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Why R? The pros and cons of the R language

The R programming language is an important tool for development in the numeric analysis and machine learning spaces. With machines becoming more important as data generators, the popularity of the language can only be expected to grow. But R has both pros and cons that developers should know.

By Paul Krill | 30 June, 2015 20:09

Tags: application development, R Language, software

Rust 1.1 speeds compiling, adds new APIs

The open source Rust systems language, developed by Mozilla Research with an emphasis on speed and thread safety, has been upgraded with a 1.1 release highlighted by improved compilation.

By Paul Krill | 29 June, 2015 20:04

Tags: application development, Microsoft, software

Famous JavaScript framework steps back to move forward

In releasing an open source alpha version of the Famous Framework this week, Famous aims to revamp the division of technical responsibilities and improve on the MVC (model view controller).

By Paul Krill | 26 June, 2015 01:03

Tags: Mode, software, javascript

Eclipse's latest release train carries Docker, Java technologies

Along with the arrival of summer, late June marks the arrival of the Eclipse Foundation's annual release train, with the open source tooling organization simultaneously releasing a multitude of technologies. This year's release train, dubbed Mars, is the 10th in the series. It improves the organization's stalwart Java IDE and adds Docker accommodations.

By Paul Krill | 25 June, 2015 00:33

Tags: application development, Docker, java, software

Facebook open-sources IDE based on GitHub Atom

Facebook has begun opening up source code for its Nuclide IDE, which is designed to offer a unified experience for Web and native mobile development.

By Paul Krill | 24 June, 2015 20:07

Tags: application development, GitHub, software, Red Hat, ubuntu, Facebook

Red Hat takes the reins of OpenJDK 7

Red Hat is taking over stewardship of the OpenJDK 7 project, at the moment a generation behind the current release of Java.

By Paul Krill | 23 June, 2015 01:03

Tags: business issues, application development, Languages and standards, java, software, Red Hat, Oracle

It's official: ECMAScript 6 is approved

ECMAScript 2015, also referred to as ECMAScript 6, has been approved by ECMA International, the organization said this week. The move provides stability to the technology.

By Paul Krill | 19 June, 2015 06:17

Tags: ECMA International, software, javascript

Cleaner garbage collector wanted for Java 9

Plans are afoot to make the G1 server-style garbage collector the default collector for 32- and 64-bit Java server configurations, but there could be complications.

By Paul Krill | 19 June, 2015 00:30

Tags: java, software, Oracle

Not only Node.js: AWS Lambda adds Java support

AWS Lambda, a compute service from Amazon Web Services that bridges functional programming and the cloud, is adding Java development capabilities.

By Paul Krill | 18 June, 2015 01:01

Tags: Amazon Web Services, application development, Languages and standards, java, software

New Node.js merges in the best of io.js

Now that the reunion of Node.js and io.js factions is a done deal, Node.js users can look forward to an upcoming version that converges the two variants of the server-side JavaScript platform.

By Paul Krill | 17 June, 2015 01:32

Tags: application development, Node.js, software, Node.js Foundation

Microsoft makes it easier to extend Visual Studio

Microsoft is looking to help developers extend Visual Studio with the release of Project System Extensibility Preview.

By Paul Krill | 05 June, 2015 23:54

Tags: Microsoft, Microsoft .Net, software

N1QL: A SQL twist comes to document databases

Looking to bolster query capabilities for its NoSQL database, Couchbase this week is trumpeting the arrival of its N1QL "next-generation" declarative query language, which brings SQL-like querying to Couchbase Server, the company's distributed, JSON document datastore.

By Paul Krill | 05 June, 2015 00:35

Tags: NoSQL, CouchBase, application development, MongoDB, software

Firefox Developer Browser offers peek at app performance

With version 40 of the Firefox Developer Edition browser, Mozilla is adding performance tools to give developers a better understanding of what's happening in apps from a performance standpoint.

By Paul Krill | 03 June, 2015 20:07

Tags: Firefox, application development, software

Google's Polymer Web library now ready for production use

With the 1.0 release of its Polymer library, Google is pushing for a method of building Web applications that leverages the development of interoperable custom elements.

By Paul Krill | 02 June, 2015 00:33

Tags: Google, web development, internet

Google Android M focuses on a better user experience

Forging ahead with its bread-and-butter mobile platform, Google is offering a developer preview of its upcoming Android M OS, which focuses on improvements in areas ranging from app permissions to mobile payments.

By Paul Krill | 29 May, 2015 20:14

Tags: consumer electronics, Google, Android, smartphones

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