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IBM defends use of temp visa workers

IBM says the growth in technologies such as cloud, analytics, mobile and security is "exacerbating the skills shortage" in the tech industry, and underscores the need for temporary foreign tech workers.

By Patrick Thibodeau | 23 May, 2015 03:11

Tags: Xerox, IBM, Microsoft, IT careers, qualcomm, careers, H-1B, IT management, emc, white house, Dell

H-1B employees crowd out other workers, says study

The battle over the H-1B visa is mostly a battle of brute political muscle on Capitol Hill, coupled with campaign spending. But in the quieter academic sphere, the visa is a topic of ongoing research, and a new paper by three economists is challenging some of the assertions made by the tech industry that H-1B workers deliver economic gains.

By Patrick Thibodeau | 13 May, 2015 04:29

Tags: Lotte, visa, IT careers, Treasury, careers, H-1B, IT management, Internal Revenue Service

Is IT work getting more stressful, or is it the Millennials?

IT work can be stressful, which has always been true. But a new survey says the stress level in IT may be rising. But why?

By Patrick Thibodeau | 09 May, 2015 06:08

Tags: IT careers, careers, GFI Software, IT management

All hail the next big job, the chief IoT officer

In the near future, you may hear about the appointment of a Chief Internet of Things (IoT) Officer. Before you roll your eyes and chortle at the thought of another chief-of-something, consider the problem.

By Patrick Thibodeau | 08 May, 2015 20:14

Tags: IT careers, careers, IT management

Economist: The Internet of Things will deliver surge of productivity

The view from Harvard's Michael Porter, an economist noted for his work on competition, is that the last 10 or 15 years have been "pretty dismal" for the economy. The IT- and Internet- driven innovations over the past four decades or so have played themselves out. The rate of investment and innovation "has been slowing down," he said.

By Patrick Thibodeau | 06 May, 2015 07:29

Tags: Internet of Things, internet

The Carly Fiorina teardown begins as '16 race heats up

Carly Fiorina has been described as flamboyant, bold, polarizing, decisive, imperious and unqualified. Her six-year tenure as CEO of Hewlett-Packard ended with her forced resignation, something that's not helpful as she begins a presidential run.

By Patrick Thibodeau | 06 May, 2015 00:51

Tags: HP, IT industry, business management, Hewlett-Packard

Median age at Google is 29, says US age discrimination lawsuit

The typical employee at Google is relatively young, according to a lawsuit brought by an older programmer who is alleging age discrimination.

By Patrick Thibodeau | 24 April, 2015 06:28

Tags: Google, IT careers, careers, IT management

House bill slashes research critical to cybersecurity

A U.S. House bill that will set the nation's basic research agenda for the next two years increases funding for computer science, but at the expense of other areas important to cybersecurity.

By Patrick Thibodeau | 23 April, 2015 07:14

Tags: National Science Foundation, intrusion, Compete, security, Indiana University, Cybercrime & Hacking

10 U.S. senators seek investigation into H-1B-driven layoffs

Ten U.S. senators, representing the political spectrum, are seeking a federal investigation into displacement of IT workers by H-1B-using contractors.

By Patrick Thibodeau | 10 April, 2015 05:34

Tags: U.S. Department of Justice, services, outsourcing, Sena, Department of Justice, IT outsourcing

Global IT spending shrinks as dollar strengthens

A rapidly rising U.S. dollar has created a "currency shock," prompting Gartner to decrease its global IT spending forecast. The research firm now expects worldwide IT spending to decrease to $3.66 trillion in 2015, a 1.3% dip from last year.

By Patrick Thibodeau | 10 April, 2015 00:18

Tags: business issues, Gartner, IT industry, Gartner research

N.C. primed for mega tech backlash over Indiana-like bill

North Carolina is considering "religious objection" legislation similar to Indiana, a move that could raise the stakes for the tech industry firms battling these laws.

By Patrick Thibodeau | 02 April, 2015 07:57

Tags: IT industry, BT, Sena, government

Indiana law is fast having 'definite negative impact' on tech

Organizers of the upcoming Indy Big Data Conference are feeling the impact of the tech industry's anger over Indiana's new "religious freedom" law and want state lawmakers to correct the law -- quickly.

By Patrick Thibodeau | 01 April, 2015 00:39

Tags: IT industry, Pivotal, Platfora, cloudera, government, Oracle, emc

IT workers' voices heard in the Senate, confidentially

WASHINGTON - A Senate Judiciary Committee hearing today on the H-1B visa offered up a stew of policy arguments, positioning and frustration.

By Patrick Thibodeau | 18 March, 2015 07:57

Tags: Compete, outsourcing,, WD, Sena, H-1B, GT, Consumer Electronics Association, IT outsourcing, services

IBM workforce declined 12 per cent in 2014; losses tied to corporate divestitures

IBM's global workforce declined 1212 per cent last year, with most of the decrease due to corporate divestitures.

By Patrick Thibodeau | 12 March, 2015 07:10

Tags: IBM, IT careers, globalfoundries, careers, Lenovo, IT management

Clinton regrets, but defends, use of family email server

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Tuesday that, in hindsight, her decision to use a private email server to conduct official business was not the best one. But she is defending it and said the system was secure.

By Patrick Thibodeau | 11 March, 2015 07:52

Tags: Government IT, Government use of IT, U.S. Secret Service, State Department, government

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