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New Forescout CEO wants to make partners an offer they can't refuse

ForeScout has named a new CEO who has big plans for making the company's products the remediation layer of choice for other vendors' security offerings that find problems with endpoints but can't fix them.

By Tim Greene | 27 February, 2015 06:14

Tags: Gigamon, IBM, Microsoft, security, cloud security, FireEye, Damballa, ForeScout, intel, Oracle, mcafee

Dtex software fights insider threats

Dtex Systems, a security company born in Australia 15 years ago, is just now bringing its insider-threat-detection software to the U.S.

By Tim Greene | 26 February, 2015 05:00

Tags: Anthem, Aviva, Gartner, insider threat, security

Sony breach is a new breed of attack that needs new responses

The big lessons from the Sony breach are that businesses need better planning and to shift security investment away from trying to protect the network from attacks and toward quickly detecting and dealing with breaches, Gartner says.

By Tim Greene | 25 February, 2015 05:43

Tags: cybersecurity, Gartner, security, beca, legal, Sony breach, sony, Sony Pictures, cybercrime

Has Equation Group hacked your hard drives? You won't be able to tell.

The Equation Group's ability to reprogram hard-drive firmware leaves corporate security pros unable to trust the devices because they can't tell whether disks have been compromised or not.

By Tim Greene | 19 February, 2015 05:31

Tags: isco, security, nsa, advanced persistent threats, kaspersky lab

President's cyber security summit: Share attack info but protect privacy, civil liberties

Participants in the White House Summit on Cybersecurity and Consumer Protection on Friday called for government/private sector information sharing, updated regulations, and improving the trust citizens have in the government's respect for privacy and civil liberties.

By Tim Greene | 18 February, 2015 01:22

Tags: white house, cybersecurity, Apple, security, Kaiser Permanente, Stanford University

How a bug almost ate all of your Facebook photos

A researcher found out how to delete anyone's Facebook pictures but rather than do it, reported the flaw to the company, which patched it and gave him a reward.

By Tim Greene | 13 February, 2015 03:13

Tags: security, Facebook

Gartner: Makers of things for Internet of Things undervalue security

As the Internet of Things develops, most vendors that are making these things don't make security their top priority, allowing business considerations to take precedent, according to a Gartner expert.

By Tim Greene | 13 February, 2015 02:40

Tags: Gartner, security, intel

Anthem hack: Personal data stolen sells for 10X price of stolen credit card numbers

The hackers who stole personal data from health insurer Anthem stand to make a whole lot more than the ones who stole 56 million credit and debit card numbers from Home Depot because the potential payback per identity is so much greater.

By Tim Greene | 07 February, 2015 00:58

Tags: Anthem, security, Home Depot, PwC

LightCyber rolls out new features for endpoint malware detection platform

LightCyber, another security startup with the roots in the Israeli military, has opened its doors in the U.S. and is announcing new products and features to make its mark in the crowded field of endpoint detection and remediation.

By Tim Greene | 30 January, 2015 03:49

Tags: AccessData, Gartner, malware detection, security, Bit9, endpoint security, Path, hacker

Breaches are a personal nightmare for corporate security pros

Beyond the compromise of valuable information, loss of revenues and damage to brand reputation, data breaches can pose a threat to the careers of security professionals involved: witness the sudden departures of both the CEO and the CIO of Target after last year's compromise of 40 million customers' credit cards.

By Tim Greene | 29 January, 2015 02:48

Tags: Target, security, data breach, sony

US startup finds malware intrusions by keeping an eye on processor radio frequencies

PFP Cybersecurity, a startup with roots in academia and the military, seeks out malware by analyzing the performance of hardware - not software and not the behavior of devices on the network.

By Tim Greene | 27 January, 2015 08:15

Tags: Anomaly Detection, Department of Homeland Security, security, Virginia Tech

Warning to white-hat hackers: Obama proposal a threat to what you do

President Obama's proposal to update the computer fraud and abuse act could put white-hat hackers at risk of prosecution as members of organized crime, the SchmooCon hacking conference was told.

By Tim Greene | 21 January, 2015 00:43

Tags: Google, Microsoft, security, hacker

Microsoft cloud services provide construction firm with cost-savings, increased productivity

Chicago-based Walsh Group Construction is finding that buying into Microsoft's Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility Suite is yielding a mixed bag of benefits -- better BYOD, cost-saving, time-saving, increased productivity -- but adopting the cloud services required a dose of blind trust in their security.

By Tim Greene | 15 January, 2015 01:35

Tags: services, Microsoft Subnet, Microsoft, software

ISIS apparently hacks US Central Command Twitter account

The US Central Command Twitter account was hacked or at least defaced today apparently by ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria), posting tweets that threaten families of US soldiers and claiming to have hacked into military PCs.

By Tim Greene | 13 January, 2015 07:04

Tags: security, twitter, hacker, Pastebin

Advanced notice of Microsoft Patch Tuesday fixes is no longer free

From now on if you want to see what patches Microsoft is going to issue on Patch Tuesday you'll have to pay for it.

By Tim Greene | 09 January, 2015 08:23

Tags: Microsoft, security

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