Visa's payclick takes on PayPal for micropayments

SDK available for CMS integration

Visa's payclick is aimed at the online micropayment market, but it doesn't integrate with PayPal yet

Visa's payclick is aimed at the online micropayment market, but it doesn't integrate with PayPal yet

Credit card giant Visa has entered the micropayment processing space with payclick, a pre-paid hosted service aimed at teenagers purchasing online line content such as music and games.

Like PayPal, payclick is an online money repository that people can pay into with a bank account, credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or BPay and use the funds to purchase products online. No PayPal integration yet.

Developed in Australia, payclick is available for use from today and content online businesses including Telstra’s’ BigPond and Apple iTunes are offering the payment option.

According to analyst firm Investment Trends, the market for online micropayments where the transaction is less than $20 is about $646 million this year and will rise to more than $1 billion in 2012.

Payclick general manager, Greg Storey, said the service targets an un-met sector of the community and it has features to enable parents to control online payments made by their children.

People under 18 need to have their parent’s 'sponsor' their account, and money can be shared among family members only, not other payclick accounts.

Visa will do an integrated marketing campaign across online and cinemas to launch payclick.

On the merchant side, payclick does not require the e-commerce site to store any credit card details and although it is initially focused on digital content, Storey said the service can also be used for goods.

“The service is free for consumers and the merchant fees are competitive with other offerings,” Storey said.

Formerly the CIO of Pulse International, where he established a POS network, Storey has held positions at Visa and St George Bank.

Visa already has an extensive network of online payment gateway services – from e-commence sites and integrators to the banks themselves – and it considers payclick as a complementary service.

The amount of money held in a payclick account must be between $20 to $1000 and withdrawals to a bank account are not allowed. Payclick also supports recurring transactions.

Merchants can have their sales funds transferred into a bank account daily, weekly or monthly and an SDK is available for integrating payclick into an existing Web application.

Visa Asia Pacific general manager, Chris Clark, said with global e-commerce growing at more than 10 per cent a year, consumers are looking for more convenience when shopping online.

“Payclick can also be used alongside an existing payment gateway to give customers more options,” Clark said.

PCI compliance is not required for payclick as online sellers do not store the credit card details.

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This is no PayPal competitor.

The web is a global market place and Payclick is only available within Australia. PayPal's API, usability and service are disgraceful but what choice do we have when competitors (if you can call them that) fail to understand that geography doesn't matter (unless we all end up behind Stephen Conroy's version of China's great internet fire wall)

Looking through the FAQ there are other questionable policies like "Your account may be suspended if you have not used it within 120 days". WTF. No thanks.

Clement Volesingam


Paypal - Competition

Congrats Visa, its time we have some competition in the micro payment processing space. Tip : please update your FAQ if points are still earned on the credit card when an amount gets transfered to payclick. Thanks



PayPal competitor

You thinking that a global player like Visa with millions of cardholders and billions of transactions is going to keep its response to Pay Pal within Australia? Dream on my friend!

You think that the australian boys who developed Google Maps engine thought "Nah lets keep this to ourselves"

While they may be a global monster, you could have a lil' pride in an Australian developed solution to take on the shitty Pay Pal service. No?



If this works for Visa then Mastercard and Amex will do it too. About time! Bye-bye Paypal.



This service is currently crap. You can't buy anything from other stores except for the one listed on their website, which is like 5 stores and only 1 or 2 of them you will probably be interested in.



Tried using this - still crap. Can only use on itunes and bigpond, integration with itunes is so buggy as to be non-functional. Stay clear.



I tried contacting them several times and got no response. Looks like they are more interested in writing press releases than creating an actual business.



A few problems getting the account set up as the verification code was always invalid.
A friendly email response from my query and a follow up telephone call from a polite and knowledgeable customer service person and I was connected and linked to iTunes in very quick time.
Have topped up and ready to go .
Well done payclick.

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