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Docker update speeds and organizes container deployments

With updates for both the core Docker engine and its registry software, Docker has endeavored to make its popular software container technology faster to deploy and easier to manage.

By Joab Jackson | 18 April, 2015 04:39

Tags: application virtualization, Docker, virtualization

Google takes on real-time big data analysis with new cloud services

Google is betting that real-time processing is the future of big data analysis, and has updated two of its cloud services to help enterprises understand what is happening in the moment with their customers and operations.

By Joab Jackson | 17 April, 2015 02:58

Tags: Google, Managed Services, cloud computing, internet

Microsoft makes debugging PHP less painful with new Azure tool

Microsoft is equipping its Azure cloud service with a tool to debug PHP-based Web applications that are running on the platform.

By Joab Jackson | 16 April, 2015 04:01

Tags: application development, Web services development, Microsoft, Andi Gutmans, development platforms, software, Zend Technologies, cloud computing, internet, Development tools

Percona expands into NoSQL turf with TokuDB purchase

Expanding from its roots as a MySQL software vendor, Percona has also added the MongoDB to the roster of open source databases it supports, thanks to its acquisition of open source database software specialist Tokutek.

By Joab Jackson | 15 April, 2015 07:00

Tags: business issues, Percona, Mergers and acquisitions

Microsoft Patch Tuesday: The patches just keep coming

For Microsoft, the vulnerabilities just keep popping up, and appear to be surfacing more quickly than ever before.

By Joab Jackson | 15 April, 2015 06:12

Tags: Microsoft, security, Exploits / vulnerabilities

MIT's Picture language could be worth a thousand lines of code

Now that machine-learning algorithms are moving into mainstream computing, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is preparing a way to make it easier to use the technique in everyday programming.

By Joab Jackson | 15 April, 2015 03:24

Tags: Development tools, application development, Languages and standards, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, software

Pivotal sets the stage for open-source in-memory computing

Following through on a promise to open-source its data analysis software, Pivotal has released the source code that powers its GemFire in-memory database.

By Joab Jackson | 13 April, 2015 14:01

Tags: applications, databases, Pivotal, software

Amazon offers network file storage in the cloud

Amazon Web Services continues to chip away at the enterprise storage market, with plans for a new service designed to be a nimbler alternative to network attached storage (NAS) appliances.

By Joab Jackson | 10 April, 2015 06:53

Tags: Amazon Web Services, security, mobile security, data protection

In a mock cyberattack, Deloitte teaches the whole business how to respond

A security breach or big data loss can trigger an emergency for the entire business, not just for the IT or security teams, so staffers from multiple departments must know how to react quickly and effectively in such situations.

By Joab Jackson | 09 April, 2015 08:26

Tags: Deloitte, security, business management

Microsoft creates a container for Windows

Hoping to build on the success of Docker-based Linux containers, Microsoft has developed a container technology to run on its Windows Server operating system.

By Joab Jackson | 09 April, 2015 03:56

Tags: application virtualization, virtualization, Server Virtualization, Microsoft

Embarcadero moves RAD Studio beyond Windows

Software development is moving beyond the desktop computer. With this in mind, Embarcadero has strengthened its flagship Windows RAD Studio IDE (integrated development environment) to better help build mobile apps and software for Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

By Joab Jackson | 08 April, 2015 07:04

Tags: Development tools, application development, Embarcadero, software

Oracle brings Big Data back to database administrators

Now that many enterprises are seeing value in Big Data analysis, it may be time for their database administrators and data warehouse managers to get involved.

By Joab Jackson | 07 April, 2015 07:24

Tags: applications, data mining, software, Oracle

Etsy borrows some HipHop help from Facebook

After borrowing Facebook open source code for running PHP programs more efficiently, Etsy won't need to grow its data center footprint this year, saving it from a significant expense.

By Joab Jackson | 07 April, 2015 03:03

Tags: Internet-based applications and services, application development, Languages and standards, Etsy, software, social media, internet, Facebook, Development tools

Instagram gives Apple Watch developers a hand

With the Apple Watch set for release on April 24, third-party application developers are rushing to write extensions that can run on the device. Now Instagram is sharing some code it wrote for its own app to help others.

By Joab Jackson | 04 April, 2015 06:45

Tags: Development tools, Apple, application development, consumer electronics, Instagram, software, accessories

Enterprise bank accounts targeted in new malware attack

A combination of new malware and old-fashioned social engineering has been used to rob companies of more than US$1 million, according to a new study from IBM.

By Joab Jackson | 04 April, 2015 04:10

Tags: IBM, security, malware

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