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Sony's SmartWatch brings Android to the wrist

Android isn't just for smartphones and tablets anymore. Sony has unveiled its new SmartWatch, an Android-powered timekeeper that brings smartphone-like capabilities to the wristwatch.

Huawei, the latest Android player: Who are these guys?

Huawei, a multinational telecommunications company based in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, has been generating a lot of mobile buzz lately.

Report: Amazon to open physical retail store

Amazon, a pioneer in Internet retailing, may soon open up a brick-and-mortar shop.

IN PICTURES: Wacky and wild products at CES

Who wouldn't want an Internet-connected smart rabbit? Or maybe an iPhone case that doubles as a bottle opener?

Pictures: Most anticipated tech products of 2012

From Apple's iPhone 5 to next-gen thermostats to OLED TVs, here are 10 tech products we're looking forward to seeing in 2012.

Google's Android tablet: How might it be different?

Google appears to be building its very own Android tablet, one designed to compete at the high end of slate spectrum.

By Jeff Bertolucci | 21 December, 2011 03:22

Tags: tablet PC, consumer electronics, apple ipad, Google, smartphones, hardware systems, Android, tablets

When the iPad 3 arrives, what will happen to the iPad 2?

If recent rumors about Apple's imminent tablet plans are true, the third-generation iPad will arrive sometime between February and April 2012.

By Jeff Bertolucci | 10 December, 2011 10:03

Tags: Apple, apple ipad, hardware systems, tablets

Microsoft to Windows XP: Please die, already

Microsoft is eager for Windows XP, its 10-year-old operating system, to fade into computing history. The sooner the better, in fact. But for that to happen, the Redmond company needs millions of XP users to drop creaky, old XP and migrate (hopefully) to Windows 7, or even to Windows 8, which won't arrive until next year.

By Jeff Bertolucci | 26 October, 2011 11:11

Tags: windows xp, Microsoft, Windows, Windows 7, software, operating systems

Google Translate: Speech translation in 14 languages

Phrase books and botched pronunciations may soon be a thing of the past--well, for smartphone users, anyway. Google Translate for Android makes it easier for world travelers to ask for directions in foreign lands without embarrassing themselves or creating an international incident.

By Jeff Bertolucci | 14 October, 2011 08:56

Tags: mobile applications, Apple, Google, mobile

New iPhone 4S: Top 5 letdowns

Apple's new iPhone 4S has some impressive upgrades, including voice controls, a faster processor, and a better camera. But to millions of tech fans hoping to be dazzled by Apple's latest creation, the 4S is, well, a tad disappointing. Here are the top pre-launch rumors that didn't come true:

By Jeff Bertolucci | 05 October, 2011 09:34

Tags: Apple, consumer electronics, apple iphone, iPhone, smartphones

Easier way to keep spotify from sharing your musical tastes

Earlier this week, we told you how to turn off a new, potentially mortifying Spotify feature that tells your Facebook friends, in real-time, what you are listening to. If you're a closeted fan of, say, Alvin and the Chipmunks tunes, but your friends prefer death metal--well, the potential for embarrassment is high.

By Jeff Bertolucci | 30 September, 2011 09:40

Tags: Internet-based applications and services, music & video sharing, security, social media, internet, privacy, Facebook

Kobo Pulse: eReading is sharing

If you're afraid you're not sharing enough of your daily activities with your online friends, here's another chance to get social...with books.

By Jeff Bertolucci | 28 September, 2011 08:46

Tags: e-books, Internet-based applications and services, consumer electronics, Kobo, social networking, e-readers, internet

Windows Phone 7 'Mango' to arrive within two weeks

Microsoft will begin delivering the new version of Windows Phone 7, code-named Mango, to its customers within the next two weeks, the company announced Wednesday.

By Jeff Bertolucci | 22 September, 2011 09:30

Tags: Apple, Google, Microsoft, Networking, windows phone 7, wireless, mobile

A third of us would rather text than talk, survey says

What's your preferred means of cellphone communication: text or talk? A new survey from Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project says a slight majority of Americans -- 53 percent, to be exact -- prefer a voice call to a text message. But 31 percent of cellphone users would rather get a text.

By Jeff Bertolucci | 21 September, 2011 00:11

Tags: Pew Research Center, Networking, wireless, mobile

Tablets, phones to surpass PCs for 'net use in 4 years

The personal computer isn't dying, but its days of dominance are numbered. Research firm IDC predicts the number of U.S. mobile Internet users will surpass their wired counterparts by 2015.

By Jeff Bertolucci | 13 September, 2011 08:24

Tags: consumer electronics, IDC, smartphones, hardware systems, desktop pcs, tablets, laptops, mobile, internet, tablet PC

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