Optus offers FetchTV as 'MeTV'

IPTV service available for $9.95 a month on a 24-month contract

Optus has partnered with FetchTV to offer the latter's IPTV product, with Optus mobile phone and fixed-line customers now able to purchase 'MeTV with fetch' services from $9.95 a month.

The 24-month contract includes the 1TB FetchTV PVR and on-demand access to 30 preselected Movie Box titles each month. The ISP will also offer subscription TV services and on-demand movie rental.

The service can be bundled with the telco's $109 Fusion fixed line and broadband offering.

Optus intends to launch a companion mobile app in November.

FetchTV competes with Telstra's T-Box PVR/IPTV offering, with the company earlier this year flagging plans to form a "coalition" to compete with the telco.

In early 2010 iiNet became the first Australian Internet service provider to offer FetchTV services, later offering customers the option of a second, cut-down IPTV service. Internode signed on at the end of last year. The service is also available from Adelaide-based ISP Adam Internet and iiNet subsidiaries Westnet and Netspace.

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is there any sport channels with metv??

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