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Google brings robust cluster scheduling to its Cloud

Google is drawing from the work of the open-source community to offer its cloud customers a service to better manage their clusters of virtual servers.

By Joab Jackson | 19 August, 2014 04:56

Tags: Google, applications, software, data mining

TPC takes the measure of big data systems

Comparing commercial Hadoop big data-styled analysis systems might get a little easier, thanks to a new benchmark from the Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC).

By Joab Jackson | 19 August, 2014 01:01

Tags: applications, Transaction Performance Council, software, data mining, data warehousing

Harvard unleashes a swarm of self-organising robots

The robot uprising must surely be close at hand, as Ivy League scientists are diligently working to give machines the ability to collaborate with themselves without intervention from the humans.

By Joab Jackson | 15 August, 2014 05:58

Tags: popular science, harvard university

Docker gets a GitHub-like repository from CoreOS

Chasing the successful hosting model of GitHub, Linux distributor CoreOS has set up an online repository where organizations can store and share their Docker containers.

By Joab Jackson | 14 August, 2014 03:00

Tags: CoreOS, virtualization, Linux, open source, software, operating systems

Microsoft Patch Tuesday focuses on Internet Explorer

Microsoft has issued 29 patches for its Internet Explorer browser, including one fixing a critical vulnerability that would allow a remote attacker to gain access to a computer from over the Internet.

By Joab Jackson | 13 August, 2014 06:29

Tags: security, Microsoft, qualys

Dell bundles backup software, eyes further development

Dell is organizing the backup software products that it has acquired in the past two years into a coherent portfolio, bundling three of its storage software products into a single package to simplify licensing for the enterprise.

By Joab Jackson | 13 August, 2014 04:39

Tags: Dell, storage, Storage Management

IBM focuses on identity management with Lighthouse buy

IBM has purchased Lighthouse Security Group and plans to combine it with another recent acquisition to build a set of identity management software and services.

By Joab Jackson | 12 August, 2014 03:08

Tags: business issues, security, IBM, Mergers and acquisitions

Google's latest big-data tool, Mesa, aims for speed

Google has found a way to stretch a data warehouse across multiple data centers, using an architecture its engineers developed that could pave the way for much larger, more reliable and more responsive cloud-based analysis systems.

By Joab Jackson | 09 August, 2014 04:55

Tags: Google, applications, software, data warehousing

IBM's new brain chip could power the Internet of things

IBM has taken another step toward its ambitious goal of creating a processor that acts like a human brain, creating a second, more advanced chip that mimics the way the mammalian brain operates.

By Joab Jackson | 11 August, 2014 11:30

Tags: IBM, Components, processors

Oracle issues a virtual strongbox for enterprise encryption keys

Managing the keys of all your valuable resources, be they in the real world or the virtual, can be a hassle. Managing all the encryption keys for an entire enterprise is a harder challenge still.

By Joab Jackson | 08 August, 2014 02:50

Tags: applications, databases, security, software, encryption, Oracle

Pivotal packages a lighter Java Web application stack

Watch out Oracle, Pivotal is offering a lighter alternative to the Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) stack.

By Joab Jackson | 07 August, 2014 02:22

Tags: Development tools, application development, open source, Pivotal, middleware, software, Application servers

HP trims its cloud offer for lighter use

Hoping to lure more enterprises to its cloud, Hewlett-Packard is offering a trimmed-down basic infrastructure service for lighter workloads.

By Joab Jackson | 06 August, 2014 02:46

Tags: internet, cloud computing, Hewlett-Packard, Infrastructure services

Web acceleration protocol nears completion

When it comes to speeding up Web traffic over the Internet, sometimes too much of a good thing may not be such a good thing at all.

By Joab Jackson | 05 August, 2014 06:59

Tags: management, Languages and standards, application development, Traffic management, Google, Networking, software

MongoDB snags key Oracle engineer

Upstart NoSQL software vendor MongoDB has snagged a key engineer from the ranks of Oracle, the company's largest competitor in the database software market.

By Joab Jackson | 01 August, 2014 05:44

Tags: business issues, personnel, applications, databases, MongoDB, Roger Bamford, software, Oracle

PHP gets a formal specification, at last

Despite becoming one of the most widely used programming languages on the Web, PHP didn't have a formal specification -- until now.

By Joab Jackson | 01 August, 2014 02:56

Tags: Languages and standards, application development, software, Facebook

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