Myers was also an expert panelist). Here's a selection of Hamer's more notable observations:

  • Networking

    Senate heads toward vote on CISA cyberthreat info sharing bill

    The U.S. Senate could take a preliminary vote as soon as Wednesday on a controversial bill intended to encourage businesses to share cyberthreat information with each other and with government agencies, despite concerns that the legislation would allow the widespread sharing of personal customer data.

  • Storage

    SanDisk, Toshiba double down, announce the world's highest capacity 3D NAND flash chips

    SanDisk announced today that it is manufacturing 256Gbit, 3-bit-per-cell (X3) 48-layer 3D NAND flash chips that offer twice the capacity of the next densest memory.

  • E-Commerce

    A new tool for pricing used IT equipment

    An electronics recycler has created an IT products database representing 9,000 manufacturers and 11 million equipment models. The products range from consumer to business equipment, such as network storage devices, routers, switches, as well as servers, PCs and office machines.

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