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Samsung and Qualcomm fail to launch the smartwatch revolution

The Samsung Galaxy Gear and the Qualcomm Toq are not starting smartwatch revolution you've been waiting for, writes Mike Elgan. Not to worry though, a flood of devices are coming next year.

By Mike Elgan | 07 September, 2013 11:07

Tags: Mobile/Wireless, consumer electronics, Emerging Technologies, Networking, wireless, hardware systems, qualcomm, mobile, Personal Technology, sony

Why are virtual assistant apps so shy?

The tech industry has been promising apps that interrupt us with important contextual information for two years. So where are they?

By Mike Elgan | 31 August, 2013 11:12

Tags: Apple, applications, Emerging Technologies, hardware systems, software, mobile apps

Why you plug gadgets into the wall like a Neanderthal

In the future, phones, tablets and wearable computing gadgets won't come with chargers - they'll use inductive chargers built into desks, kitchen counters, bedside tables, cars and other surfaces.

By Mike Elgan | 24 August, 2013 10:46

Tags: Mobile/Wireless, consumer electronics, Networking, Mobile device management, wireless, smartphones, mobile

What wearable computing is really all about

Wearable computing gadgets aren't toys for lazy geeks or harbingers of a dystopian future. Here's why you're going to love wearable computing.

By Mike Elgan | 17 August, 2013 11:12

Tags: Mobile/Wireless, consumer electronics, Google, Emerging Technologies, Networking, wireless, hardware systems, mobile, Personal Technology

So what's wrong with being tracked by advertisers?

Companies are getting more aggressive about using your phone to track you and then send you location-based mobile ads. So what?

By Mike Elgan | 11 August, 2013 01:23

Tags: Internet-based applications and services, consumer electronics, security, smartphones, social media, internet, privacy, mobile apps

The Moto X represents the future of everything

The Moto X is a revolutionary smartphone that will push everyday voice interaction with an artificial intelligence virtual assistant into the mainstream.

By Mike Elgan | 05 August, 2013 08:17

Tags: Apple, consumer electronics, Google, Emerging Technologies, smartphones, hardware systems, Android

The joy of glogging

Columnist Mike Elgan tries out the new Google Glass eyewear and uses 'glogging,' a new social medium for sharing experiences that takes blogging to a new level.

By Mike Elgan | 27 July, 2013 11:10

Tags: Internet-based applications and services, Mobile/Wireless, Networking, Tumblr, wireless, mobile, Personal Technology, Path, social media, internet, Facebook, consumer electronics, Google, twitter

Why the mob rules

Many of today's hottest products do something similar -- they get their value from the collective actions of users. Mike Elgan explains why crowdsourcing and all that user data is so successful and valuable.

By Mike Elgan | 20 July, 2013 11:08

Tags: Internet-based applications and services, Mobile/Wireless, Networking, wireless, Kickstarter, Tracker, location-based services, mobile, social media, internet

Opinion: Why the new 'superphones' really are super

These phones have features that radically exceed not only those of other phones but also those of other consumer devices. That's why they are dubbed 'superphones'.

By Mike Elgan | 13 July, 2013 11:09

Tags: Mobile/Wireless, consumer electronics, Networking, smartphones, Nokia, wireless, mobile

What kind of crazy scheme is Motorola hatching?

Motorola and Google say in a new ad their upcoming Moto X phone will be designed by users. How will you design your own smartphone? And why would Google let you do this?

By Mike Elgan | 06 July, 2013 11:08

Tags: Motorola, Mobile/Wireless, consumer electronics, Google, Networking, wireless, smartphones, Android, mobile

Finally! A full-featured 'phablet'

Phablets (phones + tablets) need wearable devices to make them powerful and mainstream, as well as acceptable in business. Here's one company that understands this.

By Mike Elgan | 29 June, 2013 11:12

Tags: Mobile/Wireless, consumer electronics, Networking, wireless, smartphones, hardware systems, tablets, mobile, sony

Opinion: How to run your own NSA spy program

The ideas behind the NSA's spy program are built into a wide variety of tools available to everybody. W We walk you through the steps for building your very own PRISM-like program.

By Mike Elgan | 22 June, 2013 11:15

Tags: security, cyberwarfare, CIO, Facebook, privacy

How super high-def displays change everything

The new super high-resolution screens bring beauty, clarity and precision to our work and play, writes columnist Mike Elgan. Are they worth the extra money? Definitely.

By Mike Elgan | 15 June, 2013 11:13

Tags: Emerging Technologies, hardware systems, Macintosh, laptops, sony, acer, Archos, Dell, Apple, Computer Peripherals, Google

Opinion: How Microsoft could rule consumer electronics

Microsoft has everything it needs to beat Apple and Google and rule consumer electronics. What it lacks is the will to ship that technology to consumers and provide people with a compelling, breathtaking and wonderful vision of the future.

By Mike Elgan | 08 June, 2013 11:12

Tags: hardware, consumer electronics, Microsoft, hardware systems, Nokia, desktop pcs, Personal Technology, PCs

The social network wars are over. The winner: email!

With every new social network and social service, with every new instant and not-so-instant way to communicate, email rises in importance. Columnist Mile Elgan explains how innovation has transformed email into the best social network.

By Mike Elgan | 01 June, 2013 11:17

Tags: web apps, Internet-based applications and services, social business, Google, twitter, Path, social media, internet, Facebook, Pinterest

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