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The hottest trend in mobile: going offline!

The consumer electronics industry has spent the last 20 years making everything connect wirelessly to the Internet -- from PCs to TVs, cameras to speakers.

By Mike Elgan | 24 May, 2014 21:13

Tags: wireless networking, Mobile/Wireless, consumer electronics, Networking, wireless, smartphones, mobile

How Tom Wheeler's FCC plan will wreck your Internet

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler's proposal is brilliant because it takes the U.S. as far away from net neutrality as possible by presenting the killing of net neutrality and making it sound like the opposite.

By Mike Elgan | 17 May, 2014 21:06

Tags: Gov't Legislation/Regulation, telecommunication, Federal Communications Commission, regulation, government, Government/Industries, broadband

The rise of vagueness as a service

An unexpected trend is emerging in technology. Information presented to the user is growing vague. Columnist Mike Elgan explains why.

By Mike Elgan | 10 May, 2014 21:10

Tags: Internet-based applications and services, Apple, social media, internet, mobile apps, Facebook

Inside Facebook's brilliant plan to hog your data

Facebook's Anonymous Login is designed to create scarcity in the user data market, which increases the value of that data, and forces more small companies to get that data through Facebook's ad network, rather than from the users directly.

By Mike Elgan | 03 May, 2014 21:09

Tags: Anonymous, Internet-based applications and services, social media, internet, mobile apps, Facebook

Why the social networks are falling apart

The social networks are falling apart -- breaking up into multiple sites and apps that do in a scattered way what used to happen centrally.

By Mike Elgan | 26 April, 2014 21:19

Tags: Internet-based applications and services, Google, social media, internet, mobile apps, Facebook

3 privacy violations you shouldn't worry about

In the past few years, the public has been confronted with hitherto unimaginable levels of personal privacy invasions.

By Mike Elgan | 22 April, 2014 00:20

Tags: online safety, security, nsa

Brace yourself, here comes the mobile appsplosion

Companies are engaged in a kind of arms race with competitors to see how many apps they can get everyone to use. But this aggressive push for more apps is going to end up giving users app fatigue.

By Mike Elgan | 12 April, 2014 21:20

Tags: Mobile/Wireless, dropbox, Networking, wireless, smartphones, None, mobile, mobile apps, Facebook, WhatsApp, consumer electronics, Instagram

Four reasons Microsoft is a new company

There's no question that today's Microsoft is a whole new company. Many of the changes announced under the leadership of CEO Satya Nadella were initiated under his predecessor, Steve Ballmer. But it's clear that it's a whole new Microsoft.

By Mike Elgan | 05 April, 2014 22:24

Tags: applications, Microsoft, smartphones, hardware systems, Windows, tablets, software, operating systems, Windows Phone, Apple, consumer electronics

Why Twitter, Facebook, Google and Amazon want to be each other

It was a loony week in Silicon Valley. Four major technology companies announced expensive and risky programs to become less like themselves and more like their competitors.

By Mike Elgan | 29 March, 2014 22:04

Tags: Internet-based applications and services, retail, Emerging Technologies, hardware systems, twitter, industry verticals, social media, internet, Facebook

15 mysteries about the Moto 360 smartwatch

We've seen pictures and videos of Motorola's round smartwatch. But the most important facts are still unknown, and Mike Elgan has a lot of questions.

By Mike Elgan | 22 March, 2014 11:09

Tags: Motorola, Mobile/Wireless, Networking, wireless, qualcomm, mobile, Personal Technology, intel, consumer electronics, htc, Google, broadcom

Ready for your electronic tattoo?

Electronic tattoos are the ultimate wearable computer. There's no telling what a patch of electronics stuck to your body somewhere and connected wirelessly to a smartphone can do once app developers get involved.

By Mike Elgan | 15 March, 2014 11:03

Tags: Motorola, Mobile/Wireless, Emerging Technologies, Networking, wireless, hardware systems, Lenovo, mobile, Personal Technology, consumer electronics, Google

How do you feel? Your phone may soon tell you

A variety of projects unveiled in the past year aim to give mobile apps the ability to instantly detect a person's emotional state.

By Mike Elgan | 08 March, 2014 12:06

Tags: Apple, retail, Google, Emerging Technologies, hardware systems, industry verticals, mobile apps

Secure smartphones are nice, but not enough

In the past week, two new ultra secure smartphones have been in the news. One is called the Blackphone. The other is called the Black phone. The difference in their names is a space. Here's what we know about the two most secure smartphones ever created.

By Mike Elgan | 01 March, 2014 12:08

Tags: consumer electronics, security, mobile security, smartphones, government, Government/Industries

Google phone project could transform smartphones

A slew of cool new smartphones are expected to debut at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. But Google has already unveiled what is almost certainly the most interesting phone of the year.

By Mike Elgan | 24 February, 2014 15:12

Tags: consumer electronics, Google, smartphones

How mobile apps are changing fast food

The world of fast food is getting faster - and redefining the future of mobile payments. Just look at what several US fast food retailers, including Taco Bell and Chipotle, are doing.

By Mike Elgan | 15 February, 2014 12:07

Tags: Taco Bell, consumer electronics, mobile payments, smartphones, mobile apps

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