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Quantum bringing public cloud into virtual storage fold

Data management specialist Quantum wants to make it easier for enterprises to combine two of the major trends in storage: virtualization and public clouds.

By Stephen Lawson | 27 January, 2015 16:05

Tags: storage, quantum

Conference calls a waste of time? In 1915, this one made history

These days, making a call across the U.S. is so easy that people often don't even know they're talking coast to coast. But 100 years ago Sunday, it took a hackathon, a new technology and an international exposition to make it happen.

By Stephen Lawson | 24 January, 2015 10:47

Tags: telephony, popular science, telecommunication, at&t

AT&T opens doors between UC platforms and gives enterprises the keys

Enterprises want open communication with the people they do business with -- but not too open.

By Stephen Lawson | 23 January, 2015 11:44

Tags: Internet-based applications and services, instant messaging, Carriers, telecommunication, at&t

Google looks to become a mobile carrier

Google has laid the groundwork for its own cellular service by buying capacity on the networks of Sprint and T-Mobile USA, according to news reports.

By Stephen Lawson | 22 January, 2015 13:54

Tags: Google, sprint nextel, mobile, T-Mobile USA

FreedomPop launches $5 unlimited Wi-Fi service, plans Wi-Fi phone

Upstart mobile carrier FreedomPop is adding an unlimited data, voice and messaging plan for US$5 per month using Wi-Fi hotspots, and it plans to sell a Wi-Fi-only phone to use on the service.

By Stephen Lawson | 22 January, 2015 12:19

Tags: FreedomPop, telecommunication, Carriers, Networking, wireless, mobile, WLANs / Wi-Fi

Cisco building switch ports to feed faster Wi-Fi

Cisco Systems is forging ahead with LAN switches designed to support faster Wi-Fi access points even while an Ethernet standard for the technology they use is still taking shape.

By Stephen Lawson | 21 January, 2015 00:01

Tags: networking hardware, Cisco Systems, Networking, wireless, WLANs / Wi-Fi, switches

Internet venture funding hits a post-2000 record last year

U.S. venture funding for Internet startups last year rose to its highest level since 2000, as even controversial companies like Uber Technologies attracted big bets on the future.

By Stephen Lawson | 16 January, 2015 16:04

Tags: business issues, Uber, SnapChat, Dow Jones VentureSource, investments, Mergers and acquisitions

Samsung buying BlackBerry might be a good idea

Samsung's reported offer of up to $US7.5 billion for BlackBerry may turn out to be only a rumor, but such a match might make sense for both sides.

By Stephen Lawson | 15 January, 2015 13:31

Tags: Blackberry, business issues, Samsung Electronics, mobile, Mergers and acquisitions

Samsung, BlackBerry flatly deny talking about a buyout

Samsung Electronics and BlackBerry have both denied a report that they met to to discuss a proposed US$7.5 billion buyout by the South Korean powerhouse.

By Stephen Lawson | 15 January, 2015 10:38

Tags: business issues, Blackberry, consumer electronics, Samsung Electronics, mobile, Mergers and acquisitions

Intel-backed OIC advances in fast-moving IoT standards race

Internet of Things industry groups are in high gear, driving toward standards they hope will define how connected devices work together for years to come.

By Stephen Lawson | 15 January, 2015 09:54

Tags: Internet of Things, internet, AllSeen Alliance, Open Interconnect Consortium

Verizon service could turn millions more vehicles into connected cars

The owners of more than 200 million cars in the U.S. will be able to monitor their vehicles and get roadside assistance through a service Verizon will offer in by mid-year for US$14.99 per month.

By Stephen Lawson | 14 January, 2015 07:59

Tags: Automotive, mobile, industry verticals, Verizon Wireless, Verizon Communications

Citrix buys Sanbolic to virtualize storage for VDI, app delivery

Citrix Systems has acquired storage virtualization vendor Sanbolic in a move that could make it easier for Citrix users to use applications and virtual desktops spread across data centers and clouds.

By Stephen Lawson | 13 January, 2015 06:31

Tags: Sanbolic, business issues, virtualization, Citrix Systems, storage, Mergers and acquisitions

These IoT networks are 'unapologetically slow'

While the International CES emphasised home networks and LTE-equipped cars, a different kind of network that can send tiny messages across a city crept toward a future that some people think may be huge.

By Stephen Lawson | 10 January, 2015 10:49

Tags: CES, Cisco Systems, IBM, Internet of Things, LoRa Alliance, mobile, singtel, internet, SigFox

BlackBerry's IoT plans start close to home: cars, asset tracking

BlackBerry is taking the same approach with its Internet of Things platform, launched Wednesday at International CES, as it is with its handset business: Aim at its core markets.

By Stephen Lawson | 08 January, 2015 09:00

Tags: Blackberry, CES, mobile

AllJoyn IoT platform reaches out to the Internet for remote control

The AllJoyn system for connecting and controlling multiple Internet of Things devices can now reach beyond a home or office.

By Stephen Lawson | 07 January, 2015 13:56

Tags: CES, Internet of Things, qualcomm, AllSeen Alliance, internet

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