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In Pictures: Not your father's computer science building

Computer science programs across the U.S. are designing new buildings to foster collaboration, hand-on instruction, and interdisciplinary learning.

Computer science surge sparks campus building boom

Space is tight for computer science students at the University of Washington. The program can accommodate only onethird of UW students who fulfill prerequisites and apply to the major. With lobbying support from a number of big-name tech neighbors Microsoft, Amazon and Zillow, to name a few -- the university is soliciting state funds to help pay for a second building for its Computer Science & Engineering department in Seattle. With a new building, UW expects to double its compsci enrollment.

By Ann Bednarz | 24 March, 2015 04:36

Tags: University of Washington, education, Microsoft, industry verticals, Cornell University

Shortage of security pros worsens

Companies are struggling to hire security pros, which means job options are plentiful for veteran candidates. Cisco estimates a million unfilled security jobs worldwide.

By Ann Bednarz | 10 March, 2015 02:50

Tags: security, SSP

In Pictures: Backyard ice bar gets cooler with 3D printing

We upped the tech quotient of our backyard ice bar with coasters made from 3D-printed forms.

Fave Raves 2015: What's your favorite enterprise IT product?

Do you have a favorite enterprise IT product you can't live without? Tell us about it and we'll share your raves with our readers. (Here's a link to last year's Fave Raves collection.)

By Ann Bednarz | 03 March, 2015 00:41

Tags: management, Networking, infrastructure management

IN PICTURES: 25 Valentine’s Day gifts for geek gals (and guys)

Geeks at heart, these 25 Valentine’s Day gifts are for you and yours.

By Ann Bednarz | 11 February, 2015 08:19

Tags: hardware, Valentine's Day, slideshow, gifts

Google surges into top 10 in patent race; IBM retains huge lead

Tech companies made a strong showing among the top U.S. patent recipients for 2014, with IBM dominating the rankings as it has for more than two decades.

By Ann Bednarz | 13 January, 2015 01:10

Tags: Configuration / maintenance, Apple, patents, Google, IBM, Microsoft, hardware systems, qualcomm, Data Center

15 job titles getting big salary boosts in 2015

Competition for technical talent is on the rise and so are salaries.

By Ann Bednarz | 05 January, 2015 22:07

Tags: careers, Look ahead 2015, IT management

Google tops Glassdoor's best places to work; F5 outranks Facebook, Qualcomm, Apple

Google is No. 1 among employees, according to Glassdoor's seventh annual Employees' Choice Awards.

By Ann Bednarz | 11 December, 2014 00:48

Tags: Glassdoor, LinkedIn, qualcomm, zscaler, careers, IT management, Arista Networks, Facebook, Apple, Gartner, choice, Google, Spiceworks, MongoDB, nvidia, MuleSoft, intel, Sense, Nestle, MobileIron

Air Force veteran to IT: ‘Live your dreams'

Retired Air Force Major Brian Shul isn't an IT expert, but his story of survival and recovery captivated the IT audience at a national management conference.

By Ann Bednarz | 12 November, 2014 01:29

Tags: careers, Society for Information Management, IT management

Apple admins convene in The Mini Apple

At JAMF Software's annual user conference, the venue and the attendees made an impression on me. The venue was the Guthrie Theater, a striking building in downtown Minneapolis on the banks of the Mississippi River. The attendees (1,300 people registered for the event) were Apple admins and users of JAMF's software for managing Apple devices in corporations, schools and government agencies.

By Ann Bednarz | 25 October, 2014 07:41

Tags: Apple, hardware systems, mobile apps

Life as an IT contractor

The upside of life as an IT contractor is alluring. You get to be your own boss, accept only the jobs you want, and work flexible hours. With each assignment comes the opportunity to learn new skills and gain exposure to different environments.

By Ann Bednarz | 17 October, 2014 06:16

Tags: TEKsystems, careers, IT management

In Pictures: How giant companies see the Cloud

16 large enterprises talk about their use of the Cloud, their plans, challenges they've run into and how they're approaching the skills issues.

By Ann Bednarz | 15 October, 2014 09:47

Tags: slideshow, cloud computing, The Cloud

What giant companies WON'T put in the Cloud

In our interviews with CIOs at large enterprises, we found that adoption levels vary from simple experimentation to heavy use of Cloud apps and infrastructure in public and private settings.

By Ann Bednarz | 14 October, 2014 22:07

Tags: cloud computing, internet

CIOs adopt down-to-earth Cloud strategy

CIOs are taking a pragmatic approach to Cloud computing, selectively launching SaaS applications and shifting infrastructure resources to IaaS platforms while building their own private Clouds.

By Ann Bednarz | 14 October, 2014 22:07

Tags: computerworld, Brando, cloud computing, internet

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