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Looking for a low-cost laptop? Here's what you'll get

PC makers need to strip some features to make laptops affordable. Here are some things you need to be ready to sacrifice if you buy a low-cost laptop.

After a lapse, Intel looks to catch up with Moore's Law again

For Intel, the temporary inability to keep up with Moore's Law -- the foundation of its business -- was a minor embarrassment, but the company is trying hard to catch up.

By Agam Shah | 25 November, 2015 01:52

Tags: PC, Components

Business wearables a juicy target market for HP Inc.

HP Inc. is shying away from the consumer wearable market, but sees an untapped opportunity in wearables for businesses

By Agam Shah | 24 November, 2015 22:00

Tags: HP, PC, mobility, business wearables, Components, tablets

Intel taps former Qualcomm exec to run PC, IOT and software businesses

Poaching for top executives is common among chip rivals, and Intel has nabbed a top Qualcomm executive to run its PC, mobile, IoT and software businesses.

In Sailfish struggles, a cautionary tale for alternative mobile OSes

With Android and iOS dominating the mobile OS market, it's tough going for alternatives like Sailfish, now in survival mode as its maker, Jolla, moves to lay off "a big part" of its personnel.

HP's unique Elite X2 tablet can be repaired at home

HP's unique Elite X2 1012 tablet has a unique quality not found in similar devices today: It can be repaired at home.

Intel's crazy fast Optane memory, storage products to hit enthusiast PCs first

Enthusiast desktops will be the first to get Intel's new class of Optane products, which could bring much faster SSDs and memory to PCs.

Intel envisions smarter autonomous cars with Altera FPGAs

Intel said FPGAs could be used in autonomous cars and IoT devices.

Microsoft pulls Windows support from Intel's Galileo boards

Microsoft says it is pulling support for a pared-down, IoT version of Windows from Intel's Galileo board computer platform. The latest version of the board does not have the hardware capabilities to support Windows 10 IoT Core, and Microsoft will end support for earlier versions of the OS on the platform.

Future for Windows Mobile OS in smartphones is grim, Gartner says

Samsung remains the top smartphone vendor worldwide, followed by Apple.

By Agam Shah | 18 November, 2015 20:46

Tags: operating system, Gartner, Microsoft, Windows, software

Server vendors tap ARM chips to give users alternative to Intel

For a while it was hard to get a hand on an ARM, but that may not be the case soon.

By Agam Shah | 18 November, 2015 00:15

Tags: Arm, intel

Nvidia hangs on to tablet market with Shield Tablet K1, aimed at gamers

Nvidia is staying in the tablet market after being hit with a recall of its Shield Tablet, relaunching the device under a new name and at a lower price.

Japan chases title of world's fastest computer with new system

Japan is developing a new supercomputer that could be among the world's fastest computers when released in 2020.

By Agam Shah | 17 November, 2015 01:03

Tags: Supercomputing15

Alternative processors tapped to fulfill supercomputing's need for speed

The world's fastest supercomputers are getting coprocessors to boost performance, and the number of such systems will continue to grow.

By Agam Shah | 16 November, 2015 23:47

Tags: Supercomputing15

Intel's fastest chip ever will appear in supercomputers next year

There's been a slight delay, but the latest version of Intel's fastest processor will finally reach supercomputers early next year.

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