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Social networking just got real

In the 1995 sci-fi thriller Virtuosity, starring Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe, the virtual bad guy from a supercomputer crime simulator (played by Crowe), managed to escape the world of software and make it into the real world as a nano-tech self-generating Android. That's a far-fetched premise, but Virtuosity was a great movie anyway.

Are biometric ID tools evil?

Fingerprint readers, iris scanners, palm vein scanners, facial recognition systems and more -- biometric ID tools are going mainstream. But will the mainstream go biometric?

Opinion: Why Acer is wrong about Microsoft Surface

Acer's CEO tells Microsoft to 'think twice' about building tablets because it's "not something you are good at." Columnist Mike Elgan says the CEO should think twice about his statement, because he is wrong.

Elgan: Facebook's Summer of Fail

Facebook's stock price is in the toilet and critics want Zuckerberg to quit. But first, the bad news.

In depth: A new app lets you send pictures via sound

Columnist Mike Elgan finds a new app called Chirp that could revolutionize how we all communicate and share data.

Opinion: Why the mini-tablet is the children's toy of the year

Small touch tablets will utterly dominate holiday gift sales to children this year, and will become as much a part of kids' culture as Barbie and LEGO, write columnist Mike Elgan.

Opinion: I'm a digital nomad (and so are you)

New technology enables almost everyone reading this to live and work with more freedom and flexibility. Are you missing the boat?

Opinion: Why small tablets will dominate the tablet market

Big tablets like the iPad will always be popular, especially among high-end buyers. But the future belongs to smaller, cheaper tablets like the Google Nexus 7 and the upcoming mini iPad, says columnist Mike Elgan.

Google announces social sharing done right

The upcoming Google+ History will prepare your content for sharing, but holds it in a private space until you choose to share it. It's how social networking should work, writes columnist Mike Elgan.

In depth: Siri, how do I feel?

Apple, Google and Microsoft are all working on technologies that can read the emotions on our faces. These tools will make our computers and phones more capable and more 'human.' They will also help advertisers target us more effectively.

Opinion: Why Microsoft should make its own tablets (and phones and PCs)

It looks like Microsoft plans to build and sell its own tablets, competing with its own partners. Great idea!

Elgan: When bad tech ideas don't fail

The world of technology and startups generates some amazingly brilliant ideas. But it also produces some amazingly bad ones. If only they would fail earlier, faster and more often.

Opinion: Robots will soon deliver pizza

Google, as well as car companies and universities are making incredible advances in the technology for self-driving cars, and that technology will enable the robot revolution.

Inside Apple's secret plan to kill the cash register

If you've ever been to a store, you know the drill: Browse the merchandise, pick something, carry it to the checkout counter, maybe wait in line, pay, then walk out with your purchases and a receipt.

How I publish from Google+

Technology broadcaster Leo Laporte had me on his show, This Week in Tech (TWiT), recently. I mentioned that I publish all over the Internet automatically from my Google+ stream.

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