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Safari users in the UK can sue Google over alleged privacy violations

The U.K. Court of Appeal won't block a privacy lawsuit that alleges Google tracked Safari users without authorization, so the three plaintiffs can continue their legal fight against the search company.

By Loek Essers | 28 March, 2015 02:13

Tags: Google, security, Civil lawsuits, legal, privacy

Uber's Amsterdam office raided by Dutch authorities

Uber keeps crashing into laws and regulations in Europe, but it's keeping the foot on the accelerator.

By Loek Essers | 27 March, 2015 00:00

Tags: mobile applications, legal, mobile, Uber Technologies

E-commerce companies face EU antitrust probe

The European Commission plans a competition inquiry into cross-border trading by companies such as

By Loek Essers | 26 March, 2015 23:51

Tags: antitrust, european commission, legal

EU Commission goes after geo-blocking, 'absurd' digital barriers

Letting EU citizens watch movies online anywhere and simplifying cross-border e-commerce are key European Commission efforts to unify the continent's digital market.

By Loek Essers | 26 March, 2015 02:48

Tags: regulation, european commission, legislation, government

Online electronics retailers raided by EU antitrust officials

European Union antitrust investigators have raided the offices of a number of companies involved in the online sale of consumer electronics products, officials said Wednesday.

By Loek Essers | 25 March, 2015 23:28

Tags: philips, antitrust, consumer electronics, european commission, legal, Samsung Electronics

Dutch service providers must delete retained telecom data

Dutch telecom providers have to delete data that had been retained under the now-scrapped data retention law, unless it is needed for business purposes.

By Loek Essers | 25 March, 2015 02:44

Tags: security, data protection, legislation, government, privacy

Server heating startup teams with energy company to heat Dutch homes

A Dutch utility is inviting five families to use radiator-sized servers to heat their living rooms for free.

By Loek Essers | 24 March, 2015 23:34

Tags: servers, Eneco, hardware systems, energy, industry verticals, Nerdalize

Case that could overturn EU-US data exchange deal to be heard by top EU court

U.S. companies' ability to process personal information from European Union citizens will be challenged in the European Union's highest court on Tuesday.

By Loek Essers | 24 March, 2015 01:56

Tags: security, Civil lawsuits, legal, Europe-v-Facebook, data protection, privacy, Facebook

Leaked FTC antitrust report gives EU cover to rule against Google

A leaked report by U.S. Federal Trade Commission staff gives the European Commission political cover to rule against Google as it moves forward with its own antitrust inquiry, sources familiar with the process said.

By Loek Essers | 21 March, 2015 03:00

Tags: antitrust, Google, legal

Opera buys VPN service to help protect user privacy

Norwegian browser developer Opera Software has bought virtual private network service SurfEasy to help its users protect their privacy when accessing the Web from smartphones, tablets and computers.

By Loek Essers | 19 March, 2015 23:20

Tags: business issues, opera software, security, SurfEasy, privacy, Mergers and acquisitions

UberPop banned by German court

The Frankfurt Regional Court has issued a nationwide ban against Uber ride-hailing service UberPop, declaring its business model illegal.

By Loek Essers | 19 March, 2015 03:02

Tags: mobile applications, Civil lawsuits, legal, mobile, Uber Technologies

UK government filing raises fears about misuse of hacking powers

A legal filing by the U.K. government has raised fears that the country's intelligence service GCHQ is misusing its powers to hack telecommunications companies in other countries.

By Loek Essers | 18 March, 2015 22:47

Tags: security, legal, Civil lawsuits, data protection, privacy, GCHQ

Belgian court rules ISPs don't have to pay copyright levies

A Brussels court has ruled that Belgian ISPs don't have to pay copyright levies for offering access to copyright protected materials online.

By Loek Essers | 18 March, 2015 00:06

Tags: intellectual property, copyright, Belgacom, legal, Telenet, SABAM, Voo

EU Parliamentarians visit U.S. to talk data protection, mass surveillance

Data protection and mass surveillance are high on the agenda for talks between members of the European Parliament (MEPs) and their U.S. counterparts in Washington, D.C., this week.

By Loek Essers | 17 March, 2015 04:13

Tags: Federal Trade Commission, Department of Homeland Security, security, Department of Justice, data protection, European Parliament, privacy

Government requests for Facebook data continue to grow

Requests from governments for people's Facebook account data were overall on the rise in the second half of 2014, though they declined in the U.S. and Germany.

By Loek Essers | 16 March, 2015 22:27

Tags: security, government, privacy, Facebook

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