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Public interest advocate on data retention

The Abbott government has struck a deal with Labor to create a public interest advocate to assess warrants for the communications data of journalists.

Data retention change 'not necessary', says Brandis

Attorney-General George Brandis has said the government agreed to an unnecessary tweak to its data retention laws to ensure they pass parliament.

By AAP | 17 March, 2015 10:43

Tags: data retention, privacy

Data retention: Government agrees to warrants for journo metadata

The federal government has agreed to a Labor request which could enable new data retention laws to pass parliament next week.

By AAP | 16 March, 2015 16:31

Tags: civil liberties, data retention

Centrelink IT system costing millions: Abbott

Centrelink's antiquated computer system is set to be scrapped at a cost of $1 billion because of concerns it won't cope with a planned overhaul of the welfare system.

By AAP | 09 March, 2015 13:52

Tags: PC, centrelink, Components

NZ Greens complain over government spying

The Greens in New Zealand have complained to the nation's Inspector General of Intelligence and Security after allegations a key security agency was undertaking mass surveillance of New Zealanders travelling in the Pacific.

By AAP | 06 March, 2015 10:05

Tags: civil liberties, Edward Snowden, privacy

NZ Snowden leaks: NZ's spying 100 per cent legal, PM claims

New Zealand's intelligence-gathering operations are "100 per cent legal" and there are valid reasons for what they do, Prime Minister John Key says.

By AAP | 05 March, 2015 16:09

Tags: Edward Snowden, privacy

New Snowden documents put NZ spying in spotlight

New Zealand is spying on some of its closest Pacific neighbours and passing the information on to the United States, according to documents released by the fugitive whistleblower Edward Snowden.

By AAP | 05 March, 2015 10:20

Tags: Snowden leaks, Snowden

Australian museums join Google Cultural Institute

Thousands of Australian cultural artefacts are now a few clicks away as Google Street View goes inside the country's top museums.

By AAP | 03 March, 2015 16:00

Tags: Google

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