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VMware’s new management tools are hybrid, hybrid, hybrid

VMware hopes that any customer looking to use Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform will choose the company’s vRealize Suite to centrally manage their on-premises virtualized environments and the public cloud.

By Brandon Butler | 12 February, 2016 08:12

Tags: datacentre, cloud computing, VMware

SD-WAN: What it is and why you’ll use it one day

Ease of deployment, central manageability and reduced costs. Sound too good to be true? It’s SD-WAN, a software-based approach to managing your Wide Area Network. Think of SDN, but for your branch. It’s early days for this technology, but it’s expected to grow fast in the coming years.

Gartner: Vendors hype cloud revenue to impress Wall Street

A recent Gartner report finds that technology vendors are over-inflating the revenues they report for cloud sales by lumping in non-cloud technologies, making it confusing for users to judge the strength of a vendor’s financial health and difficult to make comparisons between vendors.

By Brandon Butler | 10 February, 2016 04:42

Tags: Amazon Web Services, Google, IBM,, Microsoft

Open Networking User Group looks to reign in ‘Wild West’ of hybrid cloud

A working group made up of 10 Fortune 500 customers is urging for easier interoperability between public and private clouds.

By Brandon Butler | 05 February, 2016 06:45

Tags: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft

Apple could be dumping Amazon’s Cloud, Morgan Stanley analyst predicts

An analyst at Morgan Stanley reading the tea leaves of recent financial disclosures from Apple predicts that the company could be transitioning away from using Amazon Web Service’s Cloud, which if true could represent blow to the leading IaaS Cloud vendor.

By Brandon Butler | 02 February, 2016 08:13

Tags: Amazon Web Services, Apple, cloud computing

AWS pumps up Amazon earnings

Amazon's stock dropped in after hours trading after analysts were disappointed by the company's earnings; but the strong performance of the company's Amazon Web Services cloud unit actually boosted profits. If Amazon didn't have AWS, the earnings report would have been much more ugly for the company.

By Brandon Butler | 29 January, 2016 08:59

Tags: Amazon Web Services,

Despite layoffs, VMware has a big bet on this one Cloud innovation

VMware is in the midst of turbulent times: It announced 800 layoffs this week and the departure of its CFO; the merger of its parent company EMC with Dell is hanging over its head; its vCloud Air public Cloud has had fits and starts. But CEO Pat Gelsinger is banking on this one network virtualisation feature to help turn the company’s fortunes around.

By Brandon Butler | 28 January, 2016 07:05

Tags: VMware

5 tips for securing your AWS Cloud

Despite public cloud being as popular as ever, questions like, ‘is it more secure than my data center?’ still remain. Here are five tips from Amazon’s own best security practices.

By Brandon Butler | 27 January, 2016 07:38

Tags: Amazon Web Services, public cloud, Cloud, cloud computing

Why Google hasn't taken off in the Cloud yet

Google Cloud Platform is in the unique position of being considered one of the big three IaaS vendors, but at the same time almost always seen as being the third-best option behind AWS and Microsoft. As the new head of Google’s cloud, VMware co-founder Diange Greene is now charged with doing what she did at VMware: Take a ground breaking niche technology and turning it into the must-have enterprise product. But it will not be easy.

By Brandon Butler | 13 January, 2016 23:29

Tags: Amazon Web Services, Google, Microsoft

Cisco’s new monitoring tool sniffs out shadow cloud use

Cisco today announced a new monitoring tool named Cloud Consumption as a Service that collects network traffic information and presents IT officials with a peek into any use of public-cloud based services within a company.

By Brandon Butler | 13 January, 2016 19:16

Tags: cisco

Shakeup at Citrix continues: CloudStack products sold off

Months after bowing to investor pressure and spinning out its GoTo family of collaboration products, Citrix announced today that it is selling its two CloudStack infrastructure management products to Persistent Systems.

By Brandon Butler | 11 January, 2016 18:40

Tags: Citrix, CloudStack, Accelerite, Persistent Systems

And the cloud provider with the best uptime in 2015 is…

An analysis of downtime at IaaS public cloud providers in 2015 by tracking firm CloudHarmony reveals that despite having the largest cloud offering on the market, Amazon Web Services had the least amount of outages compared to Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and most of its other competitors. But take the data with a grain of salt, because even its backers say it’s not a holistic view of cloud availability.

By Brandon Butler | 08 January, 2016 00:09

Tags: Google, IBM

Amazon to sell WiFi, IoT chips

Annapurna Labs Inc., a company quietly bought by Amazon last year, announced this week that it will expand its efforts to sell chips for use in next-generation WiFi and Internet of Things devices.

By Brandon Butler | 07 January, 2016 21:16

Tags: Amazon Web Services

The pretty penny Google paid to recruit Diane Greene

Google's parent company Alphabet paid $380 million worth of stock to purchase VMware co-founder Diane Greene's startup company named Bebop, which led to Greene assuming a role heading up Google's cloud efforts.

By Brandon Butler | 05 January, 2016 19:41

Tags: Google

2016’s biggest cloud computing conferences

Some predict 2016 will be the year of the cloud. While that may be up for debate, what’s not is that there are a whole slew of cloud computing-related conferences on tap for the year.

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