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Network security primer: What is access control?

Access control is a complicated technology that’s key to strong security.

Attention whitehats, The FTC wants you to lead new privacy, security push

The FTC’s PrivacyCon will include brief privacy and security research presentations, along with expert panel discussions on the latest privacy and security challenges facing consumers. Whitehat researchers and academics will discuss the latest security vulnerabilities, explain how they can be exploited to harm consumers, and highlight research affecting consumer privacy and data security.

By Michael Cooney | 28 August, 2015 19:16

Tags: data breaches, ftc

The ultimate auto-pilot software gets $15M boost

DARPA says the Aircrew Labor In-Cockpit Automation System or ALIAS program, which was announced in 2014 envisions a tailorable, drop-in, removable software kit that allows the addition of high levels of automation into existing aircraft. “Specifically, ALIAS intends to control sufficient features to enable management of all flight activities, including failure of aircraft systems, and permit an operator to act as a monitor with the ability to intervene, allowing the operator to focus on higher level mission objectives,” DARPA stated.

By Michael Cooney | 27 August, 2015 21:41

Tags: DARPA, software

DARPA: Current DDoS protection isn’t cutting it

The DARPA program, called Extreme DDoS Defense (XD3) looks to :
• thwart DDoS attacks by dispersing cyber assets (physically and/or logically) to complicate adversarial targeting
• disguise the characteristics and behaviors of those assets to confuse or deceive the adversary
• blunt the effects of attacks that succeed in penetrating other defensive measures by using adaptive mitigation techniques on endpoints such as mission‐critical servers.

By Michael Cooney | 26 August, 2015 00:13

Tags: ddos, DARPA

DARPA: What are the extreme challenges facing optics and imaging?

DARPA said its s requesting industry feedback on what it called the extreme challenge problems in optics and imaging.
“For the purposes of this RFI, extreme challenges encompass systems, components, devices, processing schemes, or design/optimization tools that drastically outperform the current state of the art, and expand the limits of what is typically deemed possible using conventional design methodologies. Responses should completely alter the current design paradigm of a given extreme challenge, and pave the way for fundamentally unique solutions; incremental, evolutionary advances are not of interest.”

DARPA wants low-power chips that handle high-impact applications

DARPA this week announced a new program called Circuit Realization At Faster Timescales (CRAFT) that looks to radically alter and shorten the design cycle for custom integrated circuits by a factor of 10. It takes on the order of 2.5 years to design and fabricate a custom integrated circuit design for DoD. DARPA wants to see the CRAFT program get that development down to the neighborhood of 30 weeks.

In Pictures: The weirdest, wackiest and coolest sci/tech stories of 2015 (so far!)

We’re talking Pluto, Earth 2.0, Brain algorithms, software coding and tons more.

By Michael Cooney | 28 July, 2015 09:19

Tags: tech hive, coding, sci-fi, slideshow, Earth 2.0. brain algorithms, Pluto, science fiction

In Pictures: NASA’s cool, radical and visionary concepts

From satellite swarms to interstellar subs NASA is advancing transformative aerospace projects.

By Michael Cooney | 09 July, 2015 07:49

Tags: interstellar subs, NASA, aerospace, slideshow, satellite swarms

In Pictures: Hot stuff - The coolest drones

From unmanned aircraft swarms to space systems, drones are hot.

By Michael Cooney | 25 May, 2015 12:13

Tags: retail, products, security, drones

IBM unbolts vast threat database to fight cybercrimes

IBM today took cybersecurity threat sharing to a new level it opened its vast library of security intelligence data to public or private entities building defenses against cybercrimes.

By Michael Cooney | 17 April, 2015 04:37

Tags: cybersecurity, IRS, IBM, security, legal, cybercrime

In Pictures: Hailing 50 spectacular years of spacewalking

Many have taken the plunge outside the their spacecraft to fix problems, make adjustments and even hit a golf ball. Take a look at some of the milestones of spacewalking.

By Michael Cooney | 24 March, 2015 09:23

Tags: tech hive, slideshow, spacewalking

IBM: Mobile app security stinks

Major weaknesses in mobile application development make enterprise data vulnerable to attack.

By Michael Cooney | 20 March, 2015 05:02

Tags: IBM, mobile, mobile apps

What network technology is going to shake up your WAN?

Few areas of the enterprise are as ripe for change as the wide area network. And there are plenty of technologies -- from hybrid WAN services and software defined networking to better management tools -- lining up to push such a makeover closer to reality.

By Michael Cooney | 06 March, 2015 07:47

Tags: alcatel-lucent, Networking, cisco, CloudGenix, Avaya, LAN & WAN

FTC targets group that sends out millions of robocalls a day

Given the amount of time the FTC and others have put into curing the robocall problem, it is disheartening to hear that a group of companies for almost a year have been making billions of illegal robocalls.

By Michael Cooney | 05 March, 2015 04:14

Tags: Line, Federal Trade Commission, security, ftc, scams, LAN & WAN

Federal IT projects need critical care

Federal IT projects have hit the critical care list all too often and now watchdogs at the Government Accountability Office have moved those undertakings to its <a href="">High Risk List</a> which means Congress and the executive branch should take an extra special look at the situation.

By Michael Cooney | 12 February, 2015 05:35

Tags: security, None, fbi, Government Accountability Office

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