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Phantom flying drone shoots improved, more stable video

Aerial videography drone maker DJI introduced its next generation quad-copter, the Phantom 2 Vision Plus, at NAB in Las Vegas Monday.

By Nick Barber | 09 April, 2014 06:57

Tags: Digital camcorders, consumer electronics, robotics

Connected clothing can tell how soundly your baby is sleeping

Singing along to the Disney movie playing in the background, Dulcie Madden helped hand-package thousands of high-tech baby clothes from her start up in Boston's Leather District. Madden is the CEO and co-founder of Rest Devices, which just last weekend started shipping its Mimo connected "onesie" to stores across the US. The $200 system aims to help anxious parents by monitoring a baby's movement, respiration, position and skin temperature and delivering the information with audio to smartphones.

By Nick Barber | 04 February, 2014 19:53

Tags: popular science, Rest Devices, Components

NASA satellite to bring high-speed data to Hubble, ISS

NASA's newest Tracking and Data Relay (TDRS) satellite, which will provide high data-rate communications to space craft, went into orbit Thursday night.

By Nick Barber | 24 January, 2014 17:30

Tags: popular science, NASA

Ford enlists MIT, Stanford to drive automated cars

Ford is enlisting top U.S. universities to make self-driving cars a reality, announcing Wednesday that it hopes researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology can come up with advanced algorithms to help vehicles learn where pedestrians and other automobiles will be located.

By Nick Barber | 22 January, 2014 21:46

Tags: popular science, Automotive, robotics, industry verticals, Ford, MIT, Stanford University

Land and air drones you don't need to worry about

Drone-maker Parrot debuted two new toy drones ahead of the International CES Sunday night.

By Nick Barber | 06 January, 2014 05:21

Tags: CES, consumer electronics, parrot, robotics

Here's why Amazon drones may never land at your door

Amazon's ambitious plan to use flying drones to deliver packages is far-fetched, but not just because of technology limitations or air traffic regulations. Amazon's fulfillment center network, as it stands now, is too limited to serve even a tiny fraction of the U.S. in the method described by CEO Jeff Bezos.

By Nick Barber | 04 December, 2013 13:44

Tags: popular science, amazon, e-commerce, retail, internet, industry verticals

MIT's 'Kinect of the future' looks through walls with X-ray like vision

Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers have developed a device that can see through walls and pinpoint a person with incredible accuracy. They call it the "Kinect of the future," after Microsoft's Xbox 360 motion sensing camera.

By Nick Barber | 11 October, 2013 16:14

Tags: popular science, Components

Toyota expands electric vehicle sharing program

Toyota added a new concept electric vehicle to its Hamo car sharing project, which lets users rent electric cars by the minute.

By Nick Barber | 04 October, 2013 07:06

Tags: Toyota, Automotive, industry verticals, CEATEC

Will Pioneer's new heads-up displays make roads safer?

Pioneer updated its line of HUDs (heads-up displays), and it hopes the in-car gadgets will help keep drivers' eyes on the road instead of on a GPS device or other electronics.

By Nick Barber | 02 October, 2013 00:13

Tags: Pioneer, Automotive, consumer electronics, CEATEC, industry verticals

Learn to build a PC in under two minutes

Building a computer is a great way to get a custom configuration, save some money and have fun. In a how-to video, we'll show you how to build one in less than two minutes.

By Nick Barber | 25 September, 2013 20:24

Tags: Windows desktops, desktop pcs, hardware systems, Components

IFA security stops man accused of stealing from trade show

With millions of dollars of gadgets on display, the temptation to steal from some of the world's largest electronics trade show can prove too strong for some.

By Nick Barber | 08 September, 2013 16:06

Tags: Criminal, Messe Berlin, consumer electronics, IFA, legal

3Doodler gadget makes handheld 3D modelling possible

The 3Doodler, a sort of handheld 3D modeller, made its public debut at the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin this week after racking up thousands of preorders as part of a Kickstarter program.

By Nick Barber | 08 September, 2013 08:12

Tags: consumer electronics, IFA, 3Doodler

Nintendo cuts Wii U price, debuts 2DS handheld

Nintendo cut the price on its flagship game console and introduced a portable system Wednesday, hoping to spur sales and better position itself for the year-end holiday season.

By Nick Barber | 28 August, 2013 20:35

Tags: Nintendo, Handhelds, Game platforms, games, wii, nintendo ds

NASA mission to capture near-Earth asteroid for study

NASA has released an animation of an ambitious project that includes capturing a near-Earth asteroid and sending astronauts into space to study it.

By Nick Barber | 27 August, 2013 18:58

Tags: popular science, NASA, robotics

Saving YouTube videos for offline viewing

Watching a YouTube video typically requires an Internet connection, but with a little preparation the videos can be saved for later offline viewing.

By Nick Barber | 23 August, 2013 16:54

Tags: Internet-based applications and services, internet, video, youtube

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