Telstra launches 7-inch Android phone tablet

T-Touch Tab enters burgeoning Android tablet space

Telstra's T-Touch Tab will sell for $299 on prepaid.

Telstra's T-Touch Tab will sell for $299 on prepaid.

Telstra has muscled into the Android tablet market with the release of the 7-inch T-Touch Tab priced at $299.

Pitched as the “most affordable wireless tablet” from an Australian telco the T-Touch runs Android 2.1 and in addition to access to the Android Market it includes a multimedia hub application for watching video clips, Mobile Foxtel and movies.

Telstra executive director for its consumer business Rebekah O’Flaherty says there is a market for a device larger than a smartphone, but more compact than a laptop.

“T-Touch Tab will suit Australians’ appetite for quick and affordable access to information, useful apps and digital media,” O’Flaherty said.

The T-Touch Tab will be available from Telstra stores, dealers, “selected retailers” and online from November 2.

For $299 (pre-paid) you get 3GB of data and $10 worth of start-up talk and text credit to be used in the first 30 days.

Recharge credit begins at $20 for 250MB of data and $5 “bonus” for calls to be used in 21 days. For $50 you get 3GB/$10 to be used in 30 days, for $100 you get 6GB/$15 to be used in 90 days and a 365 day recharge with 10GB/$20 costs $150.

The T-Touch Tab is at least the fifth Android device launched by Telstra, which now has a range of Google-powered smartphones available on contract and pre-paid.

Earlier this year Samsung launched an Android tablet of its own, the Galaxy Tape.

At 500 grams the T-Touch is smaller and lighter than the venerable iPad. Other features include a two megapixel camera, a 768MHz processor, 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and 512MB of internal memory.

The memory can be expanded to 16GB with an SD card and the battery life is rated at 150 minutes of talk time, 150 minutes of video playback and 140 hours of standby time.

The T-Touch will be available on post-paid plans at the end of November. See Telstra’s mobile tablet page:

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Telstra T-Touch Tab

Please let me know if the T-Touch has E Reader capacity ?
If so, How do you get the books onto the reader ?
AND, will it require a sim card ?
Also - Do you have to use a headphone to make telephone calls.
Thanks - Dying to see it.



ahh.....dont jump ..this is remarked huawei s7 - the chinese military organisation blamed for spying in US , and EU by selling high end IT devices
also this item is there for grabs from other online stores..why get sucked by the biggest and sadddest AU public private hangover - Teltar

Peter Watts



Will it have the capability to use your home network.

john ellis


can you have a printer to the t touch tub



Does the Telstra t tablet have a printer icon and. If so were

william tapine


hi, i was wondering- how can i use on my tablet the webcam in the front of my 7inch tablet for video calls?

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