First NBN fibre laid in Strathfield and Homebush in NSW

Around 7900 premises will be linked to the NBN in Homebush and Strathfield by mid-this year.

Strathfield in New South Wales is one step closer to receiving the National Broadband Network (NBN) following the first fibre optic cable being laid in the area.

The fibre will link the Homebush exchange to the local area and was laid at the corner of Todman Place and Barker Road.

Around 7900 premises will be linked to the NBN in Homebush and Strathfield by mid-this year, which would allow premises to connect to the network shortly afterwards.

NBN Co announced on Friday it had completed construction on 4000 premises in Gungahlin in the ACT.

Around 1700 premises in Toowoomba were also recently connected to the NBN.

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I can't wait for the NBN to come to Padstow so I can replace my mediocre ADSL+2 connection. I can't wait.



Will Abbott really stop the NBN?

Pigs will fly or Jesus will appear.




What you want is good broadband.... it doesn't have to be by fibre,



Almost a funny comment by Tony.B. Fibre for the nation was first laid in Mount Isa, yet we can't expect to have NBN here in the next 3 years at least. We are still stuck with ADSL 2. If I could have ADSL 2+, I'd be happy and my business would be so much better off for it too!



We need cheap upload for business - not just downloads. Cant wait to dump all those expensive MetroEthernet connections.
About time the 'burbs got decent broadband - especially in bad low pair gain areas (not enough copper - so it;s still ADSL1 max in some areas).

Kevin Cobley


My copper is always down when it rains, no internet no phones and Telstra in the Philippines, the sooner the copper is gone the better!

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