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Worst security breaches of the year 2014: Sony tops the list

As 2014 winds down, the breach of Sony Pictures Entertainment is clearly the biggest data breach of the year and among the most devastating to any corporation ever.

By Tim Greene | 19 December, 2014 07:24

Tags: security, Year in review 2014, data breach, sony

U.S. on Sony breach: North Korea did it

U.S. officials now believe North Korea is behind the attack that took down Sony Pictures Entertainment's computer network and posted contents on the Internet, but the government hasn't decided whether to formally accuse the country of carrying out the hack, according to The New York Times.

By Tim Greene | 19 December, 2014 00:41

Tags: new york times, The New York Times, security, legal, Sony Hack, sony, north korea, cybercrime

Microsoft's $84 million man: What's Nadella done to earn it?

What could Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella have done in just 10 months to convince shareholders he's worth the $84 million pay package they approved earlier this month?

By Tim Greene | 18 December, 2014 03:07

Tags: Gartner, Microsoft Subnet, Microsoft, Windows, software, operating systems

Cisco buying Neohapsis to boost security services

Cisco said Wednesday it is planning to buy Neohapsis, a security consulting firm that evaluates corporate security, risk and compliance, as part of its push into security as a service.

By Tim Greene | 11 December, 2014 07:28

Tags: Neohapsis, security, cisco, Cisco Subnet

Mobile device makers unleash FIDO

Vendors of mobile devices are lining up to implement an authentication scheme meant to make online transactions both simpler and more secure, known as the Fast Identity Online (FIDO) specification, which is being released today.

By Tim Greene | 10 December, 2014 08:53

Tags: FIDO Alliance, security, sony

Akamai: Surge in hackers using complex crimeware to drain money from online bank accounts

There is an increase in use of complex crimeware that gathers the passwords of online customers at specific banks and automatically transfer funds out of their accounts, according to Akamai's security group.

By Tim Greene | 04 December, 2014 09:37

Tags: security, Prolexic, Automatic

OpenDNS reinforces cloud security with ties to Check Point, ZeroFOX, others

OpenDNS has developed a partner API that lets security vendors connect their technologies to the OpenDNS cloud for enforcement, effectively extending protection to any device no matter where it connects to the Internet.

By Tim Greene | 04 December, 2014 00:26

Tags: OpenDNS, security, FireEye

Report: Startup promises to catch 100 per cent of network attacks with unique detection technology

Startup TrustPipe is announcing a security platform that categorizes network-based attacks and blocks them. The company claims that in two years of testing the software has never let attackers compromise the systems it has been protecting.

By Tim Greene | 03 December, 2014 00:44

Tags: ncr, security, Microsoft, endpoint security

Report: Hacker group FIN4 stealing insider info to exploit significant changes in stock prices

For more than a year attackers dubbed FIN4 have been stealing insider information that could affect stock prices by hacking email accounts of key corporate executives and others privy to sensitive deals, according to a report by security vendor FireEye.

By Tim Greene | 02 December, 2014 05:40

Tags: security, FireEye, phishing, malware

Hack the halls: Watch out for Cyber Monday scamathon

Cyber Monday is the biggest online shopping day of the year, which means it is also the single biggest opportunity for criminals to steal cash, personal information and credit card numbers, and they've got an imposing arsenal to carry out their plans against the unwary.

By Tim Greene | 26 November, 2014 13:45

Tags: Cyber Monday, Google, security, zeus, fbi, malware

Regin is groundbreaking malware on par with Stuxnet, Symantec says

Regin, a complex and stealthy piece of espionage malware, steals passwords, logs keystrokes and can read, write, move and copy files, among other malicious activity, and has stunned the Symantec researchers that detailed it in a report.

By Tim Greene | 25 November, 2014 08:24

Tags: symantec, security, None, f-secure, malware

Mitel drops ShoreTel bid

Customers of ShoreTel phones and unified communications gear can stop worrying that their lives might get complicated by a merger between the company and its rival Mitel.

By Tim Greene | 18 November, 2014 04:18

Tags: unified communications, Synergy, telecommunication, voip, Networking, Avaya, Shoretel

Stuxnet reached its target via the networks of trusted business partners

Stuxnet, the powerful malware that wormed its way in and hobbled Iran's uranium enrichment efforts, infiltrated the secure networks of the nuclear program via trusted partners, newly public information reveals.

By Tim Greene | 13 November, 2014 04:15

Tags: Apple, security, Georgia Tech, Stuxnet, kaspersky lab

Say goodbye to Microsoft Lync, hello to Skype for Business

Microsoft is upgrading its Lync unified communication platform to look and feel more like the familiar consumer version of Skype and changing its name to Skype for Business.

By Tim Greene | 12 November, 2014 01:06

Tags: unified communications, skype, telecommunication, Networking, voip, Microsoft

Raids cast doubt on the integrity of TOR

Federal law enforcement agencies in the U.S. and Europe have shut down more than 400 Web sites using .onion addresses and made arrests of those who run them, which calls into question whether the anonymizing The Onion Router (Tor) network itself is still secure.

By Tim Greene | 08 November, 2014 09:17

Tags: Tor, security, The Onion, fbi, doj

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