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Qantas tests virtual reality for in-flight entertainment

Forget in-flight iPads; Qantas is about to pilot virtual reality goggles on the heads of its customers.

By Adam Bender | 29 January, 2015 14:01

Tags: Samsung Gear VR, Qantas, airlines, VR, air travel, airplanes, virtual reality

Data retention: Industry uncertainty dismissed as 'hearsay'

The parliamentary committee overseeing data retention legislation has requested more evidence that companies are unclear as to whether they will be forced to keep customer data under the government's proposed data retention scheme.

By Adam Bender | 29 January, 2015 12:25

Tags: surveillance, data retention bill, security, mandatory data retention, Australia, metadata, data retention, Parliament, Internet industry, Australian Internet Industry Association (AIIA)

BlackBerry Classic unlikely to make 'momentous shock' to market, says analyst

The release of a familiar handset could help BlackBerry improve its market share but is unlikely to win back all of the enterprise customers the phone maker lost to Apple and Android, according to analysts.

By Adam Bender | 29 January, 2015 10:10

Tags: mobile market, BlackBerry Classic, wireless, smartphones, telecom, enterprise, mobile, mobile market share, Blackberry

Fletcher mulls reverse auctions for broadcast spectrum

Australia will consider reverse auctions of broadcasting spectrum akin to the approach legislated three years ago by the US, according to Paul Fletcher, parliamentary secretary to the minister for communications.

By Adam Bender | 28 January, 2015 13:57

Tags: US, reverse auctions, spectrum review, wireless, Australia, spectrum, telecom, government, voluntary incentive auctions

Google asks Australians to spruik Apps for Work

Australians can get $15 for each person who signs up to Google Apps for Work based on their recommendation under a referral program launched locally today.

By Adam Bender | 28 January, 2015 08:00

Tags: Office 365, office, referrals, microsoft office, Apps for Work, Google Apps referral program, Google Apps

IPv4 exhaustion stunts Internet growth in 2014

Expansion of the Internet slowed in 2014 as the number of available IPv4 addresses neared exhaustion, according to a report by the Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC), the regional Internet registry for the Asia Pacific.

By Adam Bender | 23 January, 2015 14:09

Tags: Networking, ipv4, telecom, IP addresses, apnic, internet, ipv6, routing

Windows 10 to corral 'disillusioned' enterprise users: analysts

Microsoft has given Windows 7 users more reasons to skip to Windows 10.

By Adam Bender | 22 January, 2015 12:33

Tags: forrester, Microsoft, Surface Hub, OS, enterprise, Windows 10, telsyte, operating systems, HoloLens

HoloLens could be big in the enterprise

With the big reveal of the HoloLens, Microsoft has trumpeted its entry into an increasingly competitive new market for virtual and augmented reality (AR).

By Adam Bender | 22 January, 2015 10:32

Tags: wearable devices, augmented reality, smart glasses, Microsoft, Windows 10, AR, HoloLens, virtual reality

Startups not jazzed about either side in Queensland election

Startups have slammed the entrepreneurship policies of the Queensland Coalition government ahead of the state election on 31 January.

By Adam Bender | 21 January, 2015 14:48

Tags: Queensland election, startups, entrepreneurs, politics, QLD election

Deloitte predicts 're-enterprisation of IT' in 2015

Stand aside, consumers – the enterprise will drive growth of drones, wearable devices and 3D printing in 2015, according to Deloitte.

By Adam Bender | 21 January, 2015 13:41

Tags: wearable devices, re-enterprisation of IT, 3d printing, consumerisation of IT, IT predictions, UAVs, IoT, consumerization of IT, Deloitte, smart glasses, 3D printers, Internet of Things, drones, enterprise

NRMA reveals startups for Jumpstart accelerator

Six startups will join the Jumpstart accelerator program at the National Road & Motorists’ Association, NRMA has announced.

By Adam Bender | 20 January, 2015 16:15

Tags: NRMA, startup accelerators, startups, funding, road-side assistance, startup workspace

MOOCs deliver robots for everyone

The Queensland University of Technology (QUT) aims to bring robots to the masses through two massive open online courses (MOOCs) on robotics.

By Adam Bender | 20 January, 2015 13:08

Tags: QUT, free courses, MOOC, robotics, education, STEM, Queensland University of Technology, MOOCs, undergraduate robotics course, robots

Telstra glows about solar backup power trial in Victoria

Telstra has reported success with a solar-based backup power system installed at an exchange in Victoria.

By Adam Bender | 20 January, 2015 11:57

Tags: power, Networking, telecom, backup power supply, fuel cells, network, solar fuel cells, Telstra, solar power

Draft bill eases ESOP tax rules for startups

The Australian Government has released a draft bill to reform how employee share options are taxed in an effort to make it easier for startups to attract and retain talent.

By Adam Bender | 16 January, 2015 13:12

Tags: taxes, startups, Employee Share Option Plan (ESOP), bills, employee share options, Parliament, government, employee share schemes (ESS), legislation, Startup, tax

Designing virtual reality for the enterprise

A production and development house from Ballarat has set its eyes on the emerging market of virtual reality services for the enterprise.

By Adam Bender | 15 January, 2015 15:30

Tags: samsung, Oculus Rift, Virtual Reality Ventures, Google Cardboard, VR, Sony Morpheus, virtual reality, Samsung Gear VR, REA Group

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