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Microsoft verging on single OS across all devices

Microsoft seems on the brink of announcing a major enhancement to its operating system lines, namely merging them into a single OS that could bring big benefits for corporate users.

By Tim Greene | 24 July, 2014 06:10

Tags: consumer electronics, Microsoft, Windows, smartphones, software, operating systems, Windows Phone

TOR patch coming

The TOR Project thinks it has figured out how the author of a canceled Black Hat talk cracked its software to mask the source of Internet traffic, and it is working on a patch.

By Tim Greene | 23 July, 2014 08:06

Tags: Carnegie Mellon University, The TOR Project, National Security Agency, black hat, security, The Onion

Microsoft rumored to be buying security firm that publicized Active Directory exploit

Microsoft is thinking about buying an Israeli security company that yesterday posted instructions on how to change Active Directory passwords by exploiting a design flaw.

By Tim Greene | 16 July, 2014 10:28

Tags: business issues, Active Directory, security, Microsoft, Windows, Exploits / vulnerabilities, Mergers and acquisitions

Apple-IBM partnership is a direct challenge to Microsoft

IBM and Apple are teaming up to create enterprise apps to can run on Apple devices that business customers can manage and secure, creating a formidable direct challenge to plans Microsoft is trying to carry out on its own.

By Tim Greene | 16 July, 2014 10:25

Tags: business issues, applications, telecommunication, IBM app development, ios, IBM, Mobile OSes, mobile, mobile applications, Apple, Microsoft Subnet, Microsoft

10 changes CEO Nadella wants from Microsoft workers

CEO Satya Nadella last week gave what amounted to a public tongue-lashing to Microsoft's 127,000 employees, which was followed up by an analyst's report that the company plans to announce layoffs of up to 10% of that number at its quarterly earnings report July 22.

By Tim Greene | 15 July, 2014 05:58

Tags: Microsoft Subnet, Microsoft, Nokia, IT management

CEO Nadella issues manifesto to shake up Microsoft

The 3000-word email posted on the company's news site for all the world to see sums up an array of goals for the company, among them dividing work and private data on devices, speed developing new products, creating new devices and device categories, and support for competitors' applications and operating systems.

By Tim Greene | 11 July, 2014 06:07

Tags: Microsoft, internet, cloud computing

Microsoft says new hybrid storage options can cut costs up to 60 per cent

Microsoft is coming out with new hardware and cloud management features for its StorSimple hybrid storage offering that promises lower costs and better data protection.

By Tim Greene | 10 July, 2014 23:07

Tags: Microsoft, internet, cloud computing, cloud storage

Dumping of Windows XP (finally) slows plummeting PC sales

Businesses that waited until the last minute to abandon Windows XP are now helping to flatten out the nosedive that saw PC sales drop off nearly 10% last year, Gartner says.

By Tim Greene | 08 July, 2014 03:39

Tags: Gartner, Microsoft, Windows, software, operating systems

Microsoft still having trouble convincing users to buy Windows 8

Microsoft continues to have trouble getting customers to adopt its latest operating system, with combined use of Windows 8 and 8.1 declining in June as compared to other operating systems.

By Tim Greene | 02 July, 2014 06:17

Tags: Microsoft, Windows, software, operating systems

Avoid the gotchas of Office 365 migrations

Migrating to Microsoft's Office 365 from an on-premises Office suite requires help, experts say, in order to navigate the vagaries of moving apps smoothly to the cloud, a task made more challenging if the transition is from alternatives such as GroupWise and Lotus SmartSuite.

By Tim Greene | 30 June, 2014 23:02

Tags: Lotus, Office 365, Microsoft, software

Microsoft Exchange Online disrupted for most of a day

Microsoft Exchange Online in North America experienced a mysterious intermittent and inconsistent disruption of its Exchange Online yesterday that follows on a disruption Monday to Microsoft's Lync Online.

By Tim Greene | 25 June, 2014 23:09

Tags: Microsoft Subnet, Microsoft, internet, cloud computing

Microsoft Lync service out for some North America customers

Some North American Office 365 customers are without Lync service this afternoon due to an unexplained outage that started about 7a.m., Eastern time.

By Tim Greene | 24 June, 2014 06:32

Tags: unified communications, telecommunication, voip, Microsoft, Networking

Tips on how to ace an Office 365 certification test

Anyone hoping to gain Microsoft certification in Office 365 better know the ins and outs of provisioning, security, syncing, identities and troubleshooting for the cloud version of Microsoft's flagship productivity suite.

By Tim Greene | 19 June, 2014 04:13

Tags: certification, Office 365, Google, Shell, Microsoft, software, Kno

Office 365 customer: Get the right help when moving email to the cloud

Dallas County Community Colleges District was using Novell's GroupWise suite of applications for email but little else, and at $200,000 per year, that just didn't make sense, especially since it was also buying access to Microsoft Office 365 – including Outlook - along with its enterprise campus agreement.

By Tim Greene | 17 June, 2014 23:21

Tags: Office 365, Microsoft, software

ABM overcomes pro-VMware bias to adopt Microsoft's Hyper-V

Saving about $2 million was the primary reason international business-facility management firm ABM decided to convert its virtual infrastructure from VMware's vSphere to Microsoft's Hyper-V, but that came only after a period of having Microsoft prove that its virtual environment was ready.

By Tim Greene | 02 June, 2014 19:58

Tags: virtualization, Configuration / maintenance, Microsoft, hardware systems, Data Center, VMware

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