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Facebook: The other Internet

You can do almost everything online. Most people spend most of their web time doing just three things: communicating, buying things and consuming content.

By Mike Elgan | 18 May, 2015 20:43

Tags: Internet-based applications and services, Google, social media, internet, Facebook

The Apple Watch and our cyborg future

My first week of wearing the Apple Watch has transformed my thinking about the direction of mobile and wearable computing.

By Mike Elgan | 12 May, 2015 00:36

Tags: Apple, consumer electronics, Wearables

10 ways to fix Google+

Google+ turns four next month.

By Mike Elgan | 04 May, 2015 20:35

Tags: Internet-based applications and services, Google, twitter, social media, internet

How new haptics tech will move you

Now that the Apple Watch is finally out in the wild, millions will be experiencing the next big thing for user interfaces. Call it "haptics plus."

By Mike Elgan | 27 April, 2015 20:34

Tags: popular science, Apple, emerging technology

Inside Apple's future iPhone camera

I've got an iPhone 6 Plus, and there's no getting around an obvious fact: The camera is pretty great.

By Mike Elgan | 21 April, 2015 02:02

Tags: galaxy, Apple, consumer electronics, smartphones, beca, iPhone, Apple iOS

Why floors, walls and ceilings are the next interface

It's a cliché to say that in the past few decades "everything has become computerized" and that the power and quality of our computers has increased massively.

By Mike Elgan | 11 April, 2015 21:22

Tags: popular science, emerging technology, Lumo

Three lies about Google Glass

Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt shocked everyone last week by telling The Wall Street Journal that Google isn't killing Google Glass.

By Mike Elgan | 06 April, 2015 05:04

Tags: consumer electronics, Google, The Wall Street Journal, beca, wall street journal, Wearables

Why Facebook Messenger will fail as a 'platform'

Now we know why Facebook ripped Messenger out of the mobile version of the Facebook app last April: Messenger was destined to become a "platform" in its own right, complete with an API and developer program to help and encourage software companies to make Facebook Messenger-specific apps.

By Mike Elgan | 28 March, 2015 22:08

Tags: Line, Internet-based applications and services, WeChat, ESPN, social media, internet, Facebook

Inside Apple's gigantic Apple Watch rollout

The Apple Watch may or may not be an impressive piece of design or technology. But one thing is certain: Apple's preparations for retail sales of the watch are amazing.

By Mike Elgan | 24 March, 2015 00:18

Tags: Apple, consumer electronics, Wearables

Understanding the Meerkat live-streaming magic

You're going to be hearing a lot about a new app called Meerkat.

By Mike Elgan | 16 March, 2015 05:00

Tags: Internet-based applications and services, Apple, twitter, social media, internet, video, mobile apps

Four incredible smartphone camera technologies

Mobile World Congress this week ushered in a range of trends, including home automation, car automation and 5G.

By Mike Elgan | 07 March, 2015 23:13

Tags: consumer electronics, Flir, Personal Technology

Confessions of a technobiophiliac

Smartphone makers like Apple, Samsung and others have flirted with different materials to make their smartphones -- metal, plastic, even glass front and back with the iPhone 4 line.

By Mike Elgan | 28 February, 2015 23:12

Tags: Motorola, Apple, consumer electronics, Google, Lenovo, Personal Technology

Tech toys train tots for a troubling tomorrow

Toys always reflect the larger culture -- its biases, fears and, most of all, its technology. New York's Toy Fair 2015 happened this week, and the latest round of new tech toys is bringing some of the most disturbing tech trends to children.

By Mike Elgan | 24 February, 2015 06:28

Tags: Apple, consumer electronics, Google, Microsoft

Why Apple is the most successful company in history

Everyone knows that Apple had a great fourth quarter and that its most successful product line, the iPhone, is doing better than ever, too.

By Mike Elgan | 17 February, 2015 04:21

Tags: business issues, Apple, financial results, apple mac

Protect yourself from hackers and the NSA

The downside of email, chat, text and messaging apps is that they make you feel like you're communicating privately, with only the intended recipients. And that your messages are private. Until they're not.

By Mike Elgan | 07 February, 2015 23:07

Tags: data security, security, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Sony Pictures, sony, data protection

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