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How Instagram spots a trend

With a user base of over 200 million people, who collectively post 70 million new photographs and short videos a day, Instagram provides a timely view of events around the world that people are interested in. But how does the service spot emerging trends while they are still on the rise?

By Joab Jackson | 03 July, 2015 04:42

Tags: Development tools, application development, Instagram, software

Microsoft streamlines hybrid cloud operations with new tools

Workloads moved to the cloud must be managed properly, so Microsoft has released new tools to help system administrators bridge their in-house data centers with Azure services.

By Joab Jackson | 02 July, 2015 03:34

Tags: Microsoft, cloud computing, internet, Infrastructure services

Kyvos serves up Hadoop on cubes

What good is big data if you don't have the proper tools to make sense of it? A startup, Kyvos Insights, can transform terabytes of information stored on Hadoop clusters into easy-to-parse data cubes, the format business analysts prefer.

By Joab Jackson | 01 July, 2015 08:12

Tags: applications, software, Kyvos, business intelligence

Amazon releases open source cryptographic module

Potentially saving the world from another online security disaster like last year's Heartbleed, Amazon Web Services has released as open source a cryptographic module for securing sensitive data passing over the Internet.

By Joab Jackson | 01 July, 2015 03:03

Tags: Amazon Web Services, open source, security, Varnish, software, encryption

MIT tests 'software transplants' to fix buggy code

Like visiting a junk yard to find cheap parts for an aging vehicle, researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have come up with a way to fix buggy software by inserting working code from another program.

By Joab Jackson | 30 June, 2015 07:54

Tags: patches, security, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Exploits / vulnerabilities

Google Cloud Platform provides a home for cloud code

Users of Google's Cloud Platform services now have a convenient place to stash all the source code powering their cloud-based applications

By Joab Jackson | 27 June, 2015 02:34

Tags: Development tools, application development, Google, software

GitHub updates text editing for the modern era

Plotting to lure developers away from their much-loved but decades-old Emacs and Vi text editors, online code repository GitHub has officially launched Atom, touting it as the text editor for the modern era.

By Joab Jackson | 26 June, 2015 07:56

Tags: Development tools, application development, GitHub, software

Red Hat builds on its open source storage portfolio

Red Hat continues to make inroads into the enterprise storage software market, improving two of its core storage technologies and striking partnerships with key IT system resellers.

By Joab Jackson | 26 June, 2015 05:56

Tags: storage, Red Hat, Storage Management

Blazent brings big data to IT operations management

IT management software and services provider Blazent is putting the much-ballyhooed big data analysis to work on behalf of its enterprise customers.

By Joab Jackson | 25 June, 2015 06:20

Tags: applications, data mining, software, Blazent

Docker offers enterprise support, software for containers

Organizations wishing to explore the use of Docker containers can now tap into commercial support, as well as some new software, to help them manage the new technology.

By Joab Jackson | 24 June, 2015 06:44

Tags: Amazon Web Services, application virtualisation, Docker, IBM, Microsoft, cloud computing, virtualisation

Federal investigator to plead guilty to Silk Road robbery

The U.S. Department of Justice's conviction of Silk Road mastermind Ross Ulbricht may have been compromised by two corrupt investigators.

By Joab Jackson | 24 June, 2015 03:19

Tags: Criminal, justice department, legal

Oracle completes its stack of Cloud services (+11 photos)

Oracle has launched a number of new Cloud services that the company claims will provide enterprises with all the tools they need to run their operations in the cloud.

By Joab Jackson | 23 June, 2015 06:58

Tags: development platforms, Managed Services, Software as a service, cloud computing, internet, Infrastructure services, Oracle

IBM books CopLink into the cloud

Potentially giving smaller law enforcement agencies a hand in fighting crime, IBM has migrated its CopLink search service to the cloud, minimizing the amount of work needed to hook into the North American crime-fighting database.

By Joab Jackson | 23 June, 2015 02:30

Tags: IBM, Managed Services, cloud computing, internet

Some Google App Engine languages may not get updates

Google App Engine users may have some migration work ahead of them, because Google is contemplating not upgrading some popular programming languages currently running on the service, notably Java and Python.

By Joab Jackson | 20 June, 2015 04:03

Tags: Development tools, application development, Google, software

Facebook enhances C++ with parallel programming tool

Ever wondered how Facebook is able to assemble personalized news feeds, in real time, for any of its billion-plus users who may log in at any given moment? Now we know, because the company has just released the source code behind the magic.

By Joab Jackson | 20 June, 2015 03:52

Tags: Development tools, application development, software, Facebook

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