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Who's really in charge at Cisco?

Key innovators continue to report to Chambers, not new CEO Robbins

By Jim Duffy | 31 August, 2015 17:58

Tags: Cisco CEO John Chambers, cisco

Cisco sues HP over VoIP contract

Claims it's owed $58M while HP seeks "full credit" after cancellation

By Jim Duffy | 27 August, 2015 19:54

Tags: HP, Networking, cisco

Ethernet switching in high gear in Q2

$5.9 billion market stoked by campus and China

By Jim Duffy | 26 August, 2015 00:32

Tags: Networking, China, switches

HP serves up its open switches

Accton-based hardware, announced in February, certified by OCP and run multiple OSes

By Jim Duffy | 25 August, 2015 00:33

Tags: HP, Networking, switches

Cisco's SDN controller has a security hole

Cisco has issued software to fix a vulnerability in its SDN controller than allows infiltrators to access the system as root users, with access to root commands.

By Jim Duffy | 04 August, 2015 08:31

Tags: security, cisco

NFV a hit for OpenDaylight

Almost three quarters of OpenDaylight users plan to use the open source SDN technology for <a href="">Network Functions Virtualization</a>, while over half are looking at it for cloud orchestration.

By Jim Duffy | 29 July, 2015 03:38

Tags: virtualization, Virtuali, Lithium, OpenDaylight, cloud computing, internet

Cisco names two more to new CEO's team

Cisco has named two new executives to the leadership team of new <a href="">CEO Chuck Robbins, who begins his tenure today</a>.

By Jim Duffy | 28 July, 2015 00:19

Tags: cisco, careers, IT management, Hilton

Cisco kills Invicta storage product line

Cisco has pulled the plug on its troubled <a href="">Invicta flash storage appliances</a> in another admission that an acquisition didn't pan out as hoped.

By Jim Duffy | 25 July, 2015 01:08

Tags: network storage, storage, cisco, 21

790 could leave Cisco in Technicolor deal

Cisco could transfer or impact as many as 790 employees under terms of <a href="">the sale of its Connected Devices business unit (CDBU) to Technicolor</a>.

By Jim Duffy | 24 July, 2015 06:14

Tags: cisco, 21, careers, IT management, Hilton

Time for a Switch

Speeds and feeds as an Ethernet differentiator are over. Ethernet macho will be based much more on offering adaptable consumption models than raw throughput.

By Jim Duffy | 24 July, 2015 03:40

Tags: Dell, Networking, None, Cisco Subnet

Cisco indirect infringement case against Arista dismissed

A federal judge dismissed Cisco's indirect infringement claims against Arista Networks, a complaint that accompanied <a href="">a patent and copyright infringement case</a> against its data center rival.

By Jim Duffy | 16 July, 2015 03:32

Tags: Configuration / maintenance, hardware systems, cisco, Data Center

Open source router project administers Lithium

The CloudRouter Project, a months-old effort to open source cloud routing, is announcing first shipment of OpenDaylight's new "Lithium" SDN controller.

By Jim Duffy | 15 July, 2015 23:20

Tags: IBM, Networking, Lithium, CloudBees, OpenDaylight, fedora, software-defined networking (SDN), routers, networking hardware

United routes root of outage to router

<a href="">United Airlines blamed a router problem</a> for disrupting service and halting flights for over an hour today. 

By Jim Duffy | 09 July, 2015 06:26

Tags: networking hardware, United Airlines, alcatel-lucent, Networking, routers

Cisco buys cloud-based contract administrator

<a href="">Cisco this week announced intentions to acquire privately held MaintenanceNet</a>, a provider of cloud-based software to manage recurring customer contracts.

By Jim Duffy | 07 July, 2015 23:27

Tags: OpenDNS, 21, cloud computing, internet

Cisco leading another IoT standards group

Cisco has been named a founding member and director of yet anotherInternet of Things standards group to help promote and encourage use of networked machines.

By Jim Duffy | 07 July, 2015 05:54

Tags: BT, IBM, linux foundation, accenture, AllSeen Alliance, intel, internet, Open Interconnect Consortium, forum, Google, broadcom, Internet of Things

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