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With OpenPower, IBM tries to turn the tables on Intel

An IBM project to widen the use of its Power server chips inched forward Wednesday with Big Blue trying to challenge Intel for a bigger role in the hyperscale data centers run by the likes of Google and Facebook.

By James Niccolai | 24 April, 2014 07:50

Tags: servers, IBM, hardware systems, Components, intel, processors

HP to pay $US108 million for overseas bribery and corruption

Hewlett-Packard will pay $US108 million in penalties after subsidiaries in Russia, Poland and Mexico were found to have paid bribes to win business, the US Department of Justice said.

By James Niccolai | 10 April, 2014 05:53

Tags: Criminal, legal, Hewlett-Packard

Fifty years on, mainframer remembers 'a fantastic time to be an engineer'

The make-or-break project kept engineers just out of college working around the clock hunting down bugs. The product had so much buzz that speculators bought up units to resell later for a profit. The company invested so much in development that its future was riding on success.

By James Niccolai | 05 April, 2014 00:51

Tags: servers, IBM, hardware systems, Mainframes

Facebook's Oculus VR buy is about much more than gaming

Mark Zuckerberg has seen the future, and it's inside a virtual-reality headset.

By James Niccolai | 26 March, 2014 00:42

Tags: Oculus VR, consumer electronics, Facebook, entertainment

Facebook buying Oculus VR virtual-reality company for $US2 billion

Facebook has reached a surprise deal to buy Oculus VR, developer of the Oculus Rift virtual-reality headset, for about $US2 billion, according to the social network.

By James Niccolai | 25 March, 2014 22:12

Tags: business issues, Oculus VR, Internet-based applications and services, consumer electronics, social networking, internet, Facebook, Mergers and acquisitions

US will tax Bitcoin as property, like stocks, rather than as currency

The U.S. Internal Revenue Service has said it will treat Bitcoin as a form of property for tax purposes, rather than as currency, making it subject to similar rules as stocks and barter transactions.

By James Niccolai | 25 March, 2014 20:54

Tags: e-commerce, internet

HP claims it's solved the two big problems with 3D printing

Hewlett-Packard claims to have solved the two biggest problems with today's 3D printers and will make its first big technology announcement in that area in June, CEO Meg Whitman said Wednesday.

By James Niccolai | 19 March, 2014 23:57

Tags: peripherals, business issues, Printers, Hewlett-Packard

Does Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto have a case against Newsweek?

This week's emphatic denial from Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto that he had anything to do with the creation of Bitcoin also hinted at a possible lawsuit against Newsweek, though legal experts say it would be an uphill battle.

By James Niccolai | 19 March, 2014 20:01

Tags: Criminal, e-commerce, security, legal, Civil lawsuits, encryption, internet

Will Satya Nadella launch Office for iPad next week?

Satya Nadella will hold his first press conference as Microsoft's CEO next week, and reports are emerging that he'll unveil a version of the Office suite for Apple's iPad.

By James Niccolai | 17 March, 2014 23:35

Tags: Apple, applications, Microsoft, hardware systems, software, tablets, Office suites, iPad

US school offers first-of-a-kind graduate degree in data center engineering

Plenty of people have engineering degrees but not many have one specific to data centers. A university in Dallas is offering what it says will be a first-of-its-kind graduate degree in data center engineering.

By James Niccolai | 05 March, 2014 23:03

Tags: business issues, personnel, Green data center, Compass Datacenters, training, Southern Methodist University, careers, IT management, environment

HP eyeing acquisitions - and divestitures - Whitman says

After two-and-a-half years running Hewlett-Packard, CEO Meg Whitman appears ready to make some deals.

By James Niccolai | 21 February, 2014 00:45

Tags: business issues, financial results, Mergers and acquisitions, Hewlett-Packard

HP reverses decline in PC sales, claims broad progress in quarter

Hewlett-Packard has returned its PC business to growth and reported better-than-expected results for the first quarter of its fiscal year.

By James Niccolai | 20 February, 2014 22:24

Tags: business issues, financial results, Hewlett-Packard

Facebook buying WhatsApp for $US16 billion

Facebook has agreed to buy mobile messaging app, WhatsApp, for $US16 billion in cash and stock, the social network said Wednesday.

By James Niccolai | 19 February, 2014 22:23

Tags: business issues, WhatsApp, Facebook, Mergers and acquisitions

Intel moves deeper into software with server KVM tool

Intel has released a new tool for remotely managing servers from multiple hardware vendors, though it's having to be careful not to upset partners as it looks to make more money from software.

By James Niccolai | 15 February, 2014 00:33

Tags: servers, hardware systems, software, intel, system management

Judge rebukes Apple for invoking nationalist bias but denies Samsung a retrial

A U.S. judge has denied Samsung's request for a retrial in a patent dispute with Apple, but she also chastised Apple's lawyers for making the Korean firm's "foreignness" an issue in closing remarks to the jury.

By James Niccolai | 08 February, 2014 04:08

Tags: Apple, copyright, intellectual property, legal, Civil lawsuits, Samsung Electronics, patent

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