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Telstra to kill 2G services

Telstra will shut down its GSM network by the end of 2016, the telco's group managing director of networks has revealed.

By Rohan Pearce | 23 July, 2014 13:16

Tags: telecoms, mobility, mobile phones, smartphones, Telstra, Telecommunications

NSW revamps open data repository

The New South Wales government has launched a revamped open data repository.

By Rohan Pearce | 22 July, 2014 11:19

Tags: nsw, open data

NBN Co launches stop-gap satellite service

NBN Co has begun accepting registrations for its subsidised satellite broadband service. The new service is designed to connect the 9000 households and businesses in remote areas of Australia that are currently unable to access NBN Co’s Interim Satellite Service.

By Rohan Pearce | 22 July, 2014 10:15

Tags: national broadband network, nbn co, National Broadband Network (NBN), Long Term Satellite Service

Data retention: iiNet raises spectre of ‘surveillance tax’ for ISP customers

Internet service provider iiNet has hit out at confirmation that the government is actively considering a mandatory data retention scheme under which ISPs and telcos may be forced to keep records on their customers’ online activities.

By Rohan Pearce | 21 July, 2014 13:57

Tags: civil liberties, George Brandis, security, data retention, Steve Dalby, iiNet, privacy

Finish line approaches for Hyundai virtual desktop rollout

Hyundai's Australian subsidiary is close to completing a company-wide VDI rollout. Head of IT at Hyundai Motor Company Australia, Bala Kothandaraman, said that virtual desktops had been rolled out to around 45 per cent of the organisation's 200 end users, with the remainder to transition in two months.

By Rohan Pearce | 18 July, 2014 14:55

Tags: virtualization, Case studies, Nutanix, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), Hyundai, Case Study, virtual desktops

Section 313 inquiry to scrutinise website blocking

The federal government has launched an inquiry into the use of Section 313 of the Telecommunications Act 1997 by government agencies to block access to websites.

By Rohan Pearce | 17 July, 2014 16:39

Tags: censorship, civil liberties, section 313, telecommunications act, internet filter

Senate's NBN committee wins second reprieve

A motion by Liberal Party Senator Cory Bernardi to replace the Senate's National Broadband Network committee and replace it with a government-dominated committee has been deferred for a second time.

By Rohan Pearce | 17 July, 2014 12:44

Tags: national broadband network, National Broadband Network (NBN), broadband

Parliamentary committee rejects Tassie FTTP push

A Coalition chaired parliamentary committee has recommended against passing legislation that would enforce the use of fibre-to-the-premises for the Tasmanian rollout of the National Broadband Network.

By Rohan Pearce | 17 July, 2014 10:25

Tags: tasmania, fibre to the premises, Networking, national broadband network, broadband

Vertigan panel sees no need to tighten NBN wholesale rules

The first report out of the NBN Panel of Experts, appointed by the government to conduct a cost-benefit analysis of the National Broadband Network, has rejected calls by telcos to further strengthen the rules that restrict NBN Co to wholesale-only operations.

By Rohan Pearce | 17 July, 2014 09:20

Tags: TPG, national broadband network, National Broadband Network (NBN), nbn co, iiNet, Vertigan review, Telstra

Brief reprieve for Senate's NBN committee

Liberal Party Senator Cory Bernardi has deferred — for a day — a motion to abolish to the Senate Select Committee on the National Broadband Network.

By Rohan Pearce | 16 July, 2014 16:00

Tags: national broadband network, National Broadband Network (NBN), broadband

Data retention 'under active consideration': Brandis

Attorney-General George Brandis has confirmed that the government is still mulling introducing mandatory data retention for telcos, but it will not be included in the first tranche of national security-related legislation being introduced in parliament today.

By Rohan Pearce | 16 July, 2014 15:40

Tags: civil liberties, surveillance, security, ASIO, data retention, hacking, privacy

Cloud, open source power TransLink's Web presence

It was an aging bespoke application that drove TransLink to seek a new content management system, but it was the strength of the community surrounding the open source project that helped the Queensland public transport agency choose Drupal.

By Rohan Pearce | 16 July, 2014 15:01

Tags: open source, content management, content managment system, drupal, TransLink

Electoral Commission bucks Senate on voting source code

The Australian Electoral Commission has refused a Senate order to reveal the underlying source code of the EasyCount software used to tabulate votes in upper house elections.

By Rohan Pearce | 16 July, 2014 08:31

Tags: elections, Australian Electoral Commission (AEC), open source, security

Concern over copyright 'super powers' in free trade agreement

The Korea-Australia Free Trade Agreement grants "super powers" to intellectual property owners, according to IP expert Dr Matthew Rimmer, an associate professor at the ANU College of Law and an Australian Research Council Future Fellow.

By Rohan Pearce | 14 July, 2014 16:27

Tags: patents, Matthew Rimmer, free trade agreement, korea, copyright, free trade, intellectual property, Korea-Australia Free Trade Agreement, copyright infringement

NBN: Lengthy wait for outcomes of FTTB, FTTN trials

The outcomes of NBN Co's trials of fibre-to-the-node (FTTN) technology will shape the future of the National Broadband Network rollout, but what exactly those outcomes are won't be known for quite some time, according to the government-owned company's CEO.

By Rohan Pearce | 11 July, 2014 16:03

Tags: Networking, national broadband network, nbn co, National Broadband Network (NBN), broadband

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