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ICANN seeks to tackle DNS namespace collision risks

As the number of top-level domains undergoes explosive growth, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is studying ways to reduce the risk of traffic intended for internal network destinations ending up on the Internet via the Domain Name System.

By Rohan Pearce | 27 February, 2014 13:19

Tags: ICANN, Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, gTLD, security, domain names

ASIC looks to flash to accelerate virtual desktops

The Australian Securities and Investment Commission intends to invest in flash storage to remove IO bottlenecks as the agency carries out upgrade of its desktop environment.

By Rohan Pearce | 26 February, 2014 16:51

Tags: virtualization, virtualisation

Atlassian helps enterprises get Git

Atlassian has taken the wraps off a new Git-based product bundle designed for enterprises. 'Atlassian Git Essentials' bundles the company's issue tracking system, JIRA, planning tool JIRA Agile, CI tool Bamboo and Atlassian's on-premise and cloud-based source code management tools, Stash and Bitbucket.

By Rohan Pearce | 26 February, 2014 15:16

Tags: atlassian

Big data, cloud boost Linux adoption

The rise of big data, cloud computing, mobility and social media — what IDC dubs the 'third platform' — represents a big opportunity for Linux and open source more broadly, analyst Sally Parker this morning told the SUSE Open Forum in Sydney.

Telstra reduces excess data charges

Telstra has announced it will drop the price it charges customers for who exceed their monthly data quota from $0.10 per megabyte to $0.03.

By Rohan Pearce | 20 February, 2014 16:52

Tags: Telstra

iiNet corners 25% of the NBN market

iiNet had a quarter of the National Broadband Network market in the six months to December, according to the Internet service provider's half-year results presentation today.

By Rohan Pearce | 20 February, 2014 10:51

Tags: TransAct, Adam Internet, national broadband network, National Broadband Network (NBN), iiNet

Immigration department engages KPMG to investigate data leak

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection will engage KPMG to investigate how a confidential file containing the personal details of asylum seekers held in detention, including their names, country of origin and date of arrival, was exposed to public access through the department's website.

By Rohan Pearce | 20 February, 2014 08:48

Tags: security, privacy

Microsoft unveils Bing Code Search

Microsoft has launched a new plug-in for Visual Studio 2013 that lets developers search for code snippets from within the IDE.

By Rohan Pearce | 19 February, 2014 10:24

Tags: visual studio, Microsoft

Tas Labor pushes free Wi-FI, Bass Strait fibre study

Tasmanian Labor this morning unveiled a tech-heavy assortment of policies ahead of the 15 March Tasmanian election, including a study into more optical fibre across Bass Strait, free Wi-Fi hotspots and a commitment to open data.

By Rohan Pearce | 18 February, 2014 15:34

Tags: tasmania, national broadband network

Labor offers free access to Aurora infrastructure for NBN

If Labor wins the 15 March Tasmanian election NBN Co will have free access to the infrastructure of electricity network provider Aurora to roll out fibre, under a policy launched by Premier Lara Giddings today.

By Rohan Pearce | 18 February, 2014 13:46

Tags: tasmania, national broadband network, broadband

Attorney-General mulls website takedowns, warning system to tackle piracy

The federal government "will be considering possible mechanisms to provide a legal incentive for an internet service provider to cooperate with copyright owners in preventing infringement on their systems and networks," Attorney-General George Brandis told a forum on copyright this morning.

By Rohan Pearce | 14 February, 2014 13:09

Tags: bittorrent, copyright, iiNet, piracy

SA Police roll out Android-powered fingerprint scanners

Following the conclusion in November of a trial of 20 mobile fingerprint scanners in South Australia, the devices are being rolled out to police in the state.

By Rohan Pearce | 14 February, 2014 11:50

Tags: civil liberties, Android, privacy

Queensland Police to map crime scenes with 3D scanner

Police in Queensland will employ a CSIRO-developed 3D scanner to map crime scenes, the state government announced today.

By Rohan Pearce | 13 February, 2014 15:50

Tags: CSIRO, police, queensland

Optus registers 26% jump in ICT revenue

Optus Business revenue increased 2.4 per cent to $378 million in the December quarter despite declines in data and voice revenue, the telco reported today. The biggest increase was in ICT and managed services, with revenue jumping 26 per cent to $126 million.

By Rohan Pearce | 13 February, 2014 11:02

Tags: telecoms, optus

Exetel marks 10th anniversary as ISP with new direction

Exetel is marking its 10th year of operations as an Internet service provider by streamlining its plans and launching a rebranding campaign.

By Rohan Pearce | 12 February, 2014 17:51

Tags: Exetel

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