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15 mysteries about the Moto 360 smartwatch

We've seen pictures and videos of Motorola's round smartwatch. But the most important facts are still unknown, and Mike Elgan has a lot of questions.

By Mike Elgan | 22 March, 2014 11:09

Tags: Motorola, Mobile/Wireless, Networking, wireless, qualcomm, mobile, Personal Technology, intel, consumer electronics, htc, Google, broadcom

Ready for your electronic tattoo?

Electronic tattoos are the ultimate wearable computer. There's no telling what a patch of electronics stuck to your body somewhere and connected wirelessly to a smartphone can do once app developers get involved.

By Mike Elgan | 15 March, 2014 11:03

Tags: Motorola, Mobile/Wireless, Emerging Technologies, Networking, wireless, hardware systems, Lenovo, mobile, Personal Technology, consumer electronics, Google

How do you feel? Your phone may soon tell you

A variety of projects unveiled in the past year aim to give mobile apps the ability to instantly detect a person's emotional state.

By Mike Elgan | 08 March, 2014 12:06

Tags: Apple, retail, Google, Emerging Technologies, hardware systems, industry verticals, mobile apps

Secure smartphones are nice, but not enough

In the past week, two new ultra secure smartphones have been in the news. One is called the Blackphone. The other is called the Black phone. The difference in their names is a space. Here's what we know about the two most secure smartphones ever created.

By Mike Elgan | 01 March, 2014 12:08

Tags: consumer electronics, security, mobile security, smartphones, government, Government/Industries

Google phone project could transform smartphones

A slew of cool new smartphones are expected to debut at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. But Google has already unveiled what is almost certainly the most interesting phone of the year.

By Mike Elgan | 24 February, 2014 15:12

Tags: consumer electronics, Google, smartphones

How mobile apps are changing fast food

The world of fast food is getting faster - and redefining the future of mobile payments. Just look at what several US fast food retailers, including Taco Bell and Chipotle, are doing.

By Mike Elgan | 15 February, 2014 12:07

Tags: Taco Bell, consumer electronics, mobile payments, smartphones, mobile apps

Why wearable computing is waiting for A.I.

This week, Google Glass got a new app called 'Refresh' that seems small, but it represents the future of wearable computing.

By Mike Elgan | 08 February, 2014 12:07

Tags: Mobile/Wireless, Emerging Technologies, Networking, wireless, beca, hardware systems, mobile, Personal Technology, Pebble, Apple, consumer electronics, Google

How 'Lenovorola' changes the mobile world

Google is selling Motorola to Lenovo. The deal makes Google better, Lenovo bigger and Motorola gets a new lease on life.

By Mike Elgan | 01 February, 2014 12:18

Tags: Arris, Motorola, Mobile/Wireless, IT industry, Networking, wireless, smartphones, Motorola Mobility, Lenovo, mobile, consumer electronics, Google

Why Facebook and Google+ are headed in opposite directions

The two major social sites, Facebook and Google+, are embracing opposite strategies for the future, but they are heading to the same place: To add social intelligence to everything you do.

By Mike Elgan | 25 January, 2014 12:22

Tags: Internet-based applications and services, Instagram, Google, twitter, social media, internet, mobile apps, Facebook

Three big trends converge at CES

Lifelogging and lifestreaming got a boost from wearable computing and the quantified self at International CES this week. Welcome to the future.

By Mike Elgan | 11 January, 2014 12:08

Tags: Mobile/Wireless, consumer electronics, Emerging Technologies, Networking, wireless, hardware systems, mobile, Personal Technology, sony

Is Apple's 13-in. iPad a desktop for kids?

Rumors about Apple building a very large iPad have been unavoidable for seven months. But does a giant iPad make sense?

By Mike Elgan | 28 December, 2013 12:03

Tags: Apple, ios, hardware systems, desktop pcs, tablets, software, operating systems, PCs

Why 2014 is the 'year of smart glasses'

In the technology press, every year is the year of this and the year of that. Much of this kind of prediction is based on expectations or wishful thinking and is essentially meaningless.

By Mike Elgan | 23 December, 2013 15:08

Tags: consumer electronics, Google

Forget Amazon; I want a drone of my own

Governments and businesses are getting flying robots. But when will personal drones fly into our lives? Columnist Mike Elgan wants one.

By Mike Elgan | 14 December, 2013 13:02

Tags: Mobile/Wireless, consumer electronics, Google, Emerging Technologies, Networking, wireless, hardware systems, mobile, Personal Technology

Are your smartphone apps selling you out?

Apple's App Store, Google's Play store and other app stores are packed with apps that can compromise your security and privacy without you ever knowing anything bad happened. What's a mobile app user to do?

By Mike Elgan | 07 December, 2013 12:04

Tags: security, The Wall Street Journal, application security, Access control and authentication, wall street journal, privacy, mobile apps, Blackberry, Apple, Federal Trade Commission

Why smartphone food photos look horrible

Martha Stewart wants to show you horrible pictures of nauseating-looking food for some reason. Mike Elgan finds this personally vexing.

By Mike Elgan | 30 November, 2013 11:52

Tags: HP, consumer electronics, smartphones, twitter, Personal Technology

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