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Top scientists threaten industrial action

Thousands of scientists at the CSIRO are threatening to down their test tubes and lab coats in an industrial dispute with the federal government.

By AAP | 16 April, 2015 17:21


Hobart Airport website defaced

A group has claimed responsibility for hacking the Hobart International Airport website and posting a statement supporting the radical Islamist group ISIS, also known as Islamic State or IS.

Hockey eyes Internet goods for GST

Downloaded music, movies and books will be subject to GST under a deal reached between the federal and state treasurers.

By AAP | 10 April, 2015 09:17

Tags: GST

Labor open to looking at online GST change

Labor is willing to look at an Abbott government plan to impose the GST on downloaded music, movies and books.

By AAP | 10 April, 2015 09:17

Tags: GST

Netflix happy to pay GST

Netflix executives say they will happily add GST to the cost of their service - if the federal government makes it legal.

Three tech giants audited by ATO

Three major tech companies giving evidence at a Senate inquiry into tax avoidance have confirmed they are being audited by the Australian Taxation Office.

By AAP | 08 April, 2015 14:57

Tags: Apple, Google, Microsoft, corporate tax avoidance, corporate tax avoidance inquiry

Google probed in Senate tax inquiry

The managing director of Google Australia says the reason the tech giant pays so little tax in Australia is because the majority of risk and investment undertaken by the company is in the US.

By AAP | 08 April, 2015 14:55

Tags: Google, corporate tax avoidance, corporate tax avoidance inquiry

Security snafu as G20 leaders' passport details leaked

World leaders, including Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin, had their personal details accidentally shared before last year's G20 summit in Brisbane.

By AAP | 31 March, 2015 09:07

Tags: security, Barack Obama, G20 Summit, Vladimir Putin

Public interest advocate on data retention

The Abbott government has struck a deal with Labor to create a public interest advocate to assess warrants for the communications data of journalists.

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