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Lawmakers move to end warrantless surveillance of US residents

A new bill in Congress would require law enforcement agencies to get court-ordered warrants before targeting U.S. residents in searches of electronic communications collected by the National Security Agency.

By Grant Gross | 07 May, 2015 00:29

Tags: security, U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. National Security Agency, James Comey, legislation, government, internet, privacy, U.S. FBI, Ted Poe, Zoe Lofgren

Court rules warrant not needed for cell phone location data

Mobile phone users have "no reasonable expectation of privacy" for their location tracking data, and should expect police agencies investigating crimes to obtain that information without court-approved warrants, a U.S. appeals court has ruled.

By Grant Gross | 06 May, 2015 05:59

Tags: telecommunication, Frank Hull, U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit, legal, mobile, privacy, Quartavius Davis, Criminal, Nathan Freed Wessler, MetroPCS, American Civil Liberties Union, security

Lawmakers want to protect the online freedom to Yelp

If the waiter was rude, your hotel room dirty or the plumber sloppy, you should be able to say so online without fear of getting slapped with a lawsuit.

By Grant Gross | 06 May, 2015 04:56

Tags: Internet-based applications and services, yelp, Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, e-commerce, Eric Swallwell, legislation, internet, Daniel Castro,, U.S. House of Representatives, tripadvisor,, Angie's List, government, social media, Darrell Issa

Cerf thinks encryption back doors would be 'super risky'

Internet pioneer Vinton Cerf argued Monday that more users should encrypt their data, and that the encryption back doors the U.S. FBI and other law enforcement agencies are asking for will weaken online security.

By Grant Gross | 05 May, 2015 06:19

Tags: Vinton Cerf, Google, regulation, security, U.S. Federal Communications Commission, James Comey, legislation, government, internet, U.S. FBI

Cisco names senior VP Robbins as new CEO to replace Chambers

Cisco Systems has appointed Chuck Robbins, the company's senior vice president of worldwide operations, as CEO, replacing long-time chief executive John Chambers.

By Grant Gross | 04 May, 2015 23:31

Tags: business issues, Cisco Systems, personnel, Networking, John Chambers, Chuck Robbins

ACLU: NSA phone dragnet should be killed not amended

The U.S. Congress should kill the section of the Patriot Act that has allowed the National Security Agency to collect millions of phone records from the nation's residents, instead of trying to amend it, a civil liberties advocate said Friday.

By Grant Gross | 02 May, 2015 06:38

Tags: telephony, telecommunication, Neema Singh Guliani, Robert Litt, Richard Burr, U.S. National Security Agency, U.S. Congress, U.S. Office of the Director of National Intelligence, legislation, privacy, American Civil Liberties Union, security, Center for Democracy and Technology, government, Chris Calabrese, Ellen Nakashima, Mitch McConnell

Telecom trade groups, ISPs ask for delay of US net neutrality rules

Five telecom trade groups and two broadband providers have asked the U.S. Federal Communications Commission to put a hold on net neutrality rules it recently approved.

By Grant Gross | 02 May, 2015 05:55

Tags: telecommunication, National Cable and Telecommunications Association, regulation, Voice Communication Exchange Committee, Civil lawsuits, CenturyLink, internet, Internet service providers, Daniel Berninger, at&t, USTelecom, legal, ctia, U.S. Federal Communications Commission, government, Walter McCormick, Wireless Internet Service Providers Association, American Cable Association

House committee approves bill to end NSA phone records program

A U.S. Congress committee has overwhelmingly approved legislation designed to stop the bulk collection of U.S. phone records by the National Security Agency.

By Grant Gross | 01 May, 2015 04:45

Tags: telecommunication, Jim Sensenbrenner, U.S. House of Representatives, security, U.S. National Security Agency, legislation, government, privacy, Darrell Issa, Ted Poe, Zoe Lofgren

Rand Paul's bill would overturn US net neutrality rules

U.S. Senator Rand Paul, a Republican presidential candidate, has introduced legislation that would overturn the Federal Communications Commission's recent net neutrality rules.

By Grant Gross | 01 May, 2015 00:01

Tags: U.S. Senate, free press, regulation, U.S. Federal Communications Commission, legislation, government, internet, Internet service providers, Matt Wood, Rand Paul

Lawmakers criticize FBI's request for encryption back doors

U.S. lawmakers are skeptical of an FBI request for Congress to mandate encryption workarounds in smartphones, with critics saying Wednesday that back doors would create new vulnerabilities that bad guys can exploit.

By Grant Gross | 30 April, 2015 07:02

Tags: Amy Hess, regulation, Application Developers Alliance, Ted Lieu, Jason Chaffetz, James Comey, Daniel Conley, mobile, privacy, U.S. FBI, Apple, consumer electronics, Google, U.S. House of Representatives, security, smartphones, Jon Potter, government

Coalition gears up to oppose trade legislation pushing Trans-Pacific deal

Protests over a controversial international trade agreement have taken on new urgency in recent days, after U.S. lawmakers introduced legislation that would give President Barack Obama's administration broad authority to negotiate the deal.

By Grant Gross | 30 April, 2015 02:47

Tags: Evan Greer, Lisa Malloy, U.S. Congress, legislation, Elizabeth Waaren, government, Barack Obama, intel, Fight for the Future, Telecommunications Industry Association, trade

US bill to rein in NSA phone data collection reintroduced

A bipartisan group of U.S. lawmakers has reintroduced legislation aimed at ending the National Security Agency's bulk collection of telephone records across the country.

By Grant Gross | 29 April, 2015 06:49

Tags: telecommunication, John Conyers, Jim Sensenbrenner, Jerry Nadler, U.S. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, U.S. National Security Agency, legislation, government, Bob Goodlatte, privacy, Computer and Communications Industry Association, Ed Black, U.S. House of Representatives, security

Drone trade group embraces regulation for safey

The U.S. drone industry wants government regulations for private and commercial use of the remote-controlled devices as a way to ensure airspace safety, the head of a trade group says.

By Grant Gross | 29 April, 2015 04:04

Tags: popular science, Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International, robotics, regulation, Robert Pappas, U.S. Federal Aviation Administration, Jay Stanley, government, Center for Strategic and International Studies, American Civil Liberties Union, Brian Wynne

Consumer groups dance on the grave of Comcast-TW deal

Consumer groups are cheering the news that Comcast abandoned its proposed US$45 billion acquisition of fellow cable and broadband provider Time Warner Cable, saying it's good for customers and demonstrates the power of Internet activism.

By Grant Gross | 25 April, 2015 01:13

Tags: business issues, U.S. Department of Justice, free press, telecommunication, CREDO Action, Ryan Radia, Mike Wendy, comcast, Competitive Enterprise Institute, Mergers and acquisitions, Edward Markey, Time Warner Cable,, U.S. Federal Communications Commission, Craig Aaron, Josh Nelson

DOD wants to rebuild trust with the technology industry

The U.S. Department of Defense must rebuild trust with Silicon Valley because it needs new technology partners to fight against cyberattacks, Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter said Thursday.

By Grant Gross | 24 April, 2015 06:14

Tags: U.S. Department of Defense, security, Ashton Carter, government

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