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EBay faces class action suit over data breach

EBay faces a class action suit in a U.S. federal court over a security breach earlier this year.

By John Ribeiro | 24 July, 2014 16:58

Tags: security, legal, ebay

Twitter employees mainly male and white, says it has 'lot of work to do'

Twitter disclosed the gender and ethnicity breakdown of its employees on Wednesday, less than a week after U.S. civil rights leader Rev. Jesse Jackson called on the company to release its employee diversity information.

By John Ribeiro | 24 July, 2014 12:30

Tags: business issues, personnel, twitter

Google has to face US privacy suit over new user data policy

A California court has allowed a privacy class action suit against Google to continue, though only in part.

By John Ribeiro | 23 July, 2014 16:55

Tags: Internet-based applications and services, Google, legal, internet, Internet service providers

Apple hit with class action lawsuit for alleged labor rule violations

Apple faces in a state court in California a class action suit that its employees were not provided timely meal breaks, rest breaks and final paychecks, according to the lawyer for the employees.

By John Ribeiro | 23 July, 2014 14:30

Tags: business issues, Apple, personnel

US court says warrant for access to all content of email account is justified

A New York judge defended a controversial order that gave the government access to all content of the Gmail account of a target in a money laundering investigation, holding that courts have long recognized the practical need for law enforcement to seize documents if only to determine whether they fall within the warrant.

By John Ribeiro | 21 July, 2014 16:23

Tags: Internet-based applications and services, Google, security, Mail, internet, privacy

Jesse Jackson demands Twitter release employee diversity data

U.S. civil rights leader Rev. Jesse Jackson has called on Twitter to release its employee diversity information, which its Silicon Valley peers such as Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn and Facebook have already done.

By John Ribeiro | 18 July, 2014 15:19

Tags: business issues, personnel, twitter

Tata revenue, profit boosted by strong outsourcing market

Tata Consultancy Services posted strong revenue and profit growth in the second quarter, taking advantage of an uptick in the outsourcing market.

By John Ribeiro | 17 July, 2014 23:51

Tags: business issues, offshoring, services, outsourcing, financial results, Tata Consultancy Services

SAP raises annual Cloud revenue forecast after the business soars in Q2

SAP reported strong growth in Cloud revenue in the second quarter, while its software revenue continued to fall, reflecting a shift in the market from on-premises software and services to applications delivered through the cloud on a subscription model.

By John Ribeiro | 17 July, 2014 16:46

Tags: business issues, applications, enterprise resource planning, SAP, financial results, software, internet, cloud computing

Microsoft's Bing follows Google in offering Europeans the 'right to be forgotten'

Microsoft has started accepting requests from users in Europe who want to remove search links from Bing under a recent "right-to-be-forgotten" ruling by Europe's top court.

By John Ribeiro | 17 July, 2014 13:44

Tags: Google, security, Microsoft, legal, Civil lawsuits, internet, privacy, search engines

AWS offers Marketplace software on annual subscriptions

Amazon Web Services is offering on its Marketplace annual subscriptions to over 90 software products, which could help customers cut software costs by over 40 percent, the unit said.

By John Ribeiro | 15 July, 2014 16:05

Tags: Amazon Web Service, internet, cloud computing

Infosys revenue and profit rise ahead of CEO change

Indian outsourcer Infosys said its revenue and profit grew in the second quarter as the company won some large deals in the period.

By John Ribeiro | 11 July, 2014 18:30

Tags: business issues, offshoring, services, infosys, outsourcing, financial results

Samsung gives its app store a makeover with a focus on Galaxy devices

Samsung Electronics has updated and rebranded its app store, in an apparent bid to cut into Google's revenue from its Play store for apps running on Android devices.

By John Ribeiro | 11 July, 2014 15:55

Tags: mobile applications, Android OS, Samsung Electronics, mobile

Amazon seeks US exemption to test delivery drones has asked the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration permission to test drones outdoors for use in its Prime Air package delivery service.

By John Ribeiro | 11 July, 2014 12:22

Tags: popular science, e-commerce,, transportation, Federal Aviation Administration, internet, industry verticals

US lawmaker asks FTC to probe implications of Facebook 'big data' experiment

A U.S. senator has asked the Federal Trade Commission to scrutinize the use of big data by Facebook and other Internet companies, following a controversy over a Facebook experiment on some of its users.

By John Ribeiro | 10 July, 2014 15:42

Tags: U.S. Federal Trade Commission, Internet-based applications and services, regulation, internet, government, Facebook

US Senate Intelligence Committee approves cybersecurity bill

The U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee approved Tuesday a cybersecurity bill that would pave the way for sharing of information between government and the private sector on security threats.

By John Ribeiro | 09 July, 2014 15:34

Tags: U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee, security, government, legislation

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