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NASA needs robotic upgrades for work on Mars

After not faring well in the DARPA Robotics Challenge, NASA is hoping its Valkyrie humanoid robot will do much better working on Mars. To aid in sprucing up its robot, NASA is enlisting robotics scientists from MIT and Northeastern University work on research and development upgrades for the robot.

Google updates Hangouts with guest access

Google just made it easier to have a business meeting, or any kind of meeting, via Google Hangouts. The company announced that people no longer need to have a Google account to use Hangouts. They just need to be invited to one.

By Sharon Gaudin | 20 November, 2015 00:00

Tags: Google

Social media lights up in grief and rage over Paris attacks

In timea of grief and fear, people from around the world turned to social networks to search for loved ones and to share feelings of support, anger and sadness.

Poof! Facebook tests Snapchat-like disappearing messages

Facebook is now running a small test of a Snapchat-like feature, enabling users to send messages that will automatically disappear.

By Sharon Gaudin | 13 November, 2015 22:34

Tags: Facebook

Calif. cop pulls over Google autonomous car -- for driving too slowly

A Google self-driving car had a run-in with the law this week when it was pulled over in California for driving too slowly and blocking traffic.

By Sharon Gaudin | 13 November, 2015 20:59

Tags: Google

Robot keeps stores stocked with Doritos

Simbe Robotics, based in San Francisco, unveiled its first product – a 30-pound robot that can move up and down a store's aisles checking inventory.

Google's About Me page helps users control personal info

The About Me page, tailored for each user and editable, contains information including work history, contact information, educational background and places the user has lived, along with gender and birthday.

By Sharon Gaudin | 11 November, 2015 23:37

Tags: Google

Facebook’s new Notify app aims to push news to you

Facebook today unveiled Notify, a standalone app designed to push news directly to users' smartphone lock screens.

By Sharon Gaudin | 11 November, 2015 22:45

Tags: Facebook

No connectivity? No problem for Google Maps

Ever tried to use Google Maps in an area with spotty – or even no – Internet access? That may no longer be an issue.

By Sharon Gaudin | 10 November, 2015 20:58

Tags: Google

Hello, Facebook! Obama gets his social media on

Hello, Facebook! That's part of the message that President Obama posted on his first Facebook page.

By Sharon Gaudin | 10 November, 2015 19:40

Tags: Facebook

U.S. readies for space storms that could crash critical networks

The U.S. is making preparations to protect communications and transportation systems from potentially dangerous space weather events.

Facebook reportedly ready to launch Notify app

Facebook reportedly is getting ready to launch Notify, a new app designed to bring users the latest news.

By Sharon Gaudin | 05 November, 2015 22:31

Tags: Facebook

With A.I. advances, Facebook tests M, your newest assistant

Striving to keep up with the increasing demands of delivering users' News Feeds, Facebook is pressing hard to advance artificial intelligence.

By Sharon Gaudin | 04 November, 2015 00:10

Tags: emerging technology, machine learning, artificial intelligence, Facebook

Google to autonomous cars: Brake for kids!

Google engineers asked employees and their children, who were on site to trick-or-treat for Halloween, to walk around some parked driverless cars so the autos’ sensors could work on detecting children.

By Sharon Gaudin | 02 November, 2015 23:41

Tags: Google

Lonely on the road? What about a robotic driving companion?

After testing human-robot cooperation in space with its Kirobo robot, Toyota is working on a smaller version – actually a cup-holder sized robot – that can keep people company while they drive.

By Sharon Gaudin | 30 October, 2015 01:25

Tags: tech hive, robotic driving companion, Toyota, cars, robs

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