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Startup Cyber adAPT takes on threat detection

Cyber adAPT, a startup springing from DARPA funded research, is shipping its first products that detect network compromises and gather data that can be used later for forensic analysis of breaches.

By Tim Greene | 21 May, 2015 22:25

Tags: Cyphort, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, security, DARPA, Damballa, Capita

New protocol from Guardtime hopes to unseat RSA for authentication, digital signatures

Data integrity vendor Guardtime hopes its newly announced protocol will replace RSA for the purposes of authentication and digital signatures, touting it as easier to manage and less vulnerable to hacking.

By Tim Greene | 21 May, 2015 10:37

Tags: security, 21, rsa

Should hackers be tolerated to test public systems?

The purported veering of a jetliner caused by an onboard hacker points up a larger problem, experts say airlines and other providers of services may be blind to the value such security researchers can offer in the name of public safety.

By Tim Greene | 20 May, 2015 03:18

Tags: Yahoo, Google, security, Facebook

Startup Ionic Security takes the sweat out of securing documents

Well-funded startup Ionic Security has launched a data-protection service that guards encrypted documents no matter where they go until access is authorized by its policy engine based in the cloud, making it possible to protect data even if the files that contain it fall into the wrong hands.

By Tim Greene | 12 May, 2015 01:12

Tags: security

LightCyber upgrades to speed the shutdown of malicious activity

LightCyber is upgrading its endpoint detection and remediation platform so when it discovers bad behavior on the network it can also identify the machine and exact process that's causing it, then shut the malware down.

By Tim Greene | 08 May, 2015 03:50

Tags: palo alto networks, Gartner, security

Palo Alto CEO: Beware the Internet of Things – and watch your car

Corporate IT security pros need to consider the Internet of Things as a new and dangerous attack vector oh, and we all should be particularly worried about the safety of our cars, says the top executive at Palo Alto Networks.

By Tim Greene | 05 May, 2015 01:10

Tags: palo alto networks, network security, security

In Pictures: Check out RSA minus the booth babes

The world’s largest security show is operating under a booth babe ban, leaving exhibitors to stretch their imaginations to get more visitors to stop by.

By Tim Greene | 24 April, 2015 08:46

Tags: booth babes, slideshow, security, rsa

RSA: Fight attackers by making software revisions so quickly, exploits could be evaded

The future of software security may be revisions so frequent that attackers don't have time to figure out where the vulnerabilities are before the potential attack surface has morphed to something else, RSA Conference 2015 attendees were told by CISO of an investment non-profit that funds companies built on technology developed for the CIA.

By Tim Greene | 24 April, 2015 05:59

Tags: cybersecurity, RSA 2015, security

RSA: Panel calls NSA access to encryption keys a bad idea

Some of the world's best known cryptographers veterans of the crypto wars of the 1990s say government access to encryption keys is still a bad idea, but is an issue that will never go away because it's something intelligence agencies crave.

By Tim Greene | 22 April, 2015 22:30

Tags: RSA 2015, security, nsa, encryption

RSA chief to security pros: Stop addressing the wrong problems

IT pros need to stop using old frameworks for addressing security and deal with today's reality because the old view of security is no longer useful, attendees at the RSA Conference 2015 in Las Vegas were told on Tuesday.

By Tim Greene | 22 April, 2015 10:34

Tags: RSA 2015, security

Gurucul identifies cloud threats based on identity, behaviors

Gurucul is extending its identity-based threat detection to cloud-based applications with a new platform that monitors who has access to what and what they are doing with it.

By Tim Greene | 18 April, 2015 04:54

Tags: identity management, security, Access control and authentication

Sophos takes rare step of citing Microsoft flaw as a must-fix

Sophos generally steers clear of pointing to a single patch from Microsoft's Patch Tuesday, but is breaking its own rule this month by highlighting one it says can prevent a world of hurt.

By Tim Greene | 17 April, 2015 01:25

Tags: sophos, Microsoft, security

Resilient Systems arms security teams with automated incident responses

Resilient systems has a new software module for its incident-response platform that lets network security pros respond quicker and with more certainty to attacks.

By Tim Greene | 16 April, 2015 04:17

Tags: security, beca

Illumio goes to the well for $105 million more in venture funding

Investors in Illumio are tripling down, with existing and new investors tossing another $105 million at the data-center/cloud security company that will be used to extend research and development, open new offices and broaden its customer base.

By Tim Greene | 15 April, 2015 07:11

Tags: Morgan Stanley, Yahoo, catalyst, plantronics, symantec, Microsoft, Creative Artists Agency, security, Accel Partners

Massachusetts police department pays $500 CryptoLocker ransom

A Massachusetts police department paid $500 to free up town files that had been encrypted by CryptoLocker, the ransomware that locks down hard drives until the owners pay up.

By Tim Greene | 08 April, 2015 07:12

Tags: Delphi, security, None, legal, fbi, Stroz Friedberg, cybercrime

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