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NASA readies test for first Mars airplane

NASA scientists are working on a plane that would be deployed from a rover's landing system to fly across the Martian surface and take images of potential landing sites for future astronaut missions.

By Sharon Gaudin | 02 July, 2015 06:28

Tags: NASA, space technology, industry verticals

Will A.I. drive the human race off a cliff?

Artificial intelligence (A.I.) and machine learning have the potential to help people explore space, make our lives easier and cure deadly diseases.

By Sharon Gaudin | 01 July, 2015 05:57

Tags: popular science, Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, emerging technology

SpaceX rocket explodes after lift-off on resupply mission

A SpaceX rocket carrying a resupply spacecraft bound for the International Space Station exploded less than two minutes after launch earlier today.

By Sharon Gaudin | 29 June, 2015 12:09

Tags: popular science, NASA, space technology, SpaceX

NASA to use holographic glasses on space station

The International Space Station is going to be getting a little more like Star Trek.

By Sharon Gaudin | 26 June, 2015 06:28

Tags: popular science, NASA, Microsoft, SpaceX, Wearables

Researchers to use Google cloud to aid in genome analysis

Researchers at MIT and Harvard are partnering with Google to use its cloud platform to take genomic data and use it to find cures to diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

By Sharon Gaudin | 25 June, 2015 06:33

Tags: Google, bing, cloud computing, internet

Google goes after Apple with its own free music service

Google is launching a free music service in a move that pits it against Apple, Pandora and Spotify.

By Sharon Gaudin | 24 June, 2015 05:40

Tags: Apple, Spotify, Google, Pandora, internet

Separating science fact from science fiction in robotics (with video)

Science-fiction movies often show robots freely running across the screen, either wreaking havoc or saving the world.

By Sharon Gaudin | 24 June, 2015 03:24

Tags: Origin, Autonomy, robotics, computerworld, DARPA

Personal robot that shows emotions sells out in 1 minute

If there was any question as to whether people were excited to get their own personal robot, the answer is clear now.

By Sharon Gaudin | 23 June, 2015 05:21

Tags: robotics

Researcher finds redemption, possible hotel deal after robotics challenge

A professor not only found redemption at the finals of the DARPA Robotics Challenge earlier this month, he might have found his robot a job at a Las Vegas hotel.

By Sharon Gaudin | 18 June, 2015 00:54

Tags: robotics, computerworld, DARPA

Robots compete in NASA challenge

A robotics team from West Virginia won $100,000 in this year's NASA Sample Return Robot Challenge, held this week at WPI in Worcester, Mass.

Philae lander phones home from comet hurtling through space

After seven months of silence, a robot riding a comet hurtling through space has woken up and phoned home.

By Sharon Gaudin | 16 June, 2015 05:12

Tags: popular science, COMET, European Space Agency, emerging technology

Why Twitter's CEO is looking for a job

Dick Costolo is out as CEO of Twitter not so much for what he did wrong, but because he didn't do nearly enough right.

By Sharon Gaudin | 13 June, 2015 05:57

Tags: The Gabriel Consulting Group, Internet-based applications and services, twitter, social media, internet

NASA's robot event challenges, robots, engineers

Despite robots that passed by, or even ran over, the objects they were searching for and others that never got off the starting platform, scientists said this week's NASA robotics event is pushing the technology forward.

By Sharon Gaudin | 13 June, 2015 05:33

Tags: NASA, robotics

NASA tests DARPA Challenge robot for space manufacturing

NASA has big plans for the robot its JPL team use to compete in the DARPA Robotics Challenge finals last weekend.

By Sharon Gaudin | 10 June, 2015 06:18

Tags: NASA, robotics, DARPA

South Korean team surges past rivals to win DARPA bot battle

POMONA, Calif. -- South Korea's Team Kaist, which had been in sixth place after the first day of competition in the DARPA Robotics Challenge finals, maneuvered past its rivals on Saturday to win the two-and-a-half-year battle.

By Sharon Gaudin | 07 June, 2015 21:27

Tags: Carnegie Mellon University, robotics, DARPA

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