HTC EVO 3D vs. Samsung Galaxy S 2

Which is better: The Samsung Galaxy S 2 or the HTC EVO 3D?



Oh yawn, another 3D product. Seriously, do people really care about 3D TVs? You want to watch some blue-alien-filled B-grade trash with an A++ budget? Your call, buddy. HTC's EVO 3D is one of the latest consumer devices to jump on the 3D bandwagon, joining the LG Optimus 3D and the Nintendo 3DS as mobile devices that deliver 3D viewing without glasses. And if you ever encounter a sentence with more '3D' in it than that, we'd be surprised.

The HTC EVO 3D is a superior device to the Optimus 3D, which was itself a decent albeit not outstanding phone. When the EVO 3D hits the Australian market, the Android phone it is likely to be up against is not another 3D handset but Samsung's flagship mobile: The exceptional Galaxy S II. Below, we've got a rundown on some of the basic specs of the two phones.

HTC EVO 3D vs. Samsung Galaxy S II: Specifications

Feature HTC EVO 3D Samsung Galaxy S II
Operating system (OS) Google Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) Google Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) Draw
Display size 4.3in 4.3in Draw
Display technology Capacitive Super-LCD Capacitive Super AMOLED Plus Galaxy S II
Display resolution 540x960 pixels (qHD) 480x800 pixels HTC EVO 3D
Multitouch Yes Yes Draw
Camera Dual 5 megapixel, , dual-LED flash, autofocus, 3D 8 megapixels, LED flash, autofocus, geotagging, image stabilisation, face and smile detection
FM radio Yes Yes Draw
GPS Yes Yes Draw
Internal memory 1GB 16GB or 32GB Galaxy S II
Expandable memory microSD card slot microSD card slot Draw
Dimensions 126.1mm x 65.4mm x 11.3mm 125.3 x 66.1 x 8.5mm Galaxy S II
Weight 170g 116g Galaxy S II
Application store Google Android Market Google Android Market Draw
Processor Qualcomm MSM 8660 dual-core (1.2GHz) ARM Cortex A9 dual-core (1.2GHz)
Bluetooth 3.0 with A2DP 3.0 with A2DP Draw
NFC (Near Field Communication) No Yes (but not the Australian model)
HDMI-out Yes (via MHL) Yes (via MHL) Draw
Adobe Flash support Yes Yes Draw

In some respects they are similar handsets: They are both equipped with 4.3-inch capacitive touchscreens, though Samsung does have the benefit of an AMOLED display, and both have dual-core ARM-based processors, for example.

The HTC EVO 3D has the edge when it comes to pixel count, and it has the obvious benefit of a 3D display. On the other hand: Do you really care about 3D? This is a question of personal preference, obviously, and if you want an extra dimension to your smartphone experience then you have no real choice but to go with the HTC handset. But I freely admit I can't see the appeal, particularly given the limited amount of 3D content available (still). Of course, maybe with 3D handsets from two vendors on the market we will see growth in this area; but quite frankly, I just find it hard to care.

The HTC EVO 3D is a bit heavier than the Galaxy S II — which really is an amazingly light phone, especially considering the size of its screen. However one thing that we don't really like about the Galaxy S II is that it feels so light and a bit flimsy. We haven't had a chance to spend time with the EVO 3D just yet, we expect it will be built in the tradition of HTC phones like the Desire and Desire HD — well constructed and super-solid feeling.

Both handsets have microSD slots to make sure you have enough storage to load every Frank Zappa album ever, but the Samsung clearly has the edge when it comes to internal storage.

Perhaps the most obvious difference between the two phones, bar the 3D, is the preloaded interface overlays. The EVO 3D comes with the latest version of HTC's Sense UI, while the Galaxy S II is equipped with Samsung's TouchWIZ overlay. To be frank I'm a bigger fan of Sense — perhaps mainly because of familiarity — and TouchWIZ tends to feel a little clunky. But this is really just a question of personal preference.

And in the end the choice between these two phones is likely to come down to just that. In my view, the 3D capabilities of the EVO 3D just aren't that appealing; but if you really want to want to watch a blue-tinged Pocahontas remake on a mobile device, then go for it — despite 3D still being a gimmick in my view, the HTC EVO 3D is a great phone in its own right. On the other hand, the Galaxy S II is also a fantastic handset: It's super-light, super-thin and equipped with an AMOLED screen.

So the question is: Which will you choose? The HTC EVO 3D or the Samsung Galaxy S II — let us know in the comment section below (or possibly just flame me point out how biased I am and that I'm obviously paid by Samsung, HTC and/or Apple. You know you want to.)

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As a dev I have owned both for a while. The 3D is great if you like 3D photos, the SII has a brighter display, overall they are pretty much equal and both very good.



Not everyone is bored with 3d... 3d gaming on crysis2 is amazingly immersive, and there is a heap of media content available nowadays... if you aren't into new fun features, why get a smartphone at all???



Well just to say we just to say I've had the 3D since its release. I really wanted for the dual core, but have to say the 3D is actually pretty enjoyable. I was on the fence at first, but it kinda grows on you and is pulled off very well. Now that we have the SII I'm going to give that a whirrl, it sounds like an awesome device. But I'm very happy with my evo 3D.



how much ram????? you didn't specification of how much RAM is both of the device have ?????? please include the specification of the RAM they have in for both!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111



well indeed both device are pretty similarity and they are compatible. although the Biggest different in between two that we must considered are there interface in which mean there visual design and there background lockscreen active that both of the device are providing. from my opinion is htc have a beta concept of their visual design n there display. secondly is the RAM how much RAM that both of the device are holding. from my guess is that htc only have 512mb RAM and galaxy s2 have 1gb of RAM, in which mean galaxy s2 is much beta multitask, browsing, etc... and far more faster compare to htc.



No one has mentioned battery life.....
I'm going to go the galaxy S 2 just for the fact that it won't die in less then 12hrs.



they both have dual-core 1.2 ghz processors with 1 gb of ram



Just curious, which UI "works" better? Touchwiz or Sense 3.0?



I've seen a 3d phone graphics....why does it look blurry??? Do I need the glasses for it?? Why does it have a bluish green tinge on the pictures??? And I thought the samsung galaxy s2 came with 2 micro sd memory card slots holding up to 32 gbs each???



I am a tech for sprint, and yes they both have dual core, 1gb ram unfortunately the Evo 3D takes a dive in the on board disk space but just get a decent SD card and its fine. Both are amazing phones, i have used both in the store quite a bit and was trying to decide which one to get. I am an owner of the Galaxy S 1 and loved it, the touchwiz UI is a bit "I phoney" meaning its kinda cartoonie, where as HTC Sense is beautiful in its own right and almost has a feeling of "getting down to business". I am a much bigger fan of the HTC Sense UI and thus decided after much deliberation to go with the Evo 3D. There is far too many reasons why I decided this after looking at that beautiful SSGII screen for so long and seeing how smooth touchwiz was running on it.

In conclusion, if you like the nice VIBRANT beautiful colors that captivate your eyes almost like a cartoon, go wtih the Galaxy, if you like HTC's UI where it has all sorts of really need functionality and VERY nice looking widgets etc. go with the Evo. Not to mention the 3D is actually pretty darn cool...

PS: The camera on the Galaxy is quite a bit better in my own opinion, they def. put some work into that one.

Mark Miller


I have had both phones. The galaxy too me is much better! Much faster , clearer pictures & a great photo media share for social networks! If you have the Evo 3D make the move! You will be happy!



HTC evo 3d all the way, the reviewer is obviosuly being paid by samsung, works for samsung. The htc is a way better phone. In all aspects.



They both have 1 gb DDR2 RAM. I'm buying one of these tonight and i think i might go with the HTC.



what the hell, 3D phones.

have a look how much 3D damages your vision and think again.

plus SGS2 poos all over it the reviewers right.

the EVO 3d is CRAP if you want 3D go look at the fucing world.

Matt Selkirk


I'm going with the 3D! Amazing photos! They are nearly the same anyway, why not go the 3D and better screen res.

luis sabala


I've owned both phones but all I have to say is I've nvr been happier then I have with my EVO 3d always attracts attention while sag2 is jus another regular smart phone such come a dime a dozen



I was going to get the samsung.I have the 3D as a artist I love the 3D It's really cool to drive on the freeway and point your camera up at the clouds.or take pics of things in 3D is AmAZING.

Gema Corea


i was going to get the HTC EVO 3D but instead i got the SAMSUNG GALAXY II and I love it!

Bill A.


Hi. I bought the HTC EVO 3D last week for the simple reason that it has something unique! It has 3D! A friend at work bought the Samsung,but everyone is interested in seeing my phone and saying wow because its different!
If the specs are virtually the same...why wouldn't you get the HTC?
P.S. its also a phone and that works great too!!



I have the evo3d I tried the ssg2 and felt they both were equally fast however I felt the sense UI was much easier 2 adjust to no question in my mind the 3d is cool and I definitely made the right choice HTC all the way!!



I agree w the HTC comments,I've had the EVO 3d for a wk and like it a lot,was thinking of getting the Samsung but remember my time when the Samsung product phone and didn't like it .the home buttons got stuck,and def don't like the ui . Samsung's UI does look like a cartoon! Sense 3.0 all the way,htc evo is a great phone.why do these article keep saying gimmick?? EVO 3d has a beautiful 3d display. You won'twrong, the only thing Samsung has up on is theternal mem. But once again,you can make up for that w another mem card ,all and all its good.HTC what happens w the kick stand like the original? Ahhh guess I have to kick more loot out for a case w one tatched to it. Always a catch to somethin just to get your loot. Cheers..EVO 3d! Fast,slick,beautiful,sporty

Dirty glove


Evo 3D f tha galaxy



Well I have a 3D and a coworker has the SGSII, and the only competition is whose gonna play with my phone, him or I. Both are excellent phones but the Galaxy lacks the wow factor next to a 3D



I had the HTC evo 4g, the HTC evo 3d, tbe iPhone,and the Samsung galaxy s2. I'm a big fan of HTC. I had them since the mogol. Recently, I wanted to to try the iPhone but quickly found the the iPhone 4s sucks on the sprint network. 3g is way to slow (especially when you've owned to 4g phone). What I did like was smooth the phone operated. The picture quality was great. there were alot of nice apps but you had to pay for them (wack). The screen was too small and you just couldnt freak it out the box like you could the evo. I took it back and decided to try the galaxy s2. It s a very nice phone but I had issues with signal strenght straight from the box. It doesnt Run as mooth as the evo 3d. The sound qaulity sucks big time. Bottom line, the HTC evo 3d is the better



why don't you all go get a life... or a girlfriend.... or a football or something. This stuff bores the hell out of people, extra 5 RAM here, 10 more pixels there.....BORING!!!!



EVO 3D all the way. Took a photo of my wife and kids in front of the Sydney Harbour bridge and the depth is AMAZING!!! Every one who has seen the photo has had a case of jawdrop... Magic video as well. If you are seeing blue/green edges, you are not taking photos/ videos properly or are tilting the phone while looking at it. Highly recommended.

Lee Madeley


I own both devices and althought I was amazed initially wioth the SGS2, I am even more amazed with the HTC Evo 3d. It just seems a quicker unit altogether. Internet browsing is far quicker and I used the same sim in both phones. The higher resolution in the HTC Evo 3D is fantastic and almost rivals the pixel desnity of the Iphone 4. All in all, love the HTC Evo 3d and has sold me back to HTC.



swithed from evo 4g to ss2 and the only thing i like in ss2 is cammera, pic quality and speed.. the gps SUCKS!!! always have problems with it. tried different methods but problems keep coming back. also when writing a message on any keyboard app, after about 50 words, it freeses for like 5 seconds... i would really want ti switch to evo 3d since i had evo 4g and it worked stable



i jz own my htc evo 3d...its superb!!!love 3d..i dun knw about d S2 much..i'm glad i owned it..



I had the evolution 3d for a week or so loved it no problems except the battery not so great. Its defiently a better phone. Its made better and stronger. But the 3d crap? I don't get it. Camera sucked even with flash they were dark. I got the s2 cus I changed to att. Sprints service sucks. There 4g is crap. Maybe the s2 isn't as good but att service makes up



My evo 3d got ran over by a car I'm looking at switching phones but may just get another evo 3d I liked that phone I liked the hero over the moment



Man the sgs2 just doesn't compare to the HTC 3D especially once both phones are rooted and the UI is deleted... Pure android evo3d ROCKS

james braselton


hi there i have the 3d lg thrill



I've had both and the galaxy is better. The weight of the evo used to make my hand go numb. The evo battery life is horrendous as well.



I have both phones right now, the galaxy s2 has a bigger screen and more colors but the android looks so simple. in the other hand the evo 3d looks great with sense. the only down side on the evo 3d is the battery life. over all ill give the galaxy s2 to my girl and i wil stay with the evo..



I have worked with many phones, currently using the HTC 3d
Now I like HTC but the 3d was just a tad of a letdown but still a good device. Coming from a EVO I like sense I'm not a fan of touchwiz sg2 didn't feel solid kinda frail in my opinion. Good device also but now with sg3 and EVO LTE looks like um going straight to the EVO lte.



Both of theme have 1 GB and dual core 1.2 GHz but I think sence 3 is verrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyy nice!!!



I started off with the Evo 3D, but I'm switching over to the Galaxy today. I've only worked with HTC so far so I'm a little worried about the change.



I did an insurance claim with asurion yesterday after I cracked the screen on my phone and they offered me the galaxy s II instead of my evo 3D. Had to fight them for it because I'm an HTC girl all the way. Yeah the 3D is a bit gimmicky but it's actually kind of cool. Whenever I play around with non-HTC androids they always leave me wanting more for some reason. I like the bigger memory and the camera on the galaxy s II but it's not reason enough, I never filled up my evo 3D memory and I never blow up pictures to the point where 8 megapixles would be necessary. Evo 3D for me for now, and in a year when I get an upgrade I'll probably end up getting an HTC again.



hey! i just want to clearify that both phones have 1.2 ghz dual core processors.they both have 1gb of ram and gs2 have 4.2 inch screen rather than 4.3 inches found on htc evo 3d.both have identical speed .the evo 3d comes with adrena 220 gpu and gs2 comes with mali 400 mp.and i want to tell you that adreno 220 is much faster than mali with additional 3d feature and 220 gpu for smoother gaming i go with evo 3d because its fast and smooth with sense ovelay and now with ics its even better .and i forgot to mention that when you overclock s2 it goes to maximum of 1.5 ghz but evo can go further upto 1.8 or higher so get it. its great device .sorry for my bad english but my english is manageable.



Like Aimee above I also did an insurance claim with Asurion after problems with my EVO 3d. I was first sent the EVO 4g and not sure the reason I called to inform them of the mistake. I was told they don't deal with the 3d anymore, but could send me the galaxy SII if I would like. Without much choice I agreed and that's why I googled the review. I hope I am happier with the galaxy than most on here. Really liked my EVO 3D!

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