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Intel's MinnowBoard Max coming in late, commanding higher prices

It's been a rough start for Intel's MinnowBoard Max open-source computer, which has been delayed and is now pricier.

By Agam Shah | 31 July, 2014 08:49

Tags: hardware systems, intel

AMD's new 64-bit ARM board points way to x86 coexistence

Advanced Micro Devices is moving closer to a motherboard design that will accept both x86 and ARM chips with the shipment of its first 64-bit ARM board.

By Agam Shah | 31 July, 2014 04:36

Tags: Arm Holdings, servers, Advanced Micro Devices, hardware systems, Components, processors

Google, Linaro develop custom Android edition for Project Ara

Google is working with open-source development organization Linaro to develop a special edition of Android for the Project Ara customizable smartphone.

By Agam Shah | 30 July, 2014 03:54

Tags: Android OS, Android Open Source Project, Google, consumer electronics, Linaro, smartphones

Qualcomm planting seeds for 4K video, silicon brains in mobile devices

Smarter contextual awareness, 4K video and augmented reality are just some of the new technologies that will be offered by smartphones and tablets over the next year or so, according to Qualcomm's product blueprints.

By Agam Shah | 29 July, 2014 07:09

Tags: qualcomm, hardware systems, tablets, Components, processors

Mobile devices to get faster LP-DDR4 memory next year

Thanks to the rise of mobile gaming and 4K video, LP-DDR4 memory will reach smartphones and tablets close to two years earlier than expected, an analyst said.

By Agam Shah | 29 July, 2014 06:37

Tags: consumer electronics, hardware systems, smartphones, IHS, tablets, Components, processors

Non-IBM Power8 servers, chips to appear early next year

The first third-party chips and servers licensed to use IBM's Power architecture will be on the market early next year.

By Agam Shah | 25 July, 2014 06:08

Tags: servers, IBM, hardware systems

Apple losing its grip as top tablet company

Apple's grip on the tablet is loosening, with the iPad losing ground during the second quarter this year to Android and Windows tablets.

By Agam Shah | 25 July, 2014 02:48

Tags: Apple, hardware systems, Samsung Electronics, tablets, Lenovo

SSD prices for hybrids, ultrathin laptops to flatten next year

A shortage of solid-state drives for ultrathin laptops and hybrids will cause prices to flatten next year after dropping for the last several years, with lower prices coming again in 2016, according to a market analysis.

By Agam Shah | 24 July, 2014 06:25

Tags: SSD, Drives, storage, nvidia

Low-cost Android tablets to get 4K video with Allwinner 64-bit chip

Low-cost Android tablets with 64-bit processors and 4K video decoding capabilities could be around the corner, thanks to Allwinner's plan to ship its first 64-bit ARM processor by year end.

By Agam Shah | 24 July, 2014 02:43

Tags: hardware systems, Components, Allwinner

ARM develops second wave of 64-bit processors

ARM is developing its second wave of 64-bit processors as it tries to maintain its edge over Intel in smartphones and tablets.

By Agam Shah | 23 July, 2014 07:00

Tags: Arm Holdings, Components, processors

Nvidia's Shield gaming tablet to highlight 192-core K1 chip

Nvidia wants to bring console-style gaming to tablets with its latest 8-inch Shield Tablet, on which users will be able to play high-definition Android and PC games.

By Agam Shah | 22 July, 2014 23:03

Tags: consumer electronics, nvidia

Western Digital jumps to 6TB in budget hard drives with $299 Red

Western Digital is shipping two new 6TB hard drives as it tries to make its highest-capacity storage products affordable.

By Agam Shah | 22 July, 2014 03:48

Tags: hdd, Drives, storage, western digital

Lenovo plans new small-screen Windows tablet for US market

Lenovo has stopped sales of its existing small-screen Windows tablets in the U.S., but plans a new model for release by the end of the year.

By Agam Shah | 20 July, 2014 01:09

Tags: hardware systems, tablets, Lenovo

Dell accepting Bitcoin payments

Want to buy a laptop with bitcoins? Dell is now accepting the digital currency as a form of payment.

By Agam Shah | 19 July, 2014 06:05

Tags: Dell, e-commerce, hardware systems, internet

D-Wave wants more real-world deployments for its quantum computer

D-Wave is ready to move its quantum computer out of limited use and into more real-world deployments.

By Agam Shah | 19 July, 2014 04:50

Tags: business issues, D-Wave, financial results

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