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SAP patches login flaw in ASE database

SAP patched a flaw on Thursday that could allow an attacker to take complete control over a database, according to security vendor Trustwave.

By Jeremy Kirk | 24 April, 2015 13:13

Tags: trustwave, security, SAP, Exploits / vulnerabilities

Hackers exploit Magento e-commerce vulnerability

Those using Magento's e-commerce platform should ensure they're using its latest software, as attackers are increasingly exploiting a flaw patched two months ago, security companies warned.

By Jeremy Kirk | 24 April, 2015 11:27

Tags: Magento, check point, security, Sucuri, Exploits / vulnerabilities

HP partners with FireEye for cyberattack investigation and response

Hewlett-Packard is partnering with computer security company FireEye to give it a technological edge in detecting and investigating cyberattacks.

By Jeremy Kirk | 22 April, 2015 11:24

Tags: business issues, HP, security, FireEye

Pushdo spamming botnet gains strength again

Computers in more than 50 countries are infected with a new version of Pushdo, a spamming botnet that has been around since 2007 and survived several attempts to shut it down.

By Jeremy Kirk | 21 April, 2015 10:12

Tags: Fidelis, antispam, security, LastLine

Streaming TV rift heads to court in New Zealand

Four New Zealand media companies filed legal proceedings Monday to prevent use of a service that lets people in the country view online entertainment content normally blocked there.

By Jeremy Kirk | 20 April, 2015 18:09

Tags: callplus, Sky Television, Lightbox, mediaworks, intellectual property, copyright, TV New Zealand, legal, Bypass Network Services

Streaming TV rift heads to court in New Zealand

Four New Zealand media companies filed legal proceedings Monday seeking to stop the use of a service that lets people in the country view online entertainment content that would normally be blocked.

Russian hackers uses Flash, Windows zero-day flaws

A fresh attack by a long-known hacking group suspected to be linked with Russia did little to mask its activity in an attack a week ago.

By Jeremy Kirk | 20 April, 2015 10:51

Tags: security, FireEye, malware

Whistleblowers at risk when using US government websites

More than two dozen U.S. government websites should be urgently upgraded to use encryption, as whistleblowers are potentially at risk, according to the American Civil Liberties Union.

By Jeremy Kirk | 17 April, 2015 12:40

Tags: American Civil Liberties Union, security, encryption

YouTube flaw allowed copying comments from one video to another

An Egypt-based security researcher said Google has fixed an interesting vulnerability he and a colleague found in YouTube.

By Jeremy Kirk | 16 April, 2015 15:59

Tags: Google, security, Exploits / vulnerabilities

Dropbox to pay security researchers for bugs

Dropbox said on Wednesday it will pay rewards to independent researchers who find software flaws in its applications, joining a growing list companies who see merit in crowdsourcing parts of their security testing.

By Jeremy Kirk | 16 April, 2015 13:06

Tags: dropbox, security, HackerOne, Exploits / vulnerabilities

AirDroid app fixes severe authentication vulnerability

AirDroid, a popular management tool for Android devices, has fixed a severe authentication software flaw in its Web interface that could give a hacker complete control over a mobile phone.

By Jeremy Kirk | 16 April, 2015 12:05

Tags: Bishop Fox, security, Sand Studio, Exploits / vulnerabilities

Internet Bug Bounty plans rewards for new tools to find vulnerabilities

A program that pays researchers for information on software vulnerabilities, the Internet Bug Bounty (IBB), will now also reward those who develop tools and techniques to spot bugs.

By Jeremy Kirk | 15 April, 2015 11:03

Tags: patches, Microsoft, security, HackerOne, Exploits / vulnerabilities, Facebook

Windows vulnerability can compromise credentials

A vulnerability found in the late 1990s in Microsoft Windows can still be used to steal login credentials, according to a security advisory released Monday.

By Jeremy Kirk | 14 April, 2015 14:28

Tags: Cylance, Microsoft, security, Exploits / vulnerabilities

In New Zealand, a legal battle looms over streaming TV

A legal battle is taking shape in New Zealand that could result in one of the first worldwide court cases to address the legality of skirting regional restrictions on web content.

By Jeremy Kirk | 14 April, 2015 11:08

Tags: intellectual property, copyright, legal, Buddle Findlay, Bypass Network Services

Chinese hacker group among first to target networks isolated from Internet

An otherwise unremarkable hacking group likely aligned with China appears to be one of the first to have targeted so-called air-gapped networks that are not directly connected to the Internet, according to FireEye.

By Jeremy Kirk | 13 April, 2015 10:56

Tags: security, FireEye, Exploits / vulnerabilities, malware

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