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Facebook signals deeper push into e-commerce with Pages redesign

Facebook is making changes to its Pages service to attract more businesses, in part by giving them a new way to showcase their products.

By Zach Miners | 09 September, 2015 03:50

Tags: Facebook

Google expands its US e-commerce and delivery service in the Midwest

Google is expanding its online shopping and delivery service, by making overnight deliveries of retail items available in six states in the Midwest.

By Zach Miners | 08 September, 2015 22:53

Tags: Google

Uber links to sensitive ride data now expire after 48 hours

Uber has tweaked one of the features in its app after it was shown to let sensitive trip data become publicly accessible through Google.

By Zach Miners | 04 September, 2015 21:54

Tags: Uber

Firefox coming to iOS this year, Mozilla says

Mozilla hopes to have its version of Firefox for iOS devices out by the end of the year as part of its push to grow its share of mobile traffic.

Uber ride data publicly accessible through Google

On Thursday, a site-specific search on Google for produced dozens of links to Uber rides that have been completed and cancelled, in countries around the world including the U.S., England, Russia, France and Mexico.

By Zach Miners | 03 September, 2015 23:39

Tags: Uber

Airbnb has built an Apple Watch app, for messaging your host

Airbnb is trying its hand at the Apple Watch, with a new app for that device focused on messaging between users of its home rental service.

Indian woman allegedly raped by Uber driver withdraws suit

The incident, and others like it, have heightened concerns around the safety of Uber and its screening procedures for drivers.

By Zach Miners | 02 September, 2015 02:15

Tags: Uber

LinkedIn spruces up messaging ... and adds GIFs and emojis

Buttoned down LinkedIn is adding a touch of modern to its messaging client, streamlining its design while also adding support for digital media like stickers, emojis and GIFs.

Instagram pushes deeper into messaging

It'll now be easier for the 300 million users of the popular Instagram photo-sharing app to share private messages.

By Zach Miners | 01 September, 2015 22:27

Tags: Facebook

Nest thermostat gets bigger display, can monitor furnace health

Google's Nest division is releasing a new version of its thermostat that has a bigger display and is a little smarter than its predecessor.

By Zach Miners | 01 September, 2015 16:00

Tags: Google

Google to expand tests of self-driving cars in Texas with its own prototypes

Google will for the first time take its marshmallow-shaped self-driving car beyond its home turf in California and onto the streets of Austin, Texas.

By Zach Miners | 01 September, 2015 00:01

Tags: Google

Teen jailed for supporting ISIS on Twitter

A 17-year-old Virginia resident has been sentenced to more than 11 years in prison, after he used Twitter to provide financial and recruiting support to the extremist Islamic group known as ISIS.

By Zach Miners | 29 August, 2015 02:06

Tags: Isis, twitter

Facebook hits milestone: One billion people logged in on Monday

Earlier this week, one billion people logged into Facebook in a single day, marking a new milestone for the social network.

By Zach Miners | 28 August, 2015 00:43

Tags: Facebook

Facebook to crack down on pirated videos

Facebook is improving its technology to better identify videos uploaded to its site without the permission of copyright holders.

By Zach Miners | 27 August, 2015 23:16

Tags: Facebook

Google calls European Union antitrust charges 'unfounded'

Google is fighting charges brought against it by the European Commission over how it presents online shopping services, potentially setting up a lengthy legal battle between the company and the regulator.

By Zach Miners | 27 August, 2015 20:24

Tags: Google

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