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Node.js discloses two critical security vulnerabilities

The Node.js Foundation revealed a denial-of-service and an out-of-bounds access issue and said that fixes will come next week

Android Studio 2.0 zeroes in on improved workflow

A preview version of the IDE also highlights emulation and GPU profiling

Android Studio upgrade improves memory profiler

Android Studio 1.5 also fixes bugs and improves lint checks for static code analysis

PHP 7.0 delayed, but release candidate available

In order to address some lingering bugs, the PHP team pushed back the 7.0 release two weeks

Angular-Meteor links JavaScript frameworks

Version 1.2 features build system improvements and ECMAScript compliance

Google engineers craft a Dart framework for iOS and Android

The UI framework uses its own rendering engine to draw widgets

Google Go turns 6 as new release nears

The open source language celebrates its sixth birthday and looks to the release of version 1.6 in early 2016

Node.js takes center stage in NetBeans 8.1

NetBeans adds capabilities for the server-side JavaScript platform, as well as boosts for PHP and C++

Oracle proposal clarifies Java API deprecations

JDK Enhancement Proposal 227 would offer better information on deprecation and log the usage of deprecated APIs

JavaScript upgrade will nix object observation feature

The technology landscape has changed since Object.observe was first created, limiting its present usefulness

Babel JavaScript compiler goes modular

Performance and API improvements round out a major revision for the ECMAScript 2015-compliant platform

For Vue.js, components power interactive Web interfaces

With Vue.js 1.0.0 available, main developer Evan You sees the JavaScript library becoming a top choice for building Web apps

Developers weigh JSON, security proposals for Java EE 8

At JavaOne, Oracle reveals the numerous proposals under consideration for inclusion in Java EE 8, due in 2017

By Paul Krill | 27 October, 2015 14:00

Tags: Oracle

Oracle lays out plans for the next Java generation

In celebrating Java's 20 years, former Sun CEO McNealy laments James Gosling's departure from Oracle

By Paul Krill | 26 October, 2015 14:59

Tags: Oracle

Groovy programming language thrives under Apache

Once dropped by Pivotal, the language for JVMs doubles its downloads with support from the open source software foundation

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