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NexBis defends investment strategy

Listed telecommunications services company Nexbis Limited (ASX:NBS) has posted a net loss after tax of $49.6 million for the financial year ended 30 June 2010.

By Tim Lohman | 09 March, 2010 12:40

Tags: security, NexBis, ASX, business

Q&A: Symantec CTO, Mark Bregman

Techworld Australia brings you an in-depth Q&A with Symantec’s Chief Technology Officer, Mark Bregman.

By Tim Lohman | 29 September, 2010 12:59

Tags: symantec, mcafee, Cloud, Mark Bregman, security, cloud security, intel

South Australia Treasury's budget site crashes

The South Australia Treasury has battled to keep its main website up and running over the past 24 hours following the release of the state’s controversial 2010-11 budget.

By Tim Lohman | 17 September, 2010 12:52

Tags: budget, south australia treasury, South Australia

AGIMO launches Steering Group to drive Gov 2.0 agenda

The Department of Finance and Deregulation has announced that it has created a Government 2.0 Steering Group to provide “leadership and oversight” in implementing Labor's Gov 2.0 agenda.

By Tim Lohman | 15 September, 2010 16:53

Tags: Gov 2.0, Australian Government Information Management Office (AGIMO)

One in four software installs pirated in 2009: BSA

One in four instances of software installed in Australia during 2009 were pirated, according to a new research report produced by IDC.

By Tim Lohman | 15 September, 2010 15:55

Tags: BSA, IDC, software piracy

Turnbull: NBN will require more capital due to Labor independent MPs deal

The new Opposition communications minister, Malcolm Turnbull, has wasted no time in going on the attack, touting his credentials and laying into Labor’s National Broadband Network (NBN).

By Tim Lohman | 14 September, 2010 16:53

Tags: Malcolm Turnbull, National Broadband Network (NBN), NBN

AAPT-iiNet user migration on track: Broad

The migration of AAPT’s consumer business to iiNet is tracking to schedule and will be complete by the planned 30 September deadline, according to AAPT CEO, Paul Broad.

By Tim Lohman | 10 September, 2010 15:40

Tags: aapt, iiNet, billing systems

Alliance of Affordable Broadband hopeful on NBN changes

The Alliance of Affordable Broadband (AAB) remains hopeful its campaign to convince the Federal Government to modify its plans for the National Broadband Network (NBN) will achieve results.

By Tim Lohman | 10 September, 2010 11:24

Tags: National Broadband Network (NBN), AAB, Alliance for Affordable Broadband

Trafficview service not a privacy concern: Optus

While relying heavily on location-based customer data, Optus’ new Trafficview service should not be a cause for privacy or personal security alarm, according to the telco.

By Tim Lohman | 09 September, 2010 16:28

Tags: passenger traffic, trafficview, optus

ICT industry reacts to Labor win and NBN

The Australian ICT industry has been quick to react to the news that Labor will be able to form government following the support of Independent MPs, Rob Oakshott and Tony Windsor.

By Tim Lohman | 07 September, 2010 17:02

Tags: acs, ovum, AIIA, nbn co, Independents Decide, intel

QLD energy agency builds secure Wi-Fi network

Queensland government electricity agency Powerlink will roll out a secure Wi-Fi network for four of its primary sites .

By Tim Lohman | 25 June, 2010 08:54

Tags: WiFi, security, mobility, powerlink

Wireless patent wins boost CSIRO coffers

Revenue from wireless LAN settlements have boosted the financial fortunes of the Commonwealth Science Information and Research Organisation (CSIRO) to the tune of $205 million in the year to June 2009.

By Tim Lohman | 14 October, 2009 11:04


ACS: ISP-filtering could affect Internet speeds and prices

The Federal Government’s Internet filtering scheme is likely to impact ISP networks speeds, and ultimately, the cost of Internet access for consumers, a new report from the Australian Computer Society e-security Task Force has found.

By Tim Lohman | 12 October, 2009 11:24

Tags: internet content filtering, acs, ISP, internet filtering

Backhaul partner signed for VividWireless network

The build-out of Australia’s first 4G network has taken a step forward with the signing of Canadian company DragonWave to supply wireless backhaul for the forthcoming VividWireless Perth network.

By Tim Lohman | 23 September, 2009 11:05

Tags: WiMax, 4g, VividWireless, Perth

ACMA launches real estate industry anti-spamming training

The real estate industry has come under further scrutiny by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) due to concerns that industry members are spamming consumers via telephone, SMS and email.

By Tim Lohman | 11 September, 2009 13:10

Tags: spam, do not call register, ACMA

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