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PayPal cited for 'reckless disregard' of US sanctions

PayPal has reached a $7.7 million settlement with the U.S. Treasury for ignoring U.S. sanctions and allowing money transfers to accounts linked to Iran, Cuba, terrorism and weapons of mass destruction.

By Martyn Williams | 26 March, 2015 06:41

Tags: regulation, Civil lawsuits, legal, paypal, Financial regulation and compliance, government, business management

New York threatens action if RadioShack sells customer data

New York's Attorney General says his office will take "appropriate action" if personal data on millions of RadioShack customers is handed over as part of a just-concluded bankruptcy sale.

By Martyn Williams | 26 March, 2015 05:19

Tags: RadioShack, regulation, security, legal, government, privacy

Stanford breakthrough could make better chips cheaper

Researchers at Stanford University have come up with a new way to make chips and solar panels using gallium arsenide, a semiconductor that beats silicon in several important areas but is typically too expensive for widespread use.

By Martyn Williams | 25 March, 2015 09:28

Tags: Components, processors, Stanford University, memory

Amazon blasts FAA on drone approvals, regulations

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration is taking too long to approve drone tests and isn't looking far enough into the future as it prepares rules for commercial drone flight, an Amazon executive told lawmakers on Tuesday.

By Martyn Williams | 25 March, 2015 07:44

Tags: amazon, popular science, robotics, regulation, U.S. Federal Aviation Administration, legislation, government

FAA unclips wings of commercial drones

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration has further loosened restrictions on commercial drone flight, removing the need for companies to obtain airspace clearance for flying approved drones.

By Martyn Williams | 25 March, 2015 05:49

Tags: popular science, regulation, robotics, U.S. Federal Aviation Administration, government

Android's smart lock now detects when you carry your phone

Google is adding a feature to Android's smart lock that could significantly cut down on the number of times users need to enter a passcode to unlock their phones while they are out and about.

By Martyn Williams | 21 March, 2015 08:05

Tags: consumer electronics, Google, Android, smartphones

California bill would clamp down on AirBnB tax evaders

Legislation introduced in the California state senate this week seeks to ensure that people renting out homes or rooms on sites like AirBnB pay visitor taxes on those rentals.

By Martyn Williams | 20 March, 2015 10:09

Tags: Internet-based applications and services, Airbnb, legislation, government, internet

Amazon gets US FAA approval for drone delivery tests

Amazon's plans for a drone delivery service took a big step forward Thursday when the Federal Aviation Administration gave the company permission to begin flight tests.

By Martyn Williams | 20 March, 2015 09:05

Tags: amazon, popular science, robotics, U.S. Federal Aviation Administration

T-Mobile CEO 'fairly confident' net neutrality won't kill Music Freedom

T-Mobile's CEO says he's confident that upcoming net neutrality rules won't mean an end to the carrier's "Music Freedom" promotion that allows unrestricted music streaming from certain sites.

By Martyn Williams | 19 March, 2015 09:57

Tags: telecommunication, Carriers, regulation, U.S. Federal Communications Commission, government, T-Mobile USA

Nvidia unveils $10,000 autonomous driving computer

As thousands of dashcam videos on YouTube vividly demonstrate, drivers see the craziest things. Be it an angry bear, a low-flying aircraft or even a guy riding a shopping cart on the freeway, the videos make for entertaining viewing but also illustrate a problem facing developers of self-driving cars: how can you program a computer to make sense of all this?

By Martyn Williams | 18 March, 2015 07:21

Tags: Graphics boards, Components, nvidia, processors

State Dept. expects email back online later Monday

The U.S. Department of State expects its main unclassified email system to be back in operation later Monday after security upgrades, but wider Internet access could take longer to get back online.

By Martyn Williams | 17 March, 2015 05:55

Tags: Government use of IT, security, data breach, U.S. Department of State, government, Exploits / vulnerabilities

Facebook acquires The Find e-commerce search engine

Facebook has acquired The Find, a nine-year-old company with a search engine that indexes products across thousands of e-commerce sites.

By Martyn Williams | 14 March, 2015 08:44

Tags: business issues, Internet-based applications and services, e-commerce, The Find, social networking, internet, search engines, Mergers and acquisitions, Facebook

Google's solar-drone Internet tests about to take off

Google's ambitious plans to provide Internet access to remote areas via solar-powered drones are getting ready to take off.

By Martyn Williams | 14 March, 2015 06:26

Tags: telecommunication, Carriers, Google, Titan Aerospace, internet, Internet service providers

Austin declared a drone-free zone during SXSW

Using a drone at the South By Southwest festival might put you in jail.

By Martyn Williams | 13 March, 2015 06:55

Tags: South By Southwest, popular science, SXSW, robotics

Hillary Clinton's email system was insecure for two months

The private email system used by Hillary Clinton when she was U.S. Secretary of State didn't encrypt messages during the first two months of use, an Internet security company said on Wednesday.

By Martyn Williams | 12 March, 2015 10:06

Tags: security, Venefi

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