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Windows Phone 8 seen cementing developer loyalty to Microsoft

Windows Phone 8, which Microsoft partially unveiled this week, is the company’s third version of its mobile OS. And for some experienced Windows Phone developers, Microsoft got it all right.

Microsoft previews Windows Phone 8

Microsoft today unveiled a revamped Windows Phone mobile OS that will share key core elements with Windows 8. It also revealed a much more customizable Metro user interface, and changes designed to make the OS more acceptable to corporate IT groups.

Windows Phone 8 "sneak peak" due today

Microsoft later today is expected to unveil at least some of the next version of its Windows Phone mobile operating system. But given the platform's miniscule market share, will anyone really care?

iPhone 5 rumour rollup for the week ending June 15

Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference rescued the iOSphere from terminal radiation cooling and created a powerful thermal inversion: the hot air of refueled rumoring trapping the cool air of reason.

Apple's mobile priorities to headline today's WWDC

Apple's secrecy is legendary, and it only fuels the intense speculation of what the company might announce at today's opening keynote at 1 p.m. EDT at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco. So a more fruitful approach might be to focus on Apple's challenges and opportunities.

iPhone 5 rumour rollup for the week ending June 8

With Apple's annual Worldwide Developer Conference just days away, the yearning iOSphere seethes with rumors, alarums and frights.

In Pictures: Coolest, hottest and strangest gadgets from Taiwan's Computex 2012 show

Windows 8 is hot, the devices are strange, and the experimentation is cool

Beyond 'five bars' – new software opens a window into cellular links

New client-server software from NetMotion Wireless now gives IT groups a ton of information on how cellular data links are performing for mobile workers.

Mojix extends its wide-area RFID product for enterprises

Mojix has released a new version of its wide-area RFID tag reading product, now capable of reading tags 600 or more feet away.

11ac chip with NFC, Bluetooth unveiled by Marvell

The next generation of Wi-Fi -- the superfast IEEE 802.11ac standard -- will integrate a range of wireless technologies on the same chip, as Marvell showed this week at Taiwan's giant annual Computex show. The semiconductor vendor announced a chip that will include 11ac with Bluetooth and near-field communications (NFC).

New HTML5 control blends Web with native mobile apps

A new HTML5 Browser Control lets enterprise mobile app developers quickly blend dynamic Web content with native and hybrid apps, using the cross-platform tools and middleware from Verivo Software.

iPhone 5 rumour rollup for the week ending June 1

It's amazing Apple hasn't sunk, given how many purported leaks began spouting blueprints, parts and chips this past week. The iOSphere pulled on its boots and began splashing in the puddles, with Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference drawing near.

Jailbreak of Apple iOS 5.1.1 due 'in days'

Hackers claim to be just days away from jailbreaking Apple devices running iOS 5.1.1, the latest firmware release for iPhones and iPads, letting users load applications from outside of Apple's iTunes App Store.

iPhone 5 rumour roll up for the week ending May 18

Perhaps the Next iPhone won't be called iPhone 5 but the Zombie iPhone, in honor of the new spate of rumors that the late Steve Jobs is still with us in a sense, as the chief designer of the upcoming handset.

Cisco's wireless unit shifts emphasis to "mobility"

Cisco's Wireless Networking Business Unit doesn't actually talk so much about wireless networking these days. Increasingly, its message aimed at IT groups is about the broader concept of "mobility."

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