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In Pictures: How to spot and avoid installing potentially unwanted programs

Options that trick you into installing potentially unwanted programs are common during the setup of free tools and programs. Here's how to spot them and keep them off your system.

By Lincoln Spector | 03 July, 2014 08:01

Tags: slideshow, security, software

Can you put an SSD and HDD in a laptop?

After reading The Best of Both Worlds: An SSD and a HDD, George McCluney asked if it's possible to combine both drives on a laptop.

By Lincoln Spector | 15 September, 2011 01:16

Tags: SSD, Drives, storage

Watch out for rogues

MikeWik's PC got infected with rogue malware. He asked the Antivirus & Security Software forum for help.

By Lincoln Spector | 13 September, 2011 00:31

Tags: security, malware

An old hard drive and OS in a new PC

Terry Marshall asked if he could move his old hard drive, unchanged, to his new home-built PC, boot his existing, "very stable" XP installation, and skip Windows 7 altogether.

By Lincoln Spector | 27 May, 2011 01:21

Tags: Microsoft, Windows, Windows 7, software, xp, operating systems, computers

Edit your browser's AutoFill or AutoComplete

Tom Guthrie wants to selectively remove the usernames, passwords, and other bits of text from his browser's AutoFill -- or AutoComplete -- feature.

By Lincoln Spector | 03 May, 2011 00:42

Tags: Browsers & Add-Ons, Firefox, applications, Google, browsers, software, Internet Explorer

Where does Windows Live Mail store my mail?

Diane asked where on her hard drive she could find her downloaded email messages. She uses Windows Live Mail.

By Lincoln Spector | 09 April, 2011 00:38

Tags: E-Mail & Internet, applications, Microsoft, e-mail, software, internet

When we run out of IP addresses

LiveBrianD asked the Networking forum what will happen to the Internet when we run out of IPv4 addresses.

By Lincoln Spector | 26 March, 2011 02:03

Tags: Networking & Wireless, internet

Should I switch to Linux?

Brad asked the Desktops forum for advice before switching from Windows 7 to Ubuntu Linux

By Lincoln Spector | 22 March, 2011 01:52

Tags: Linux, Google, Microsoft, software, non-Windows, operating systems

Is VOIP secure?

USANomad asked the Answer Line forum if people can eavesdrop on Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOID) phone calls.

By Lincoln Spector | 15 March, 2011 01:24

Tags: skype, security, software, voice recognition

Using more than one backup program

Ata Amiri asked if using two separate backup program will interfere with incremental backups.

By Lincoln Spector | 24 February, 2011 02:35

Tags: Cloud, Utilities, backup, software, cloud computing, internet, windows maintenance

Laptop not charging

Reader Bballgurl84life's laptop battery isn't charging.

By Lincoln Spector | 08 February, 2011 06:28

Tags: hardware systems, laptops

The First 2000 Years of Computing

On the same day that Verizon and Apple made highly-expected tech history on one coast, a newly revamped museum made tech history visible, tangible, and fun on the other.

By Lincoln Spector | 13 January, 2011 09:01

Tags: consumer electronics, hardware systems, software, Tech industry

Should I upgrade from Windows 7 starter?

Ericuse165 asked the Windows forum if it's wise to upgrade his netbook's OS from Windows 7 Starter to a more powerful version.

By Lincoln Spector | 07 January, 2011 02:37

Tags: Microsoft, Windows, Windows 7, software, Lenovo, operating systems

Protect your laptop

Laptops can be stolen. Neoflyer asked the Answer Line forum for tips on protecting them.

By Lincoln Spector | 14 December, 2010 02:34

Tags: laptop accessories, Utilities, hardware systems, legal, backup, software, laptops, cybercrime

12 Android apps to replace your other gadgets

Android phones can do more than just answer calls and take pictures. Like digital Swiss army knives, they concentrate a lot of utilities into a compact, pocket-size device. Straight out of the box, your Android phone is a still and video camera, an address book, a GPS navigator, and even a phone.

By Lincoln Spector | 16 November, 2010 02:05

Tags: Motorola, consumer electronics, Phones

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