Samsung confident in 3G Galaxy S III

Lack of 4G Galaxy S III not an issue for Samsung Australia

Samsung's latest flagship Android phone won't be available in a 4G model for Australia, but the company says it is confident in the 3G version for now.

Speaking at the official launch of the Galaxy S III smartphone in Sydney, Samsung stated it was confident the initial lack of a 4G model won't hurt sales of the hotly-anticipated Android phone.

The company did confirm a 4G model of the Galaxy S III should arrive in Down Under in the future, but refused to comment or speculate on its release.

"We're working on it [the 4G Galaxy S III], we're working with the carriers and we'll announce those phones when we are ready to announce them, Samsung's marketing director Arno Lenior told PC World Australia.

Although still in its relative infancy in Australia, Telstra currently sells four 4G-capable handsets in Australia. This includes the HTC One XL, considered by many to be a direct rival to the Galaxy S III.

When pressed on these rival 4G smartphones being available in Australia now, Lenoir said he was confident the 3G model of the Galaxy S III would prove an enticing proposition for smartphone buyers.

"This product [Galaxy S III] is already out there, if people want a 4G phone right now there are other options available, we don't have that," he explained. "Certainly we have got it on other devices. We will have it, but it will be a little bit in the future."

"We are confident in the 3G model, it works brilliantly. And we think the other features the phone comes with now, that's what people are looking for."

These software features include the ability to take 20 photos in burst mode (six photos per second), capturing still photos while recording video, calling a contact you are currently messaging by simply holding the phone up to your ear and S-Voice, which is a Siri-like voice recognition feature that can be configured to control various features of the phone.

The Samsung Galaxy S III is available now through Telstra, Optus and Vodafone, along with Virgin Mobile, Allphones and Telechoice.

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Of course Samsung is confident. Just like the mother or parents is confident of her child who thinks they can sing(but really cant) can be the next super star.Has anyone heard of the show X Factor or American Idol? Maybe in Europe and Asia Samsung will do well, but for North America, Samsung will be second class. The GIII has the same speed CPU (1.5 ghz) as it's predecessor G II. The Samsung ICS version will be heavily stripped of many of it's original features. In addition, why would you want an Android device that allows apps to populate in the background? Even if you kill the apps, they still come back draining your battery and device resources. I say, get the iPhone 5, even with the puny 4 inch screen. You'll be happy if that you did.



"wait for the iphone 5"... I heard a lot of this comment a year ago.
Why wait on an inferior, over rated phone?



I've read of, and know of so many people who wanted the SGS3 but wanted 4g who went for the new HTC One XL instead of the SGS3.

If you tether often for work or even just browse heavily on your phone, no 4G is no good, especially at the rate telstra (and soon Optus) is rolling out 4G towers. In 12 months 4G will cover much more area and with a 24 month contract you'd be missing out with a 3G phone.

If the SGS3 4G isn't announced in Australia in the next couple of months when my contract is up, HTC is going to get another sale.

(on the iphone front, I've been using iphone for years now.. I'm switching to android... iphone and having to sync through itunes for everything is just a joke. you won't be happy, you'll just be annoyed)

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