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Microsoft plagued by software piracy

500,000. That's the number of takedown requests Microsoft has submitted to Google just over the past month related to copyright infringement and software piracy.

R.I.P. Cisco Cius - another tablet bites the dust

Cisco is pulling the plug on its Cius tablet. Despite the fact that the Cius never really went head to head with more consumer-centric tablets, the Cisco device is nevertheless the latest victim of the iPad's dominance.

AOL patents: What's in it for Microsoft?

AOL announced that it has closed a deal to sell more than 800 patents to Microsoft. The deal is just north of a billion dollars, and it's easy to see why AOL might want to cash in on the intellectual property. What is less clear is why Microsoft is interested in the patent portfolio, or what Microsoft gains from the deal.

Opinion: Why Linux on the desktop is dead

Linux is awesome. It's a powerful, capable, flexible operating system with tremendous potential. But, it's never going to be a factor on the desktop, so don't even waste your time considering it.

Dell and HP are key to success of Windows 8 tablets

Dell is committed to joining the tablet fray once again--this time with Windows 8 tablets aimed at going head-to-head with the Apple iPad.

Opinion: Tablets won't kill the PC, just replace it

I think the idea of the "post-PC era" needs some clarification. There is much hoopla and fanfare being dedicated to dwindling PC sales, and the idea that tablets - specifically the Apple iPad - are going to be the death knell for PCs. It's not a "death", it's an "evolution" and the tablet is just the new PC.

In Pictures: Windows Server 8 - Ten features managers will love

These new and improved features in Windows Server 8 will make many Windows administrators very happy.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 doomed by price

There are reports of alleged pricing information being leaked for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. Assuming the information is accurate, Samsung has apparently not learned any lessons from its tablet experience thus far, or from the challenges and failures of its rivals.

LG deal means bigger Android payday for Microsoft

Microsoft's final curtain at CES 2012 has come with some well-deserved attention for Windows Phone devices.

Five tips to avoid malware in mobile apps

Smartphones and tablets are evolving from niche luxury devices to mainstream consumer gadgets. As mobile devices become a ubiquitous part of the mainstream culture, malware developers are paying attention and are anxious to exploit the fertile new territory.

By Tony Bradley | 15 November, 2011 02:40

Tags: telecommunication, applications, ios, Android, mobile, malware, Apple, consumer electronics, mcafee, security, smartphones, Cell Phones, Mobile OSes

Kindle Fire creates dilemma for Android

The Amazon Kindle Fire is living up to its name by setting the tablet market on fire. Pre-orders of the as yet unreleased tablet have been phenomenal. The success of the Kindle Fire, however, puts Android tablets in general between a rock and a hard place.

By Tony Bradley | 12 November, 2011 03:48

Tags: Motorola, consumer electronics, apple ipad, smartphones, hardware systems, Android, tablets, Kindle Fire, tablet PC, Apple

HP delays decision on fate of webOS

A little birdie (The Verge) revealed earlier today that HP's new CEO Meg Whitman had scheduled an all-hands meeting for the WebOS crew. The news sparked speculation that HP had perhaps found a suitor for the mobile platform, but those predictions turned up false.

By Tony Bradley | 10 November, 2011 01:59

Tags: HP, webOS, hardware systems, tablets, Hewlett-Packard

Microsoft leaves Duqu worm exploit unpatched

Today is Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday for the month of November--the eleventh Patch Tuesday of 2011. It is a light month from Microsoft, with only four security bulletins. The big news, though, is that a zero day flaw being exploited by the Duqu worm is not among the vulnerabilities fixed by Microsoft today.

By Tony Bradley | 09 November, 2011 08:48

Tags: spam, antispam, symantec, Microsoft, viruses, security, phishing, intel

Opinion: The problem with Android

Android is the leading smartphone platform with a diverse array of devices available from a variety of manufacturers, and from virtually every wireless carrier. As capable as the Android OS might be, though, its diversity is also one of its greatest handicaps.

By Tony Bradley | 28 October, 2011 04:29

Tags: Motorola, consumer electronics, Google, smartphones, Cell Phones, Android

Nokia Lumia smartphones are disappointing

When you show up late to a party, you should at least bring a bottle of wine (or a case of beer depending on the party). Nokia's highly-anticipated launch of Windows Phone 7.5 "Mango" smartphones comes fairly late in the game, and doesn't seem to add anything to make it worth the wait.

By Tony Bradley | 28 October, 2011 03:30

Tags: consumer electronics, htc, Microsoft, smartphones, Cell Phones, Nokia, windows phone 7

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