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Kleiner Perkins cleared of sex discrimination against Ellen Pao

A jury has found mostly in favor of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers in a historic lawsuit accusing one of Silicon Valley's best-known venture capital firms of sex discrimination.

By James Niccolai | 28 March, 2015 09:02

Tags: business issues, personnel, Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers, Civil lawsuits, legal

Facebook sued for alleged theft of data centre design

Facebook is being sued by a British engineering company that claims the social network stole its technique for building data centers and, perhaps worse, is encouraging others to do the same through the Open Compute Project.

By James Niccolai | 26 March, 2015 11:16

Tags: Civil lawsuits, legal, Facebook

Facebook Messenger is now open for business

Facebook is throwing open its Messenger app to third-party developers, letting them add new functions that will make it much more than a tool for communicating with friends.

By James Niccolai | 26 March, 2015 05:15

Tags: Internet-based applications and services, social networking, internet, Facebook

IBM's OpenPower project takes strides with first commercial server

An IBM project to expand the market for its Power processor is making headway, with new hardware announced Wednesday that aims to challenge Intel's dominance in the data center.

By James Niccolai | 19 March, 2015 06:07

Tags: Tyan, servers, IBM, hardware systems, Components, processors, Low-end servers, Blades

Uber and Lyft fail to convince judges their drivers are merely 'contractors'

Drivers for Uber Technologies and Lyft scored partial victories Wednesday in two lawsuits in which the companies seek to classify them as contractors rather than employees, and therefore not entitled to protections under California labor law.

By James Niccolai | 12 March, 2015 12:42

Tags: Internet-based applications and services, Civil lawsuits, legal, Lyft, internet, Uber Technologies

Facebook's 'Wedge' network switch will soon be on sale to all

A network switch that Facebook designed for its own data centers will soon be on sale from Taiwanese manufacturer Accton Technologies, the latest sign of progress from the community hardware effort known as the Open Compute Project.

By James Niccolai | 11 March, 2015 12:25

Tags: Networking, Facebook

Microsoft slashes backup power costs with lithium-ion batteries

Microsoft has come up with a way to slash the cost of providing backup power in its data centers using standard lithium-ion batteries like those found in power tools and electric cars.

By James Niccolai | 11 March, 2015 06:29

Tags: hardware systems, Facebook

Apple Watch coming to Australia on April 24

The much-heralded Apple Watch will ship on April 24 with price tags ranging from $499 for the Sports edition all the way up to $14,000 or more for a limited-edition model in 18kt gold, Apple said Monday.

By James Niccolai | 10 March, 2015 06:29

Tags: Apple, consumer electronics, accessories

IBM plugs OpenPower servers into SoftLayer cloud

IBM will roll out a cloud computing service next quarter using OpenPower-based servers, continuing an effort to expand the market for Power processors and challenge Intel in hyperscale data centers.

By James Niccolai | 04 March, 2015 15:54

Tags: services, IBM, Computing services, Hosted, Components, processors

NTT buys Germany's biggest datacentre provider for $US840 million

Japan's NTT Group is buying a majority stake in Germany's biggest provider of datacentre services, the latest sign of convergence in a competitive European market.

By James Niccolai | 03 March, 2015 08:43

Tags: e-shelter, services, NTT Communications, outsourcing, Hosted, Computing services

Lenovo website hacked in wake of Superfish debacle

Lenovo's website appeared to have been hacked on Wednesday, possibly in retaliation for a piece of adware it installed on PCs that was found to have opened up a security hole.

By James Niccolai | 26 February, 2015 09:10

Tags: intrusion, security, Lenovo, malware

Ex-Facebook engineer launches startup to tackle server management

One of the founders of Facebook's Open Compute Project has launched a new company that aims to cut the cost of running data centers using "community-based analytics."

By James Niccolai | 26 February, 2015 06:49

Tags: Green data center, Coolan, environment

HP gives a bleak forecast as split approaches

Hewlett-Packard has lowered its financial outlook for the year after another quarter of declining sales and profit.

By James Niccolai | 25 February, 2015 09:23

Tags: business issues, financial results, Hewlett-Packard

Nvidia slapped with lawsuit over 'misleading' GPU claims

Gaming enthusiasts have been griping for months that Nvidia's GeForce GTX 970 graphics chip doesn't operate up to snuff, and now someone has taken the company to court over it.

By James Niccolai | 21 February, 2015 08:46

Tags: Graphics boards, Civil lawsuits, legal, Components, nvidia

What's in a typo? More evidence tying North Korea to the Sony hack

A security company in the U.S. has provided further evidence that last year's devastating hacking attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment was carried out by a group with ties to North Korea.

By James Niccolai | 18 February, 2015 12:53

Tags: CrowdStrike, security, sony

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