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Want an IPv4 address? Get in line

The stockpile of unused IPv4 addresses in North America has fallen so low that there's now a waiting list.

By Stephen Lawson | 02 July, 2015 05:07

Tags: ARIN, internet

AllSeen cuts the ribbon on a bridge to other IoT worlds

The AllSeen Alliance is expanding the reach of its AllJoyn Internet of Things framework with bridging software that lets other types of devices look like part of the same family.

By Stephen Lawson | 30 June, 2015 22:00

Tags: Internet of Things, Microsoft, internet, AllSeen Alliance

Cisco says its IoT parts are now a whole

The Internet of Things System that Cisco Systems introduced on Monday at long last ties together a broad range of IoT parts from the company, but users may want to take a close look at what this really gives them.

By Stephen Lawson | 30 June, 2015 04:21

Tags: Cisco Systems, Internet of Things, internet

Need a bridge on Mars? Send a bunch of robots

The bridge to the future may be built by robots.

By Stephen Lawson | 26 June, 2015 06:56

Tags: harvard university, robotics

Juniper, Ruckus join hands with an eye on mobile growth

The newly-announced alliance between Juniper Networks and Ruckus Wireless underscores the importance of Wi-Fi in enterprises, where employees increasingly work and access cloud applications on mobile devices.

By Stephen Lawson | 24 June, 2015 05:59

Tags: Networking, wireless, WLANs / Wi-Fi, Ruckus Wireless, juniper networks

IMT-2020 is the future of mobile - but you can keep calling it 5G

There's finally something real to 5G: a name.

By Stephen Lawson | 23 June, 2015 05:34

Tags: itu, mobile

Google's datacentres grow too fast for normal networks, so it builds its own

Google has been building its own software-defined datacentre networks for 10 years because traditional gear can't handle the scale of what are essentially warehouse-sized computers.

By Stephen Lawson | 19 June, 2015 05:23

Tags: Google, Networking, internet, search engines

Wi-Fi and LTE join up for gigabit mobile service in Korea

What happens if you combine the best of Wi-Fi and cellular networks? In South Korea, consumers get gigabit-speed service to their phones.

By Stephen Lawson | 17 June, 2015 05:08

Tags: KT, Networking, wireless, Samsung Electronics, mobile, WLANs / Wi-Fi

Qualcomm may adapt LTE into a network anyone can deploy

As if the all the controversy over LTE networks crowding out Wi-Fi isn't enough, a new technology in the works at Qualcomm Research might allow a lot more people to set them up.

By Stephen Lawson | 16 June, 2015 06:03

Tags: 4g, telecommunication, Networking, wireless, qualcomm, mobile, WLANs / Wi-Fi

CTIA sues over another cellphone radiation law

The mobile industry is trying to shoot down another law requiring cellphone radiation warnings.

By Stephen Lawson | 09 June, 2015 10:45

Tags: telecommunication, consumer electronics, Carriers, smartphones, Civil lawsuits, legal, ctia, mobile

For its next feat, Google will try to make you eat your vegetables

If your image of the Google cafeteria is a bunch of portly coders tucking into steak and lobster every night, think again: Silicon Valley's cream of the crop is going on a diet.

By Stephen Lawson | 06 June, 2015 11:37

Tags: agriculture, Google, industry verticals, internet

Shopping for Wave 2 Wi-Fi? Don't rush into it

The new world of Wi-Fi is a bit like the proverbial airplane being built in mid-air: Unless you really need to enter the new world of LANs right now, it might make sense to hold off. A case in point is the first 802.11ac Wave 2 access point from Cisco Systems, introduced on Tuesday in advance of the Cisco Live conference next week.

By Stephen Lawson | 05 June, 2015 00:24

Tags: Cisco Systems, Networking, wireless, WLANs / Wi-Fi

Pure says users can upgrade the same all-flash array for a decade

Enterprise storage is a long-term bet. Pure Storage, a growing maker of all-flash arrays, is reshuffling the deck on that gamble in a way that might save IT departments time and money.

By Stephen Lawson | 02 June, 2015 04:06

Tags: storage, Pure Storage

Apple acquires Metaio with a view to augmented reality

Apple has taken a big step into augmented reality by acquiring Metaio, a German company whose technology has been used by Macy's, BMW and furniture retailer Ikea.

By Stephen Lawson | 29 May, 2015 11:12

Tags: business issues, Metaio, Apple, Mergers and acquisitions

Chip maker Avago may be close to buying Broadcom

Avago Technologies is in advanced talks to acquire Broadcom in a potential deal that could mark the latest consolidation in the global semiconductor industry, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.

By Stephen Lawson | 28 May, 2015 05:54

Tags: business issues, broadcom, Avago Technologies, Components, Mergers and acquisitions

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