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Google expands Compute Engine offerings with bigger VMs, autoscaling

Google Compute Engine, the company’s IaaS cloud computing offering, got a facelift today with the announcement that new autoscaling features and 32-core VMs would be available to the general public.

By Jon Gold | 03 September, 2015 23:12

Tags: Google

Cool but costly: Google OnHub review roundup

The initial round of reviews for OnHub, Google’s fancified entry into the home router market, are out, and the consensus is that it’s a neat gadget, but possibly not worth the $200 you’ll fork over to get it.

By Jon Gold | 31 August, 2015 20:22

Tags: Google

Grsecurity will stop issuing patches citing trademark abuse

A major corporation is misusing grsecurity’s trademarks and violating the terms of the GNU Public License – and as a consequence, the leader of the project said Wednesday, grsecurity will stop making its stable patches available to the general public.

Massachusetts boarding school sued over Wi-Fi sickness

The parents of an anonymous student at the Fay School in Southborough, Mass. allege that the Wi-Fi at the institution is making their child sick, according to a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court earlier this month.

iPhone 7 Rumor Rollup: Think fast, think pink and think small

Time’s a-ticking, and we’re getting closer and closer to what is almost certainly the launch of the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, though not the iPhone 7. The latest leaks, reported by Chinese website Daliulian, say that the new models to be revealed on September 9 will be available in a metallic pink finish for the first time. Reese Witherspoon’s character from Legally Blond ought to be thrilled.

By Jon Gold | 22 August, 2015 21:36

Tags: Apple, iPhone

Don't look for Google to make big, quick changes after Alphabet pronouncement

The announcement Monday that saw Google reorganize under the banner of new holding company Alphabet was Big News, we all seem to agree, but it's much less clear exactly what kind of Big News it is.

By Jon Gold | 13 August, 2015 23:14

Tags: Procter & Gamble, Configuration / maintenance, Google, hardware systems, Data Center

Android vulnerabilities are scary, but could be a blessing in disguise

The headlines, as ever, were alarming an Android vulnerability that could compromise a phone with nothing more than a malicious text message? With no user input? That's enough to curdle the blood of the hardiest admin.

By Jon Gold | 07 August, 2015 08:17

Tags: Target, IDC, Google, security, mobile security

U.S. Internet connection speeds still lag behind other developed nations

The average U.S. Internet connection speed continues to lag behind that of many other developed nations, according to the latest State of the Internet report from CDN and cloud service provider Akamai.

By Jon Gold | 07 August, 2015 00:51

Tags: Networking, Microsoft, wireless, LAN, fcc, WLANs / Wi-Fi, LAN & WAN

It's SysAdmin Day: Let us celebrate with coffee

Ross Derewianko is a systems administrator for <a href="">Ping Identity</a>, a maker of cross-platform identity management and security software. We spoke to him on <a href="">SysAdmin Day</a> to get his thoughts on the holiday and on his job.

By Jon Gold | 01 August, 2015 04:30

Tags: management, Networking, Microsoft, Network management, Ping Identity

Is the smartphone market saturated?

Smartphone sales increased substantially in the second quarter of 2015, but the rate of growth continued to slow, fueling concerns that the market has started to become saturated, according to a study released today by Juniper Research.

By Jon Gold | 31 July, 2015 03:01

Tags: Juniper Research, smartphones, iPhone, Vine, Xiaomi, galaxy, Blackberry, Anthem, Apple, consumer electronics, symantec

Open-source startup hopes to change the way businesses visualize data

A Boulder, Colorado-based startup announced today that it has raised $3.6 million in seed funding to build the commercial version of the SlamData open-source project, helping businesses visualize semi-structured NoSQL data.

By Jon Gold | 30 July, 2015 23:56

Tags: Networking, splunk, MongoDB, Open Source Subnet

Test like crazy for Java happiness, report says

Small, responsive and dedicated performance teams tend to be the ones that produce the highest-performing Java code, according to a study released today by RebelLabs.

By Jon Gold | 28 July, 2015 21:09

Tags: programming languages, IBM, java, software

Google: Users still aren't getting message about online security

Google researchers say that experts and non-experts go about protecting their digital privacy in very different ways, according to survey results they plan to present at the upcoming <a href="">Symposium on Usable Privacy and Security</a>.

By Jon Gold | 24 July, 2015 02:18

Tags: Google, security, Hacking Team

CTIA: FCC transparency guidelines 'irrational'

The wireless industry's chief lobbying group today issued comments on part of the FCC'S Open Internet Order that went into effect last month, saying that provisions requiring better disclosure of network management, performance and pricing figures are unfair and burdensome.

By Jon Gold | 23 July, 2015 00:31

Tags: business issues, Microsoft, Adallom, ctia, fcc, service providers

New un-jailbreaking tool Cydia Impactor for iOS has Android roots

Jailbreaking an iPhone is a process that has consequences if you want to return to the walled garden, you generally have had to either accept an iOS update that could break your ability to jailbreak the device again in the future, or find a specific version of your firmware and install it manually.

By Jon Gold | 21 July, 2015 03:27

Tags: ios, software, operating systems

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