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In Pictures: Tablets with serious security for business

These tablets have extra security features that will keep your work safe and your IT pros happy.

In Pictures: Serious smartphones with QWERTY keyboards

Software keyboards have come far, but sometimes the best way to tackle work on the go is to use a physical keyboard.

How to keep local access to data during Cloud outages

The Amazon cloud services outage that knocked out several popular Websites last week raised questions about the reliability of the cloud, but the general consensus is that it works if you plan for failure. Like any good business plan, a good cloud plan should include provisions for failure, including plans B and C, and plenty of backups.

By Michelle Mastin | 30 April, 2011 10:03

Tags: Google, storage, Microsoft, Cloud, Utilities, network attached storage, backup, software, cloud computing, internet

How to make your small business paperless: A success story

When I started teaching viola and violin years ago, I brought all the books my students used along with me, just in case the kids forgot theirs. Then the kids became more advanced, and I had to carry more books. I also sent them each home with a practice chart for the week. The studio grew, and I printed out more and more weekly charts.

By Michelle Mastin | 01 May, 2011 05:35

Tags: application development, Web services development, productivity, web services, software, internet

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