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Amazon launches German cloud region in nod to privacy concerns

Amazon Web Services launched a new region of its cloud in Germany Thursday, in part to serve customers who want to keep data within their country's borders.

By Brandon Butler | 24 October, 2014 03:59

Tags: Amazon Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, internet, cloud computing

Startup wants to make cloud attractive for security-sensitive businesses

After three years in stealth, an Andreessen Horowitz-backed startup named Bracket Computing launched a new computing system today that aims to make the public cloud more palatable for security-sensitive enterprises.

By Brandon Butler | 23 October, 2014 05:14

Tags: Google, cisco, internet, cloud computing, emc, VMware

Microsoft goes all-in on hybrid Cloud with Azure-in-a-box

Microsoft Monday doubled down on hybrid Clouds by unveiling an on-premises system that syncs up with Azure public cloud services.

By Brandon Butler | 21 October, 2014 08:35

Tags: Amazon Web Services, hybrid cloud, IBM, internet, cloud computing, rackspace, VMware, HP, Gartner, Dell, Google, microsoft azure, Microsoft

Is there a point where a private Cloud is cheaper than the public Cloud?

A group of companies that sell products to build private Clouds has determined a price at which it claims it is less expensive to operate a private Cloud compared to using Amazon Web Service's IaaS public Cloud.

By Brandon Butler | 14 October, 2014 23:33

Tags: Amazon Web Services, IDC, internet, cloud computing

Cloud giants do battle backed by distinctly different partner networks

When evaluating the marketplaces of the big three public IaaS cloud providers - Amazon Web Services, Google and Microsoft - AWS stands out in terms of the maturity of its platform for partners to offer products and services on top of its cloud. But Microsoft, too, has a formidable partner program that could rival Amazon's in the future, analysts predict.

By Brandon Butler | 08 October, 2014 21:06

Tags: Amazon Web Services, amazon, Gartner, Google, Microsoft, internet, cloud computing

How the cloud is changing the security game

Cloud computing offers many advantages, but with those benefits come a new range of security concerns.

By Brandon Butler | 03 October, 2014 23:05

Tags: SaaS, Gartner, Western Union, security, Skyhigh Networks, iaas, Software as a service, cloud computing, internet

In Pictures: America’s richest techies

Forbes’ annual list of the 400 Wealthiest Americans is out and techies make a strong showing yet again.

By Brandon Butler | 01 October, 2014 09:20

Tags: management, Rich techies, slideshow

How one user (successfully) managed the Amazon cloud reboot

Kevin Felichko didn't get as much sleep as he wanted to on Monday night.

By Brandon Butler | 01 October, 2014 07:56

Tags: amazon, Amazon Web Services, internet, cloud computing

Rackspace rebooting its cloud servers too

Rackspace is in the process of rebooting a substantial portion of its cloud servers before Oct. 1, most likely to patch a security vulnerability in the Xen open source hypervisor.

By Brandon Butler | 30 September, 2014 05:42

Tags: Amazon Web Services, cloud security, iaas, internet, cloud computing, rackspace

AWS readies for major reboot

Amazon Web Services will be updating a substantial number of its Cloud servers, and has asked customers to re-launch their instances in the coming days, according to AWS consultants

By Brandon Butler | 26 September, 2014 01:57

Tags: Amazon Web Services, Xen hypervisor, Amazon Cloud, AWS, internet, cloud computing

Pertino adds management, tracking apps to its service

Pertino - a 3-year-old California startup -- rolled out AppScape, a portal to access apps that run on that network, including a location-monitoring application and another one that tracks usage of a customer's devices on the networks.

By Brandon Butler | 23 September, 2014 04:20

Tags: mobile networks, Networking, wireless, Pertino

HP leapfrogs Red Hat to become top contributor to OpenStack

OpenStack has a new top contributor: HP.

By Brandon Butler | 20 September, 2014 02:44

Tags: HP, public cloud, internet, cloud computing, Red Hat, OpenStack

Citrix touts new ‘software-defined workplace' focus

Citrix is laying out a new strategy to position itself as a "software-defined workplaces" company that enables its customers to have a mobile workforce that can access everything they need to be productive from anywhere and on any device.

By Brandon Butler | 19 September, 2014 01:19

Tags: BYOD, consumerization of IT, SDN, Citrix Systems, Networking, wireless, IT management

What is Metacloud and why did Cisco buy it?

In one of the biggest acquisitions in the OpenStack community, Cisco has announced its intentions to acquire Metacloud, a three-year-old company that helps organisations build OpenStack clouds.

By Brandon Butler | 18 September, 2014 05:04

Tags: business issues, Cisco Systems, Metacloud, Cloud, cisco, internet, cloud computing, Mergers and acquisitions

How network virtualization is used as a security tool

When people think of network virtualization, the advantages that come to mind typically include faster provisioning of networks, easier management of networks and more efficient use of resources. But network virtualization can have another major benefit as well: security.

By Brandon Butler | 15 September, 2014 23:24

Tags: network security, virtualization, security, VMworld 2014, VMware

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