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Airbnb guest suspected of stealing $35k from San Francisco home

San Francisco police suspect a woman got much more than a bed for the night when she booked a stay in the city through Airbnb earlier this year.

By Martyn Williams | 03 August, 2015 17:25

Tags: Criminal, Internet-based applications and services, Airbnb, legal, internet

Mt. Gox CEO Karpeles arrested by Japanese police

The CEO of failed Bitcoin exchange Mt.Gox was arrested in Japan early Saturday by police, according to several media reports.

By Martyn Williams | 01 August, 2015 09:13

Tags: Mt. Gox, internet

Samsung plots Galaxy S6 price cut, new phones to help business

Lackluster demand for its flagship Galaxy S6 smartphone and higher marketing costs led Samsung Electronics to another quarter of falling sales and profits in the April to June period.

By Martyn Williams | 30 July, 2015 11:06

Tags: business issues, consumer electronics, smartphones, Samsung Electronics, Android, Components, financial results, displays, memory

Google wants order in uncontrolled airspace so its Wing drones can fly

To bring order to low-altitude airspace so its Project Wing delivery drones can get off the ground, Google is proposing a set of rules for operating aircraft below 500 feet.

By Martyn Williams | 30 July, 2015 10:00

Tags: Google, regulation, robotics, government

The US Navy is 3D-printing custom drones on its ships

The U.S. Navy has been testing the use of 3D printers on its ships to produce custom drones outfitted for specialized missions.

By Martyn Williams | 30 July, 2015 09:33

Tags: Naval Postgraduate School, robotics, U.S. Navy

Amazon and Google aren't the only ones with a delivery drone

In the race to develop a drone that delivers packages, don't count out Workhorse, a truck maker based in Loveland, Ohio.

By Martyn Williams | 29 July, 2015 08:37

Tags: Workhorse,, Google, robotics

Amazon proposes drone superhighways in sky

Amazon has unveiled a bold vision for integrating drones into the skies above our cities, proposing drone superhighways that would crisscross the sky and enable thousands of unmanned vehicles to fly at high speeds under completely automated control.

By Martyn Williams | 29 July, 2015 05:24

Tags: amazon, regulation, robotics, government

Car and pedestrian collision? There'll soon be an app for that

A safety system that ties cars and smartphones together to stop those heart-stopping near misses between cars and pedestrians could be standardized by the end of this year.

By Martyn Williams | 28 July, 2015 11:30

Tags: Automotive, Honda, industry verticals

Apple Pay rival CurrentC to start rolling out in US next month

CurrentC, an electronic payment system backed by many of the biggest retailers in the U.S., will begin a limited public roll-out in August, Bloomberg News reported on Friday.

By Martyn Williams | 25 July, 2015 08:45

Tags: retail, industry verticals, Merchant Content Exchange

Honda's trippy Dream Drive is an awesome use of virtual reality

As I climbed into the Honda Pilot SUV, I didn't have high hopes.

By Martyn Williams | 25 July, 2015 08:04

Tags: popular science, Automotive, Honda, industry verticals

Hillary Clinton sent classified information via personal email

A government investigation has concluded that Hillary Clinton sent classified information through a personal email account while she served as Secretary of State, The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday.

By Martyn Williams | 25 July, 2015 04:35

Tags: U.S. Department of Justice, security, U.S. Department of State, government

Chrysler recalls 1.4m cars that were vulnerable to remote hacking

Chrysler has launched a recall of 1.4 million recent model cars that were vulnerable to being remotely accessed and controlled by hackers.

By Martyn Williams | 25 July, 2015 03:00

Tags: Fiat Chrysler, Automotive, security, industry verticals

Apple misses iPhone estimates, but sales and profits excel

Apple reported an unusual misstep in the April-to-June quarter, selling fewer iPhones than analysts had been expecting, but it wasn't all bad news from Cupertino.

By Martyn Williams | 22 July, 2015 07:03

Tags: business issues, mac laptops, smartphones, hardware systems, iPhone, desktop pcs, laptops, financial results, Mac desktops, Apple, consumer electronics

Senate bill proposes cyber security standard for cars

Cars will have to be much better protected against hacking and new privacy standards will govern data collected from vehicles under proposed legislation introduced in the U.S. Senate on Tuesday.

By Martyn Williams | 22 July, 2015 02:42

Tags: security, bmw, legislation, government

Space X Dragon spacecraft to get survival software update

Space X is giving its Dragon spacecraft a software upgrade so it might be able to save itself in the event of a rocket explosion.

By Martyn Williams | 21 July, 2015 06:19

Tags: popular science, Space X, software

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