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Intel's first Skylake chips coming in first week of August

Fancy a Mac or Windows 10 PC with Intel's new processors code-named Skylake? That will soon be possible: Intel will launch its first chips based on the new architecture in the first week of August.

By Agam Shah | 02 July, 2015 06:13

Tags: hardware systems, Components, processors, intel

HP aims for quick switch to Windows 10 on PCs, tablets

Acting quickly to move away from Windows 8, HP will start pre-installing Windows 10 across its old and new PCs and tablets within days of the release of the new OS on July 29.

By Agam Shah | 19 June, 2015 02:01

Tags: hardware systems, tablets, Hewlett-Packard

HP brings USB Type-C to low-cost tablets with Pavilion X2

Hewlett-Packard is bringing USB Type-C port to low-cost tablets with the new Pavilion X2 hybrid, but an aging Intel Atom processor scratches some of the shine off the new device.

By Agam Shah | 18 June, 2015 23:04

Tags: hardware systems, tablets, Hewlett-Packard

HP's Sprout PC becomes a 3D scanner with $US299 accessory

Hewlett-Packard has built a $US299 accessory for its Sprout PC that should allow it to function as a fairly accurate 3D scanner.

By Agam Shah | 12 June, 2015 08:19

Tags: hardware systems, Hewlett-Packard

Sony wants to bring 4K video capabilities to more digital cameras

Sony has an ambitious plan to bring 4K video-shooting capabilities to a wide range of its point-and-shoot and SLR cameras over time, and a new sensor developed by the company will make that possible.

By Agam Shah | 11 June, 2015 06:23

Tags: consumer electronics, Digital camcorders, sony

Sony brings 4K capabilities to new Cybershot cameras

Sony's new bringing the ability to shoot 4K video to cameras that fit in pockets with its two new Cybershot products.

By Agam Shah | 11 June, 2015 04:21

Tags: consumer electronics, sony

Intel to invest US$125 million in startups run by women, minorities

To encourage diversity in IT, Intel Capital has established a US$125 million investment program targeted at startups run by women and under-represented minorities.

By Agam Shah | 10 June, 2015 05:14

Tags: business issues, intel

Five new things we know about Skylake

With the upcoming release of Intel's Skylake chips, there's a lot to look forward to, including faster computers, fewer ports and wireless charging. At Computex in Taipei Intel shed more light on the new chip technology, a much hyped successor to Intel's family of Broadwell family of chips. Here are five things we learned:

By Agam Shah | 06 June, 2015 00:51

Tags: computex, hardware systems, Components, processors, intel

Acer says Predator 8 gaming tablet primed for September launch

Acer couldn't keep the mystery around the launch of its highly-anticipated Acer Predator 8-inch gaming tablet bottled up for too long.

By Agam Shah | 05 June, 2015 12:58

Tags: computex, hardware systems, tablets, acer

Asus mini-PCs pack Skylake chips, 4K video capabilities

There is a lot to look forward to in Skylake PCs, if mini-PCs from Asus showed on the Computex show floor are an indicator.

By Agam Shah | 03 June, 2015 21:34

Tags: computex, hardware systems, desktop pcs, Asustek Computer

Apple's 12-inch MacBook won't reach Thunderbolt 3 data transfer speeds

The super-slim 12-inch Apple MacBook brought a radical design change to laptops with its USB Type-C port, but it won't support faster Thunderbolt 3 data transfers.

By Agam Shah | 03 June, 2015 15:04

Tags: hardware systems, intel

AMD to launch next-generation Fiji GPUs on June 16

Gamers, buckle up -- AMD will launch its highly-anticipated graphics processing unit, code-named Fiji, on June 16 at the E3 conference.

By Agam Shah | 03 June, 2015 14:15

Tags: computex, Graphics boards, Advanced Micro Devices, Components, processors

AMD skips Chromebooks, bets on Windows 10 with new Carrizo chips

Chromebooks may be hot-ticket items, but with its sixth-generation A-series chips for mainstream laptops, AMD is placing its bets on Microsoft's Windows 10.

By Agam Shah | 03 June, 2015 11:05

Tags: computex, Advanced Micro Devices, hardware systems, Components, processors

Dell warms to AMD chips in new laptops, desktops

Dell's PCs largely use Intel chips, but the company is once again warming to AMD processors for its new Inspiron laptops and desktops.

By Agam Shah | 02 June, 2015 21:22

Tags: computex, Dell, hardware systems, desktop pcs, Components, intel

Nantero's carbon-nanotube memory could replace SSDs and DRAM

A new low-power, high-speed memory technology on the horizon could replace solid-state drives, hard drives and DRAM in PCs, and bring higher levels of storage capacity to mobile devices and wearables.

By Agam Shah | 02 June, 2015 20:01

Tags: computex, Nantero, Components, memory

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