10 open source e-learning projects to watch

Choices for e-learning the best option

As corporate and government organizations embrace the Web for delivering more education and training programs, a wealth of free and open source e-learning applications will help lower the barrier to entry. TechWorld looks at the options.


ATutor is a Web-based learning content management system (LCMS) designed for accessibility and adaptability by the Adaptive Technology Resource Centre at the University of Toronto. ATutor claims to be modular for new looks and functionality.

Like Moodle, ATutor is a PHP application with some 25,000 registered installations. With ATutor instructors and students can manage the courses they teach or are enrolled in, send messages to other participants, create workgroups and collaborate on courses, blog, share and track content, and store files among other things.

Web site:
Licence: GPL
Commercial support: Project home
Developed with: PHP


Claroline is an e-learning and "e-working" platform allowing teachers to build online courses and to manage learning and collaborative activities on the Web. Claroline was started by the University of Louvain in Belgium and since 2004 the research centre of ECAM has also been collaborating on its development. It is now available in 35 languages.

Claroline is organized around the concept of "spaces" related to a course or a pedagogical activity. Each space provides a list of tools that enable creation of learning contents, management of training activities, and interaction with other students.

Web site:
Licence: GPL
Commercial support:
Developed with: PHP


Another Belgian e-learning vendor is Dokeos, which produces an open source e-Learning suite of the same name. Dokeos provides learning management, Oogie Rapid Learning for building online courses from existing systems like Microsoft PowerPoint, reporting that can be exported to Excel or an enterprise business intelligence suite, and videoconferencing for virtual meetings and classrooms or training sessions.

Dokeos has a number of customers in the corporate enterprise and government space, and is growing a community of developers writing third-party extensions.

Web site:
Licence: GPL
Commercial support: Project home
Developed with: PHP


eFront claims to be an easy to use e-learning and "human capital development" system, making it suitable for both company and educational usage.

The flagship product of Epignosis, an e-learning company based in Greece, eFront enables "community learning" and supports the principles of "collective knowledge". Organizations using eFront include the Greek Ministry of Public Order, and the Polish Ministry of Interior.

Version 3.5 is in beta and claims improved stability and speed, extended courses management, a new Ajax-based file manager and functionality, and core functions have been rewritten to take advantage of the object oriented features of PHP 5. Also new is a PayPal payment module and the ability to install eFront without any Web server or "Documentroot setup hassle".

Web site:
Licence: CPAL
Commercial support: Project home
Developed with: PHP

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Thanks a lot for the post..... It really helped me a lot in picking up the right pic.



Docebo ???

Christian Franck


OLAT Release

OLAT 6.1 is available since some months. In September 2009 the R 6.2 will be available with an internal IMS CP editor and a lot of additional new functionalities. Check it out:!

Art Lader



Nice article. :-)

Have been using Moodle for years at my high school and have been very happy with it. For most users, Moodle does what you want right out of the box. Great stuff!

-- Art

Paul Frank


I am using eFront

I am on erasmus trainership and I started to use eFront. As a person, we can call me in LMS newbie , I really appreciate that eFront has a very user friendly environment. I was able to work with this elearning solution in shor time... Everything was simple for using and intuitive. If you want to start using some LMS dont forget to try eFront . You will see that when you can have what you need and use it fast and quickly it will worth it ...

For more information feel free to contact us...

Stanovi Zagreb


Good list

I am looking for an e-learning platform and your list looks good. Thanks for sharing. Hopefully I'll find what I need.



e Front looks best as far as GUI is concern,any Idea about its functional ranking



eFront Rocks!!!

Have been using Moodle for many years and I thought that is time to try something new! I used eFront and I have been amazed with its functionality and features! If you are interested in eFront or if you are eFronters, users of eFront, join our online community and lets interact, collaborate and share the knowledge

Sam Jones


Claroline: Great choice for online teachers

I've been involved in online teaching and providing <a href="">essay help</a> to students around the world for last 4 years, I came to know about Caroline about a few weeks ago and I regret why I din't find it earlier :(

Some really cool features to design course outlines, interact with group rather than individuals to assign tasks, teleconferencing to discuss different <a href="">book reports</a> and arranging different online activities to help them understand it better in an organized and time effective manner are just some of the highlights of Caroline.

Strongly recommended!




I need it , many thanks ...



Which is the best one for a simple online course, that student needs to pay a fee to each course and it needs to have a time tracking of student online.

Abhay Gupta


How can I start a business in E Learning?
How can I get the projects?
How can I implement my client?

Brian Kuepper


Another great software is which is arguably the most easy to use platform out there. Focused on only the features needed, to not clutter the system with unused options, Mindflash is extremely user friendly. By using your existing training materials (ppt/video/word/pdf/youtube) you can literally have Trainees taking courses in a matter of minutes.

Check it out for free.

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