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Pretty much all of the Apple Watches are coming to work

Almost all current or perspective users of smartwatches and other wearable technologies want to use them for work, according to a Harris Poll survey commissioned by MDM vendor MobileIron.

By Jon Gold | 24 April, 2015 03:15

Tags: Apple, Docker, MobileIron, Networking, swarm, wireless, XOEye Technologies, Wearables

Cranking up Google Apps for Work, using an actual key

If the password isn't dead, it ought to be, shout headlines. Security experts almost universally despise the use of the password as almost the only form of end-user authentication, but there simply aren't that many alternatives.

By Jon Gold | 22 April, 2015 22:41

Tags: Amazon Web Services, yelp, Google, security, raytheon, websense

Americans view government's online services and public data sharing as a resounding ‘meh'

Despite large-scale efforts over the past decade by officials at every level to bring more government information and services online, Americans' attitudes toward "e-Gov" services are still decidedly mixed, according to the results of a study released today by the Pew Research Center.

By Jon Gold | 22 April, 2015 00:05

Tags: Pew Research Center, applications, data mining, software, big data, business intelligence

MIT researchers develop wearable thumbnail-mounted wireless controller

Researchers at MIT have come up with a novel way to interact with wireless devices a miniaturized trackpad so small that it can be stuck onto a user's thumbnail.

By Jon Gold | 17 April, 2015 07:19

Tags: Networking, wireless

Meet the new leader of Debian open source project

Neil McGovern is the new leader of the Debian open source/free software project after defeating two rival contenders in a vote held among developers that closed on Wednesday. He takes over from Lucas Nussbaum, who did not seek re-election after two years at the helm.

By Jon Gold | 17 April, 2015 01:10

Tags: open source, software, debian

Microsoft's Spartan browser vs. the rest: How will it stack up?

Microsoft's upcoming Spartan browser is set to be the first big new release in the desktop browser market for quite some time, upsetting a tentative equilibrium that has existed for roughly the past two years.

By Jon Gold | 14 April, 2015 20:57

Tags: Firefox, applications, Google, Microsoft, Windows, browsers, software, operating systems

Aerohive targets education with 802.11ac access point release

Aerohive Networks today announced the availability of the AP130, the company's latest wireless access point to target educational institutions.

By Jon Gold | 08 April, 2015 02:19

Tags: Networking, Microsoft, wireless, Aerohive Networks, 802.11ac

Ruckus first to roll out enterprise 802.11ac Wave 2 AP

Ruckus became the first enterprise wireless equipment vendor to roll out an 802.11ac Wave 2 access point today, with the release of the ZoneFlex R710.

By Jon Gold | 03 April, 2015 01:26

Tags: 3M, Networking, wireless

Will embedded and middleware help save Blackberry?

The financial news for Blackberry is potentially bad this week, as it has been for most of the past few years. Some analysts are predicting that the Canadian company will post losses of as much as 7 cents per share, though the consensus seems to be closer to 3 cents. If that happens, it'll be Blackberry's fourth quarter out of the last five to show a decline.

By Jon Gold | 27 March, 2015 00:08

Tags: Blackberry, Apple, consumer electronics, Networking, Microsoft, wireless, smartphones, Facebook

Cloud threatening software freedom, advocate says

The public cloud increasingly is isolating users from the actual computing that they're doing, threatening their control over the process and posing a danger to software freedom, said academic and former Debian project leader Stefano Zacchiroli on Sunday at LibrePlanet 2015.

By Jon Gold | 24 March, 2015 04:15

Tags: Google, Networking, Steam, Open Source Subnet, netflix, debian

Stallman joins the Internet, talks net neutrality, patents and more

According to Richard Stallman, godfather of the free software movement, Facebook is a "monstrous surveillance engine," tech companies working for patent reform aren't going nearly far enough, and parents must lobby their children's schools to keep data private and provide free software alternatives.

By Jon Gold | 24 March, 2015 04:13

Tags: Firefox, Google, nsa, Free Software Foundation, Open Source Subnet, software, Facebook

Open-source's former 'police' now helping businesses adopt

The growth of open-source in the business world has created a lot of changes, but few are as striking as the turnabout of Black Duck Software.

By Jon Gold | 24 March, 2015 00:13

Tags: Google, Black Duck Software, beca, software

Big network names oppose Title II regulations, with major exceptions

The FCC's net neutrality decision last month that imposed stricter regulations on Internet Service Providers, under Title II of the Communications Act of 1934, has networking companies opposing each other even more fiercely than usual.

By Jon Gold | 20 March, 2015 02:08

Tags: net neutrality, IBM, networking companies, Networking, cisco, fcc, intel, LAN & WAN, Xiaomi, NTI, Google, Microsoft

Survey: Users hate lack of privacy controls on Internet

Internet users want privacy, but it's increasingly difficult to find, according to the results of a study released today by open-source software company Open-Xchange.

By Jon Gold | 18 March, 2015 04:56

Tags: security, Open-Xchange, privacy

Linux 'code of conflict' takes aim at developers' bad-tempered reputation

The world of Linux kernel development can be a contentious place, marked by enthusiastic debate, spirited disagreement, and occasional out-and-out temper tantrums. But a "patch" authored by senior developer Greg Kroah-Hartman is looking to raise the tone a bit.

By Jon Gold | 14 March, 2015 05:11

Tags: open source, linux foundation, software, Open Source Subnet

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