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Angular 1.5.0 paves the way for Angular 2

The new release focuses on components and ES6 improvements, helping developers more closely approximate the way apps are structured in Angular 2

Android Studio 2.0 beta speeds up app restarts

Google updates Instant Run, Android Emulator, and Android Debug Bridge in the latest revision of its IDE

SamsaraJS: fork juices mobile Web UIs

The library provides native-like app experiences and takes on the mobile Web's performance issues

JetBrains fixes Kotlin JVM bugs ahead of general release

The release candidate also features improved Java interoperability

Cheerp creator: Our C++-to-JavaScript compiler beats Emscripten

Cheerp 1.2 offers speedier compilation with no memory size limitations

Citrine borrows from Ruby, JavaScript, C for object-oriented programming

The open source language is still in development and emphasizes simplicity and readability

Microsoft extends Cordova mobile dev to Visual Studo Code editor

The Cordova Tools extension provides new ways to build, debug, and preview apps with Visual Studio Code

Microsoft’s TypeScript gets fitted with better compilation

Version of 1.8 of the JavaScript superset also has improvements in the use of third-party libraries

By Paul Krill | 29 January, 2016 22:57

Tags: Microsoft

Zing! Azul JVM raises the roof for in-memory Java applications

At 2TB capacity, the Zing JVM allows applications to use all the memory in large servers without stuttering or stalling

Eclipse Che launches the cloud IDE revolution

Che is a dynamically provisioned on-demand IDE that provides an open source alternative to the JetBrains IntelliJ Java IDE

GitLab rev zeroes in on speed, search, and GitHub

On the occasion of its 50th release, GitLab challenges GitHub with performance monitoring and faster search

Facebook retools VR, streaming for video boom

New infrastructure, advanced encoding techniques, and machine learning will handle Facebook's massive increase in video volume

Bitbucket upgrade goes toe to toe with GitHub

Atlassian takes on the hosting leader with an upgrade to its Git code management platform for easier use among distributed teams

Node.js welcomes Microsoft’s Chakra JavaScript engine

Node has traditionally been focused on Google's V8 JavaScript engine, but adding ChakraCore support will allow developers to target more platforms

Jooby framework simplifies Java Web development

The framework offers modular, stateless development so it scales easily, has a low learning curve, and keeps it simple (stupid)

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