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Are Apple and Facebook bad for democracy?

Apple and Facebook are asserting themselves as gatekeepers of necessary information to the public. Can we trust them?

New tech syncs small speakers for big sound

In the past week, new methods for synchronizing speakers to create loud, high-quality sound have emerged. Finally.

A computer's place is in the kitchen

Forget the living room. The kitchen is the true family hub now. Here's what Amazon is cooking up.

By Mike Elgan | 31 August, 2015 13:15


Here comes the drone backlash

Soon it will be politically incorrect to express enthusiasm for drones or fly them in public. Too bad. Drones are cool.

New earbuds give you super-hearing

Listen to this: The world of earbuds is about to be transformed by startups whose products let you customize what you hear.

By Mike Elgan | 18 August, 2015 01:44

Tags: consumer electronics, Kickstarter, Wearables

How Facebook, Apple and Twitter are ending online equality

The latest trend in social networking is the rise of elitism.

By Mike Elgan | 10 August, 2015 20:18

Tags: Internet-based applications and services, Apple, twitter, social media, internet, Apple Music, Facebook

Will Facebook envy wreck Twitter?

There's never been anything quite like Facebook. As a company, Facebook specializes in collecting, hoarding, keeping and engaging users. As a social network, it dominates the market with the largest user base. Facebook has a monopoly as the social network of choice for friends and families.

By Mike Elgan | 04 August, 2015 01:48

Tags: Internet-based applications and services, Oculus VR, WhatsApp, Instagram, twitter, social media, internet, Facebook

Is Apple's control freakery out of control?

Apple makes money. A LOT of money.

By Mike Elgan | 28 July, 2015 00:41

Tags: mobile applications, Apple, McDonald's, Google, mobile, Apple Music, mobile apps

New A.I. tech helps you write right

This column is a little cheerful, slightly analytical, both confident and tentative and just a tiny bit angry. But mostly, it's open, agreeable and conscientious. At least that's what IBM's Watson thinks.

By Mike Elgan | 20 July, 2015 20:14

Tags: popular science, IBM, emerging technology

Is it Google's job to fix society?

Social problems exist. Sexism, social stigmatization, crime and other problems have always plagued humanity.

By Mike Elgan | 13 July, 2015 20:12

Tags: search, Carnegie Mellon University, Google, 21, internet, search engines

The surprising genius of Apple's Beats 1 radio

When Apple announced it was creating an Internet radio station called Beats 1 to go along with its Apple Music service, I was dismissive.

By Mike Elgan | 06 July, 2015 23:51

Tags: Apple, BBC, telecommunication, applications, ios, Mobile OSes, mobile, Apple iOS, Apple Music

Is facial recognition a threat on Facebook and Google?

Both Facebook and Google have been working hard at using computers and algorithms to identify people in photos. They've gotten really good at it.

By Mike Elgan | 29 June, 2015 20:10

Tags: Google, security, data privacy, fbi, privacy, Facebook

4 news apps that will change everything

I'm a huge fan of newspapers. I've been subscribing to the print edition of The New York Times since I was in college.

By Mike Elgan | 23 June, 2015 00:55

Tags: new york times, Instagram, The Wall Street Journal, LinkedIn, wall street journal, twitter, mobile, mobile apps, Facebook

Google on Apple: The end is near

The chat room and social network religious wars between Apple and Google demand that you take sides. But I've always felt that the best experience includes a cherry-picking of Apple hardware, Google services and apps from both.

By Mike Elgan | 16 June, 2015 01:29

Tags: Apple, Google, WD, None, software, Apple iOS

Here comes the modular mobile revolution

The future of consumer electronics will be delivered this year in a Puerto Rican food truck.

By Mike Elgan | 08 June, 2015 21:38

Tags: consumer electronics, Google, lego, smartphones

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