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ICANN chief to leave office early, may miss key transition

The ICANN leader who kicked off the Internet organization's move away from U.S. government control will leave his post early, possibly before the transition is finished.

By Stephen Lawson | 22 May, 2015 10:41

Tags: ICANN, internet

Want smart-home devices to get along? Get the industry to do it first

Buying one slick connected device after another until you have a smart home sounds cool, but things may not work out that smoothly.

By Stephen Lawson | 21 May, 2015 08:26

Tags: consumer electronics, Parks Associates, Time Warner Cable, Internet of Things, EnergyHub, internet, Verizon Communications

Qualcomm makes its pitch as the go-to player for IoT

The stars of smartphones want to become legends in the Internet of Things, a world that could become much bigger than cellular but will require more than handset experience for a winning run.

By Stephen Lawson | 15 May, 2015 08:57

Tags: Internet of Things, qualcomm, Components, internet

Samsung's Artik is the latest tool for the IoT gold rush

In California's first gold rush, the real winners were people in San Francisco who "mined the miners," selling tools and supplies to everyone out looking for shiny metal. A century and a half later, the same thing is happening with the Internet of Things, where big vendors are plying IoT startups with software, hardware and services.

By Stephen Lawson | 14 May, 2015 04:34

Tags: Internet of Things, Samsung Electronics, internet

IBM Cloud will reach back into tape for low-cost storage

In the new world of cloud storage, there's still room for old standbys like tape. IBM says combining them can save enterprises money.

By Stephen Lawson | 12 May, 2015 05:29

Tags: IBM, storage, cloud computing, internet

Facebook's software smarts put cold storage on a power diet

When it comes to storage, Facebook is learning to do more with less.

By Stephen Lawson | 08 May, 2015 06:48

Tags: Internet-based applications and services, storage, social networking, cloud computing, internet, Facebook

FCC asks how LTE can share the airwaves with Wi-Fi

A way to let cellular operators share Wi-Fi frequencies without jamming up Internet service is now in the spotlight at the U.S. Federal Communications Commission.

By Stephen Lawson | 06 May, 2015 07:34

Tags: 4g, telecommunication, Networking, wireless, U.S. Federal Communications Commission, mobile, WLANs / Wi-Fi

EMC hopes to extend ViPR Controller's reach with open-source release

EMC will release its ViPR Controller storage automation and control software as an open-source project, letting third parties develop their own services and applications on top of it and possibly make ViPR work with more parts of enterprise storage environments.

By Stephen Lawson | 06 May, 2015 03:16

Tags: EMCWORLD, storage, emc

VCE's VxRack systems want to be Vblocks for the next generation

EMC's VCE division wants to take the engineered systems approach it's honed with its Vblocks into next-generation mobile and cloud applications.

By Stephen Lawson | 05 May, 2015 07:37

Tags: EMCWORLD, Cisco Systems, storage, cloud computing, internet, VMware, emc

EMC's XtremIO gets bigger, packs in more flash

EMC says enterprises like its XtremIO all-flash storage array, so in version 4.0, the company is offering more of it.

By Stephen Lawson | 05 May, 2015 02:17

Tags: EMCWORLD, storage, emc

Oracle says it could win if a rival buys Salesforce

Oracle will probably come out ahead if one of its rivals buys, because it would turn Oracle's superior focus into an even greater advantage, according to Co-CEO Safra Catz.

By Stephen Lawson | 01 May, 2015 11:32

Tags: cloud computing, internet, Oracle

Salesforce said to be fielding buyout offers

Salesforce is working with financial advisors to field bids after being approached by an unnamed party about a possible buyout, according to a Bloomberg report.

By Stephen Lawson | 30 April, 2015 05:20

Tags: business issues,, software, Mergers and acquisitions

HDS big-data tools should help IT, mobile health workers

Hitachi Data Systems is aiming its big-data expertise at health care and enterprise IT departments with specialized products for combining types of information.

By Stephen Lawson | 29 April, 2015 10:49

Tags: hitachi data systems, storage, cloud computing, internet

US trade judge rules against Microsoft in phone patents case

Microsoft has lost the latest round in a patent-infringement case that could lead to an import ban on its phones.

By Stephen Lawson | 28 April, 2015 09:33

Tags: Microsoft, intellectual property, patent, legal, mobile, InterDigital

Box wants to be a platform for easy-to-write enterprise apps

A developer edition of Box will allow enterprises to build applications on top of the company's content collaboration and sharing capabilities without using the Box user interface or requiring users to have a Box account.

By Stephen Lawson | 23 April, 2015 08:48

Tags: storage, cloud computing, internet, Box

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