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Samsung, SKT to demonstrate 7.5Gbps wireless data next week

Samsung Electronics and South Korean mobile operator SK Telecom plan to demonstrate next week research into future "5G" wireless and data transmission at 7.55Gbps.

By Martyn Williams | 24 February, 2015 12:42

Tags: MWC, telecommunication, Samsung Electronics, SK Telecom

Google will acquire mobile wallet technology from Softcard

The tap-and-pay mobile payments market in the U.S. is getting a little less confusing.

By Martyn Williams | 24 February, 2015 06:19

Tags: consumer electronics, Google, Android, smartphones, Softcard

Drone backers mostly welcome US regulator's proposed rules

Supporters of drone technology gave a mostly warm response to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) proposals that would open U.S. skies to commercial drone flight.

By Martyn Williams | 18 February, 2015 12:07

Tags: amazon, popular science, robotics, Small UAV Coalition, Federal Aviation Administration, legislation, government

US aviation regulator proposes opening skies to commercial drones

The Federal Aviation Administration and Department of Transportation proposed Sunday new regulations that remove many of the barriers to commercial use of drones for applications like photography and surveying, but they don't permit the kind of automated drone use that companies like are eyeing for package delivery.

By Martyn Williams | 16 February, 2015 03:15

Tags: amazon, popular science, robotics, regulation, U.S. Federal Aviation Administration, government, U.S. Department of Transportation

FAA seen ready to open skies to commercial drones

The Federal Aviation Administration will announce on Sunday its long-awaited proposed rules for commercial operation of drones.

By Martyn Williams | 15 February, 2015 14:36

Tags: popular science, robotics, regulation, U.S. Federal Aviation Administration, government, U.S. Department of Transportation

US government courts Silicon Valley on cybersecurity

Senior U.S. government officials came to Silicon Valley on Friday to deliver a direct appeal to executives from major companies and the cybersecurity industry: work with us so the nation will be better protected from cyberattacks.

By Martyn Williams | 14 February, 2015 05:33

Tags: american express, Apple, U.S. Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center, regulation, security, legislation, government

Jeb Bush's email cache held another surprise: Viruses

In addition to personal phone numbers and email addresses for hundreds of people who corresponded with him, there's something else inside the cache of emails that Jeb Bush released this week: computer viruses.

By Martyn Williams | 13 February, 2015 10:28

Tags: security, malware, antivirus, State of Florida

China's Xiaomi takes first step into U.S. market

The biggest Android smartphone maker most Americans have probably never heard of is taking its first step into the U.S. market.

By Martyn Williams | 13 February, 2015 08:46

Tags: Xiaomi, consumer electronics, Android, smartphones

More online censorship coming to closed countries, says report

Authoritarian governments are doubling down on press censorship and becoming more adept at blocking Internet access to uncensored news sources, according to the annual World Press Freedom Index that will be published on Thursday.

By Martyn Williams | 12 February, 2015 16:02

Tags: Reporters Without Borders, internet

Drop in smartphone thefts after kill-switch introduction

The number of thefts and robberies of smartphones, particularly iPhones, is on the fall in New York, London and San Francisco, according to data to be released Wednesday.

By Martyn Williams | 11 February, 2015 16:04

Tags: Criminal, Apple, samsung, consumer electronics, Google, smartphones, legal

China seen targeting banks, military in Forbes Web attack

A Chinese hacking group infiltrated the site in November and used it to launch targeted attacks against website visitors from U.S. banking and defense companies, a cybersecurity company said on Tuesday.

By Martyn Williams | 11 February, 2015 06:40

Tags: patches, intrusion, iSight Partners, security, Invincia, malware

New database promises drone no-fly zone around your house

A California aviation enthusiast will launch on Tuesday a database that promises to allow people to set up "drone no-fly zones" around their properties.

By Martyn Williams | 10 February, 2015 16:04

Tags: popular science,, robotics, regulation, Federal Aviation Administration, government

With employee help, ID theft ring allegedly stole $700,000 in Apple gift cards

Apple products are some of the most expensive and desirable in tech so it makes sense that the company's gift cards are proving an attractive currency for criminals.

By Martyn Williams | 06 February, 2015 05:21

Tags: Apple, mac laptops, consumer electronics, security, smartphones, hardware systems, iPhone, laptops, Identity fraud / theft

New spyware targets iOS devices, steals pictures and data

A team of hackers that target governments, the military and journalists has turned its attention to the iPhone, according to Trend Micro.

By Martyn Williams | 05 February, 2015 07:27

Tags: Apple, consumer electronics, trend micro, security, mobile security, smartphones, iPhone

MobileIron seeks to secure corporate data on personal clouds

When restrictive IT policies push employees to personal smartphone apps to share corporate data, the security of that information is at risk. On Wednesday, MobileIron will release an update to its Content Security Service that seeks to plug that hole.

By Martyn Williams | 04 February, 2015 16:01

Tags: MobileIron, security, mobile security

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