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IBM Watson cooks up some new dishes

When not busy helping to find new treatments for cancer, IBM Watson is helping to cook up a few new dishes as well.

By Joab Jackson | 30 August, 2014 06:59

Tags: popular science, applications, IBM, software, data mining, internet, cloud computing, Software as a service

Paging Dr. Watson, IBM's medical adviser for the future

IBM continues to make the case for the nascent field of cognitive computing, showing off some Watson prototypes that could help speed scientific discovery in the medical field, by scanning large volumes of literature and data far more quickly then humans can, and suggesting possible leads.

By Joab Jackson | 29 August, 2014 07:39

Tags: popular science, applications, IBM, software, data mining, internet, cloud computing, Software as a service

IBM Watson now answers your questions before you ask

IBM has upgraded its Watson Discovery Advisor data analysis service so it can answer your questions before you even ask.

By Joab Jackson | 28 August, 2014 12:02

Tags: applications, IBM, data mining, software

Microsoft frees Visual Studio Online for occasional contributors

Responding to the growth of enterprise software development teams, Microsoft will allow occasional contributors to access the Visual Studio Online project development environment at no cost.

By Joab Jackson | 28 August, 2014 01:45

Tags: Development tools, application development, Microsoft, software, internet, cloud computing, Software as a service

VMworld 2014: VMware extends virtual workspaces to mobile devices

VMware has assembled a package that combines its desktop virtualisation software with its tools for managing mobile devices, giving administrators a unified suite to manage all of their end-users' application requirements.

By Joab Jackson | 27 August, 2014 07:12

Tags: virtualization, vmworld, VMware

Google buys Zync for large scale cloud rendering

To beef up its cloud platform with more specialized packages, Google is acquiring Zync for its large scale rendering service for movie special effects, called Zync Render.

By Joab Jackson | 27 August, 2014 03:19

Tags: Google, Zync, internet, cloud computing, Infrastructure services

VMworld 2014: Be brave and partner, says Gelsinger

"Brave" is the current watchword for virtualization software giant VMware.

By Joab Jackson | 26 August, 2014 06:45

Tags: application virtualization, virtualization, Server Virtualization, vmworld, VMware

VMware prepares OpenStack for enterprise use

VMware wants to bring enterprise-class reliability to OpenStack by releasing a distribution of cloud hosting software that runs on top of the virtualization stack.

By Joab Jackson | 25 August, 2014 22:03

Tags: open source, Server Virtualization, software, virtualisation, vmworld, VMware

Microsoft jumps into NoSQL market with new Azure data store

Jumping into the growing NoSQL market, Microsoft has debuted a simple data store through the Azure cloud hosting service.

By Joab Jackson | 22 August, 2014 06:29

Tags: applications, databases, Microsoft, software, internet, cloud computing

NIST taking input for mobile security guidelines

The U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is developing a guide for testing third-party apps to ensure that they are secure and don't introduce any vulnerabilities.

By Joab Jackson | 22 August, 2014 06:03

Tags: security, mobile security, U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology

VMware acquires CloudVolumes for faster virtual app delivery

Extending its desktop virtualization stack, VMware has acquired CloudVolumes, a 3-year-old startup that developed software for delivering virtualized applications on the fly.

By Joab Jackson | 21 August, 2014 08:02

Tags: business issues, Mergers and acquisitions, VMware

R programming language gaining ground on traditional statistics packages

The R programming language is quickly gaining popular ground against the traditional statistics packages such as SPSS, SAS and MATLAB, at least according to one data statistician who teaches the language.

By Joab Jackson | 21 August, 2014 03:38

Tags: Revolution Analytics, Languages and standards, application development, IBM, software

How Michael Gregoire plans to put CA back on track

What's new at CA Technologies? Turns out the company has been quietly trying to reinvent itself as a top provider of enterprise products for managing cloud services and mobile devices, extending its expertise beyond in-house IT management.

By Joab Jackson | 20 August, 2014 08:08

Tags: CA Technologies, business issues, personnel

Google brings robust cluster scheduling to its Cloud

Google is drawing from the work of the open-source community to offer its cloud customers a service to better manage their clusters of virtual servers.

By Joab Jackson | 19 August, 2014 04:56

Tags: Google, applications, software, data mining

TPC takes the measure of big data systems

Comparing commercial Hadoop big data-styled analysis systems might get a little easier, thanks to a new benchmark from the Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC).

By Joab Jackson | 19 August, 2014 01:01

Tags: applications, Transaction Performance Council, software, data mining, data warehousing

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