Nokia N9 vs. Samsung Galaxy S 2

Which is better: The Samsung Galaxy S 2 or the Nokia N9?

Nokia's N9 — its first phone to run the MeeGo operating system — will be available on all Australian networks, as well as retailers including Harvey Norman, Dick Smith and JB Hi-Fi.

The Nokia N9's has an excellent 'all-screen' design, and its specs are certainly impressive. But when it hits Australia it will be up against tough competition. Not only it will be competing against Apple's iPhone 4, but it will also up against the multitude of Android phones on the market. Perhaps its toughest non-iPhone competitor it will face will be the Samsung Galaxy S II: A phone that may be the best phone on the market at the moment.

Techworld Australia feature: Nokia N9 vs. iPhone 4

Below we have compared some of the basic specs of the Nokia N9 and the Samsung Galaxy S II.

Nokia N9 vs. Samsung Galaxy S II: Specifications

Feature Samsung Galaxy S II Nokia N9 Verdict?
Operating system (OS) Android MeeGo
Display size 4.3in 3.9in Galaxy S II
Display technology Capacitive Super AMOLED Plus Capacitive AMOLED
Display resolution 480x800 pixels 854x480 pixels Nokia N9
Multitouch Yes Yes Draw
Camera 8 megapixels, LED flash, autofocus, geotagging, image stabilisation, face and smile detection 8 megapixel, dual-LED flash, autofocus, geotagging
GPS Yes Yes
Internal memory 16GB or 32GB 16GB or 64GB N9
Expandable memory microSD slot No Samsung Galaxy S II
Dimensions 125.3 x 66.1 x 8.5mm 116.45 x 61.2 x 7.6-12-mm
Weight 116g 135g Galaxy S II
Application store Android Market Ovi Store Galaxy S II
Processor ARM Cortex A9 dual-core (1.2GHz) ARM Cortext-A8
Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n 802.11b/g/n Draw
Bluetooth 3.0 with A2DP 2.1 with A2DP Galaxy S II
Near Field Communications Yes - but not in Australia Yes

There is no doubt that both phones have extremely impressive hardware. The Samsung Galaxy S II has more screen real estate and as a result is slightly larger than the N9. On the other hand, the smaller N9 display has a higher pixel density. This should result in an extremely impressive screen, which is saying something given the quality of the Galaxy S II (though as impressive as that phone is, it still can't match the 'retina' display of the iPhone 4).

The N9 has an appealing design, combining a 'full screen' design — it has no buttons at all on its face — with a polymer body and a Gorilla Glass screen. While I love how light the Galaxy S II, especially considering the size of its screen, it has always felt slightly more 'plastic' than you would expect from a premium handset.

One of the big challenges for the N9 is its operating system: While it has access to the Ovi Store, it runs the MeeGo OS, rather than Nokia's usual Symbian platform (which itself is in danger of being sidelined by Nokia's Windows Phone 7 play). The iPhone still has the most advance app ecosystem, followed by Android. And the release of the Nokia N9 comes in the context of Nokia deciding that Windows Phone is its "principal smartphone strategy".

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Why didn´t you compare the same spec´s as you did with the N9 - Iphone?



What crap?
The screen resolution of N9 is better than the SGII, plus given the size of the screen the N9 has better pixel per inch as well, uses AMOLED CBD which is better than Retina Display of Iphone what on this earth made you think it is inferior to SGII

Secondly the per app download on Ovi store is higher than on Android or itunes store......

Thirdly Meego is way faster than Android and can even run Android apps.........can SGII run Meego aaps?no it cannot

I have more.........but this post aint worth it



if you compare android and meego, meego is better, N9 resolution is better 480 x 800 is less than 854 x 480. Meego is faster. the news is about samgsun galaxy sII and Nokia N9 and at the end you talk about Iphone.. I didn't know where is the iphone title on the post. you are an iphone fan that's all. It will be better if you talk about you iphone toy.

fair shake


Yet again they mess up the bluetooth spec.

N9 has bluetooth 4.0

Rohan Pearce is either a pseudonym for a content farm bot, or the worst mobile tech write ever.



This is an one sided article. I am using both and if I say true that Nokia N9 is much more than samsung. The writer skips many specifications cleverly.



This comparison is pathetic.



both are great phones, but N9 will be mine.

here a better comparison



Just a waste of time reading this post. I wonder who told this guy he can write about tech. Pathetic, go back to your regular job because you are just a time waster.



N9 has a stunning DSP(in certain tasks its much more powerful, than a second core) and I guess it also has better battery life in the long run. I'm interested on music making on the go, and surprise surprise, N9 has already better software available, even before launch. Also the SG2 camera is weak compared to N9, which is much more meaningful for me, than two cores in Android ecosystem. Due to the hegemony, I think this will not be a massive hit, and it might also be a last of the mohicans, but it doesn't matter to me, N9 is vastly better product for me.



Awful comparison. I disagree with some verdicts and all the wrong features were compared.



You can speak as much as you want! NOTHING ... BUT NOTHING will make me stop to get that phone! +D

...even if I need to steal a SSG2 and an iphone so I can sell it to guys like the autor of this POST! and them with the money an N9 !!!!

Dr. v. Hellenstein


I have aslo compared these two phones, and come the same conlusions as the other commentators!



This is one horrible comparison...



I think author paid by Apple....
Never sen like this before.....
iPhone 5 will not be competition to N9



This is a pretty bad article. The author seems all over the place, there is no substance, and this talk about samsung continuing Meego... where did that come from? It is old news and has long ago been rebutted by samsung as being bull.

Oh dear oh dear



The most important for a phone. "Talk and surf"
Talk cause it is the legacy main fonction
Surf, to see news, send mail and to download you software.

And guess who has the best antenna ever seen so far ?


If you want speed and large screen buy a laptop




Didn't go beyond the res spec in the comparison. Do the math - more pixels over a smaller screen will obviously give better results than less pixels spread over a bigger screen, so how is the SG II better in that aspect??



Why is someone, who obviously doesn't understand tech, writing for tech world australia?

Simple things like 480 x 800 vs 854 x 480... how is less resolution better? Also why isn't there a verdict on all the columns?

Ashish Vedi


No offence. But this is by far one of the worst comparisons I have ever seen. The author basically wanted the Samsung to win. Where ever Nokia was winning, the author didn't bother giving a verdict or made Nokia win. Nokia has a ClearBlack AMOLED screen not just a normal AMOLED. A 3.9 in is better than 4.3 in cuz it's easier to reach the corners of the phone. I dont get why 480x800 pixels of Samsung are better than the 480x854 pixels of the Nokia. Plus, Nokia has more pixel density which is a good thing. N9 has a MUCH better camera than the Samsung. The dimensions of the Nokia are better even though it weighs a bit more. Android does have more apps but I highly doubt you need all of them. The important ones are covered everywhere. The web browser of the Nokia is FAR better than that of Android. The processor depends on OS. If the OS cant handle the processor then it's not good enough. Android needs a dual core to operate properly while MeeGo doesn't. N9 has NFC everywhere in every country. Samsung doesn't.



LOL.. Worst comparison ever!It just frustrates me how people keep talking about apps and apps and apps. You know, there could be a million apps in a store, but it doesn't mean they're any good. The N9 will replace my N900, and I gotta say, the N900 is the best phone I've ever had.



The real shame here isn't Rohan's decidedly shaky comparison…although the SG 2 is quite a beast…rather it's that Nokia dumped Maemo/Meego for W7! I mean Android is dull but W7….! I will buy the N9 because it runs an OS and UI that are streets ahead of iOS and Android. Like maaku above, my N900 still rocks.



iphone s4 sold one million first day nokia n9 sold 50,000, case closed, i feel sorry for nokia fan



All users of nokia, just go to ur mommy and ask her to breastfeed you, you all just seeing the screen?
Compare everything else..and btw would you push nfc to ur girlfriend's pussy...??
See the recording..wifi where does nokia n9 stand near samsung galaxy s2.
Plus the future of android is vast..but meego has gone as it all have bought n9 or are nokia fans who have never used android so are saying this..just noobs..that are you all..

juan claudio


As an old Nokia user ,i changed to iphone first and then to SGII and i must say that iphone is only a good marketing is a piece of BREAK ONLY GOOD JUST FOR LISTENING MUSIC THAT´S ALL¡¡¡¡¡¡.... i think Nokia have done a bad thing changing to WM7 so i decided to move on, but this N9 is awesome ,not better than Samsung but really better than an Iphone.. Nokia makes phone to last for ever ,but Apple makes expendable and are so pathetic ,because the chips and screen and even the camera are made by SAMSUNG..SO WHICH IS BEST??



nokia n9 is better than i phone

Masimba Chigama


I have the Nokia N9, my only problem is i cannot sync my outlook to this phone. Everything else i am happy



I red the phone has a Bluetooth 4.0 hardware, but the BT stack wasn't ready. The next update (PR1.1, available for n950 coming soon for n9) will use the BT4.0 capability.

It also sports image stabilisation, continuous autofocus in video, face detection and offer a nice feature: the photo captor is circular, it means that between 4/3, 3/2 and 16/9 formats, the resolution never fall under 8 and 7Mp.

You forget a very important point: the autonomy: with its 1450mah battery, the n9 lasts longer than a GSII.



all n0kia products is the best for me.



apart from the font size, n9 is the big brother



I can't help but to post due to idiotic comments here about N9.
N9 is dead...surely its good out of box. But dead os...who will waste time using this crap phone? If you claim it is faster, smoother, and better than Galaxy S 2..can you still say it after 6 months? Why GS|| is improving, N9 is depreciating...if you find it sexy, just hide it in public, because everybody will laughing at your stuff.



jaiconruedas, I can usually resist replying to posts like your's, but .... How long do you think you'll use a new smartphone, max 5 years? Intel are still behind meego, as well as a stack of free software developers. How can a phone be both 'good out of the box' and a 'crap phone' at the same time? Faster smoother better after 6 months? You must be expecting some spectacular updates for the Samsung. Also, smart people don't worry a bit when complete twats 'laugh at their stuff', they just feel a sort of sad sympathy for the poor frightened child that's laughing.



author is apple fan boy. I gave up after the sentence galaxy s2 display no match for apple's retina. right! like me trying to tell my buddy that my lcd tv is so much better than his newer technology led tv



I read all these reviews and comments about smart phones ... But everybody seems to be missing the main point !!!. Your Mobile phone is first and foremost a mobile Telecomunications device, it's for making and recieving phone calls when your not at home. This is not a "legacy" function as one commentator said, but the primary reason we all have a mobile phone !!.
So my issue is what is the battery life ??. A phone with a flat battery is useless, just more junck to carry around !!. Is it because the battery life is total crap ??. I hear about people recharging their Iphones not just once a day, but 2, 3 and even four times a day !!!. Just in normal use, that's hardly mobile if you need to keep finding a power point to plug it into, is it !!!!!.

David Pikze


The Galaxy S2 is a superb phone, I use to find great apps for it! Hope it helps.



i have nokia n9
i saw meego run android softwares in many places but it is wrong, i tried but doesnt work.
if anyone says it work with android please mail me links of apps



I'm about to buy a new smartphone and I'm deciding between n9 and sgs2 I know android has more apps but are they all any good can someone give me reasons good and bad so I know what to get



I'm with you Matt. I have to make a choice TODAY between N9 and SGII. Help? I just want a reliable phone, easy to use, takes good photos and nav would be helpful. I don't understand all the technical stuff but need basic, non-techo advice ... N9 or SGII?



Hello i am not being able to comment to this site, don't know why, perhaps comment is too long, i am on facebook. The name is 'Seraphial DarknessRocker Deathoniak'..plz contact me if you want to know, because what i wanted to comment shows that s2 beats nokia n9



Hey someone said in his comment in a link on gsmarena that n9 is way better, but i have seen that just now in gsmarena and its all false, n9 is NOT better than s2 from gsmarena...go see it for yourself, s2 beats n9 in almost all categories even not by much in the categories but s2 its better...



At Comment number 7, niningo,
you wrote a website of gsmarena...i entered it and you know what you were comparing n9 with? It was with galaxy Y, not galaxy dats y u said n9 is better while the truth is that s2 is better...



Hey niningo, you did not write the website well, i have just compared these two phones on gsmarena, and you can easily deduce that s2 is better than n9...thos people who are blaming the author don't know anything, don't listen to them..s2 is better than n9..and about the pixel, its s2 is 217 while n9 is 251, no big is the website



Hey niningo, you did not write the website well, i have just compared these two phones on gsmarena, and you can easily deduce that s2 is better than n9...thos people who are blaming the author don't know anything, don't listen to them..s2 is better than n9..and about the pixel, its s2 is 217 while n9 is 251, no big difference,here is the website



One thing though you are right, the author is comparing s2 and n9, and he just starts comparing them with iphone suddenly at the end...
Another thing, many are saying that n9 battery lasts longer, it lasts longer because of the processor of n9 which is way slower than s2...s2 is 1.2 ghz dual core arm cortex 9 while n9 is 1 ghz single core arm cortex 8...and this makes a big difference on apps and games and many other things...



Comment number 23, edge...i totally agree with you...because thats the main thing that must be compared in a phone to see which one is better...



Sory 4 commenting so much folks, i love mobile technology, and i can't stand it when people say a phone better than a phone which is better than the phone they mentioned to be still trying to comment some of the main differences but seems that long comments don't work on this site



Sory for commenting so much folks, its just that i love mobile technology and i don't like it when people say a phone better than another phone which is better than the phone they mentioned to be better



Seraphial, unfortunately u belong to the group that goes for the hype just cause its popular. Android needs high specs to run out smoothly which is why low to mid range droid is slow and lags no matter what u might believe. Understand the nature of OS itself not the specs of phone before u carry out ur bombardment.



The N9 has 802.11a/b/g/n wifi by the way, it has carl zuiess optics, It has Dolby sound,



Yeah nokia n9 has gud os and nice things, but it still cannot beat sgs2. Because a phone is not compared to another by its OS...its by the specs...n9 beats sgs2 many places but sgs2 beats n9 more than n9 does..



The os change the phone, alright i agree, meego beats android, but does nokia provide any good things, NO, nokia just uses ovi store again..what do people like? A phone with nothing extra with it apart calling and messaging, or cool applications? Well android has it! If u don't study technology, don't post unesscesary comments...i use both phones and i know what am telling yot about



The os change the phone, alright i agree, meego beats android, but does nokia provide any good things, NO, nokia just uses ovi store again..what do people like? A phone with nothing extra with it apart calling and messaging, or cool applications? Well android has it!



Many say n9 can use android, but its an UPGRADE, and it is still not sure that it will support cannot compare an upgraded phone with a phone which has no upgrade yet, what if Alex starts working on sgs2 and gives it meego to run?



Am Using the n5130, lg optimus2X, n9, sgs2, sgs2 skyrocket and n3310
Sgs2 skyrocket comes 1st then sgs2, then n9



Know what, my n9 has an android theme. Looks just like those on sites with n9 with android..



Forgot to mention, also using nokia c7
Nokia n10 coming soon with triple boot originally...could beat many phones:O



Also using nC7. Btw n10 coming soon with triple boot originally. Can beat many new phones



Also note that n9 has no external storage, means that it can crash faster with heavy virus...s2 gets a plus with 16/32 internal + 32 external, while n9 has only 16/64 internal but can crash faster



Btw author, u missed something, both SGS2 and N9 have wifi a/b/g/n

downloader manager


Listen, let's not invest a lot more time for it.

n9 fan


i owned an n9 month,but just got sgs2,and its very good ,s2 has a greAter speed and better multitasking,and als0 hd camera lets me view vid&photos on my hd tv,i love my sgs2,n9 is good but its sort of boring and s2 drools with excitment!



I saw a Galaxy Sii and objetively is slow by its OS, n9 is so far more fast... Iphone fans... don't know about a phone, is only a expensive toy with phone functions...



you just saw it while i have both. and its much quicker in everything and has cooler apps. Nokia is losing its pride, nokia is not launching any superior phones like samsung and htc is doing



n9 rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



S2 rocks more than n9, n s3 even more, nokia is losing pride...

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