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Africa banking on mobile to be first post-PC continent

A convergence of historical circumstance and an increase in innovative mobile applications may make Africa the first post-PC continent.

By Rebecca Wanjiku | 06 April, 2011 02:13

Tags: telecommunication, Microsoft, hardware systems, Nokia, tablet PCs, laptops, mobile, intel, samsung, IDC, Google

App developers, operators face revenue sharing challenges

Mobile service subscription models have emerged as a major factor as mobile operators and developers debate ways to balance revenue sharing models, increase the number of local applications and encourage innovation.

By Rebecca Wanjiku | 15 February, 2011 06:07

Tags: MWC, telecommunication, Nokia, mobile, America Movil

Africa to continue using IPv4

Africa will continue using Internet Protocol version four (IPv4) after the global supply is exhausted in coming weeks.

By Rebecca Wanjiku | 01 February, 2011 05:45

Tags: African Region Internet Registry, internet

World Cup opens door for African game developers

The upcoming FIFA World Cup is expected to raise the profile of Africa's game developers, as more companies invest in gaming platforms and more people go online to play.

By Rebecca Wanjiku | 27 April, 2010 06:51

Tags: FIFA World Cup 2010, FIFA World Cup South Africa, games

Trademark issues could derail new gTLDs at ICANN meeting

Trademark protection, costs and cybersecurity threats are some of the issues likely to derail the introduction of new Internet generic top-level domains, being discussed at a meeting of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers Board this week in Nairobi.

By Rebecca Wanjiku | 10 March, 2010 07:33

Tags: ICANN, cybersecurity, trademarks

Google Earth Pro unveiled for African NGOs

Google has unveiled its Google Earth Pro software to coincide with the upcoming climate change conference in Copenhagen in December.

By Rebecca Wanjiku | 31 October, 2009 02:04

Tags: Google Earth

Africa hopes to leapfrog other regions in IPv6 adoption

Africa's lag behind other regions in technology may actually serve to ensure a faster Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) adoption.

By Rebecca Wanjiku | 08 July, 2009 05:13

Tags: africa, ipv6

Nokia embarks on Ovi Africa marketing campaign

Nokia has embarked on an aggressive campaign to promote the Ovi online store among software developers in East Africa.

By Rebecca Wanjiku | 09 May, 2009 06:30

Tags: Nokia, ovi

MTN offers Android-based HTC Dream in South Africa

MTN Group, Africa's biggest mobile-phone company, has released the Android-based HTC Dream smartphone in South Africa and is expected to start sales in 22 other countries. 

By Rebecca Wanjiku | 07 May, 2009 07:27

Tags: htc, Google Android

Submarine cables to help bring Africa into global economy

Some governments in East Africa are stockpiling business capacity in anticipation of the four submarine cables that are expected to bring unprecedented connectivity options and related business opportunities to the region, according to a study by IDC.

Cisco to develop new generation of data centers

Africa is set to benefit from Cisco Systems' new unified data technology that delivers multiple applications over a network using minimal bandwidth.

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