HTC Desire Android phone hits Telstra shops early

New Desire smartphone to be Telstra-only for six months

HTC's Desire smartphone will be available through Telstra from today.

HTC's Desire smartphone will be available through Telstra from today.

Telstra has announced the availability of the Android-based HTC Desire smartphone one week earlier than originally planned due to "strong customer interest".

The Desire can be purchased at Telstra T-life stores in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth on contract or outright for $779.

A free handset is available on 24-month plans which start at $60 a month for no data or $85 a month, including 150MB of data.

HTC launched the Desire in the Australian market with Telstra last month.

Telstra has also extended its exclusivity arrangement with HTC from three to six months.

Ross Fielding, executive director of mobility products at Telstra, said the company moved the launch of HTC Desire forward by almost a week to today “in response to massive interest from Australian consumers”.

“The accelerated launch means Australians will be the first in Asia-Pacific to experience this breakthrough smartphone,” Fielding said.

Originally slated for release on April 27, the HTC Desire will be available by the end of this week in Telstra stores and can be purchased online immediately at:

“We have also contacted customers who pre-registered their interest in HTC Desire to ensure that they are amongst the first to be offered the smartphone,” Fielding said.

Telstra stores and dealers across Australia will receive deliveries of the HTC Desire this week with most stores expected to have stock by Friday ahead of the Anzac Day long weekend.

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Larry Wilson


great release

I was so looking forward to this phone, but im getting rather annoyed dealing with Telstra. First get the email to tell me i can buy it at one of the flagship stores or online. Great if i live in one of those cities. So i hear that other stores have it in stock and are selling it early. I try my store, they say no its released on the 27th and we have no stock. I talk to another person later that day (as i didnt believe the first guy) she tells me they are in but they have been flat out and havent had a chance to put it in the system and will give me a call when they do. No call on Thursday or Friday. So i go in today (27th) as that is the release date of the phone. Another girl tells me its release on the 28th of this month, but dont worry you wont be able to buy it then as we have no stock and god knows when it will arrive, she then says "we are a small telstra shop" . This small telstra shop has about 8 or so employees ( possibly more). The same store got the iphone on release date and the HTC HD2. But not the Desire. Mr Fielding i registered and i havent seen any love from you yet. Even tried online but that got about 3/4 the way through the process and decides not to continue ( that was on 3 differnet computers)

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