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Internet steady in Nepal after earthquake but last-mile connectivity an issue

The Internet is playing an important role in communications in Nepal after a devastating earthquake, as phone links were choked by the large number of people trying to connect.

By John Ribeiro | 26 April, 2015 01:50

Tags: Dyn, akamai, internet

Infosys invests in cloud, health monitoring market

Indian outsourcer Infosys has made an acquisition in the area of cloud computing and invested in a personal health monitoring company as it tries to move into high value products and services.

By John Ribeiro | 24 April, 2015 21:52

Tags: business issues, services, offshoring, outsourcing, infosys, financial results, Mergers and acquisitions

Qualcomm hit by China fine, cut in Samsung business

Qualcomm's second-quarter profit dropped 46 percent, mainly because of a large fine the company had to pay in China for settling antitrust issues.

By John Ribeiro | 23 April, 2015 13:28

Tags: business issues, consumer electronics, smartphones, qualcomm, financial results

Google may launch wireless service as soon as Wednesday

Google could take the wraps off of its wireless service as soon as Wednesday, sparking new competition by charging customers only for the amount of data they use.

By John Ribeiro | 22 April, 2015 11:35

Tags: telecommunication, Google, internet

Microsoft, Yahoo search deal amendment makes termination easier

A 10-year search deal between Yahoo and Microsoft has a new opt-out provision that allows either company to terminate the agreement on or after Oct. 1.

By John Ribeiro | 21 April, 2015 14:55

Tags: advertising, Yahoo, Microsoft, internet, search engines

Sony introduces new flagship Xperia Z4 smartphone

Sony has announced its new flagship smartphone, the Xperia Z4, that will ship in summer in the Japanese market.

By John Ribeiro | 20 April, 2015 16:57

Tags: consumer electronics, Android, smartphones, sony

California bill aims to secure data of users using ride-hailing companies

A new legislation in California aims to put curbs on the data Uber Technologies and other ride-hailing companies can collect and disclose. The move comes in the wake of reports that Uber has a tool that apparently lets its employees track the location of customers that have requested car service.

By John Ribeiro | 17 April, 2015 16:49

Tags: Internet-based applications and services, Internet Association, regulation, government, internet, Uber Technologies

Tata gives employees anniversary bonus, cuts into profits

India's outsourcing industry needs to hire and retain staff in big numbers to keep business humming, so for the 10th anniversary of its initial public offering, Tata Consultancy Services announced a one-time "special reward" for its employees.

By John Ribeiro | 17 April, 2015 00:32

Tags: business issues, services, personnel, offshoring, outsourcing, Tata Consultancy Services

Facebook-backed loses some Indian partners over net neutrality

A project by Facebook-backed to offer people access to select online services without data charges has run into trouble in India, after the program was criticized by net neutrality activists.

By John Ribeiro | 16 April, 2015 14:12

Tags: Internet-based applications and services, Cleartrip,, internet, Facebook

Nokia to buy Alcatel-Lucent, may sell Here mapping business

Nokia has said it has entered into a memorandum of understanding to acquire Alcatel-Lucent in a deal that would value the French telecommunications equipment maker at €15.6 billion (US$16.5 billion).

By John Ribeiro | 15 April, 2015 16:32

Tags: business issues, telecommunication, alcatel-lucent, Nokia, Mergers and acquisitions

Google confirms European antitrust action, says it has "a very strong case"

Google said European antitrust regulators will issue Wednesday a 'statement of objections' on its display and ranking of certain search results, particularly of shopping, but said it had "a very strong case."

By John Ribeiro | 15 April, 2015 13:34

Tags: Internet-based applications and services, antitrust, Google, european commission, legal, internet

Indian net neutrality backers get boost from Flipkart retreat on free app access

Indian online retailer Flipkart has abandoned a plan to give customers of mobile operator Bharti Airtel free access to its mobile app after criticism that the move posed a threat to net neutrality.

By John Ribeiro | 14 April, 2015 19:34

Tags: Bharti Airtel, Flipkart, telecommunication, Carriers, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, internet

RadioShack presses ahead plan for sale of customer data

RadioShack will press on with its plan to sell its customer data, despite opposition from a number of U.S. states.

By John Ribeiro | 14 April, 2015 15:52

Tags: business issues, RadioShack, security, restructuring, privacy

Sprint offers home delivery and setup of smartphones, tablets

Faced with a highly competitive market, U.S. wireless operator Sprint is now offering to deliver and set up phones, tablets and other connected devices for free at homes, offices and other locations chosen by the customer.

By John Ribeiro | 13 April, 2015 16:52

Tags: sprint, Carriers, telecommunication, consumer electronics

FCC net neutrality rules published to Federal Register

The new net neutrality rule of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission was published over the weekend to the Federal Register, the daily journal of U.S. government actions, raising the possibility of a spate of lawsuits from broadband companies that oppose the rule.

By John Ribeiro | 13 April, 2015 14:16

Tags: U.S. Federal Register, legal, U.S. Federal Communications Commission, internet

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