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CEATEC: Humanoid robot signs with rubbery hands

Aiko Chihara is welcoming guests at Toshiba's booth at Ceatec outside Tokyo and can communicate in sign language.

Microsoft blends the old and new with Windows 10

Microsoft unveiled its new Windows operating system, trying to address some of the challenges faced by Windows 8. The company did a lot to make Windows 10 feel familiar to people who are used to running older, Win32 style apps. We got an early look at some of the features.

Larry Ellison learns to love "the cloud"

Oracle executive chairman Larry Ellison mocked the idea of cloud computing just a few years ago. Now he's positioned the company as one that will become the industry's largest cloud player.

Boston's Bolt launches hardware companies

Watch the first episode in our new series Breakout Startups here.

By Nick Barber | 30 August, 2014 02:20

Tags: popular science, business issues, consumer electronics, investments

All-in-one 3D printer can mill too

A homemade machine from Boston area Mebotics can do both additive and subtractive manufacturing with 3D printing and milling capabilities.

Military robot one step closer to the battlefield

The robotic mule, which was developed by Boston Dynamics for $2 million can traverse rugged terrain while carrying much of the Marines' load.

Samsung ATIV Book 9 (2014 Edition)

Samsung has built one of the thinnest, sexiest notebooks on the market.

Turtle Shell waterproof Bluetooth speakers offer solid sound

The shower and the beach aren't usually friendly places for electronics, but the new Turtle Shell Bluetooth speakers from Outdoor Tech seem right at home in either locale.

By Nick Barber | 15 July, 2014 07:24

Tags: consumer electronics, Outdoor Tech

Whistle activity monitor is like FitBit for dogs

If you've ever wondered what your pet does while you're at work or whether your dog walkers are doing their jobs the Whistle activity monitor might be for you.

By Nick Barber | 11 July, 2014 04:50

Tags: consumer electronics, Whistle

How to change the voice on your Android phone

Changing the voice used for navigation on an Android phone from robotic to something more natural is easy, but buried in the menus.

By Nick Barber | 14 May, 2014 02:20

Tags: consumer electronics, smartphones, Android

Inside United Airlines' nerve center

When Tracy Lee talks about the weather he's not just making idle conversation.

By Nick Barber | 08 May, 2014 05:19

Tags: United Airlines, Networking, transportation, industry verticals

80s video game updated with Oculus Rift, Kinect

What do you get when you combine an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, a Kinect motion tracking sensor, multiple computers and a video game from the 1980s? PaperDude VR, a project presented at the Computer Human Interaction conference in Toronto that combines a real bicycle and a virtual world where gamers gain points by delivering newspapers.

By Nick Barber | 01 May, 2014 00:02

Tags: popular science, consumer electronics, Components

Microsoft's prototype keyboard understands gestures

Microsoft's research division has developed a keyboard that can interpret basic hand gestures, potentially bridging a gap between touch devices and more traditional input methods.

By Nick Barber | 30 April, 2014 07:58

Tags: popular science, peripherals, Microsoft, Input-Output, Components

Home inkjet printer fabricates circuit boards on photo paper

Using a home inkjet printer, special ink and photo paper, scientists from Microsoft Research have created what they hope will be the future for fabricating basic electronics. Presented at CHI 2014 in Toronto, the project uses "circuit stickers" which let users build electronics by sticking circuit elements onto paper.

By Nick Barber | 29 April, 2014 06:11

Tags: popular science, Components, Boards -- other

How to selectively delete browser history

Rather than delete your entire browsing history after visiting a website you want to keep secret, there's an easy way to remove individual sites.

By Nick Barber | 26 April, 2014 00:59

Tags: security, privacy

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