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Big bucks going to universities to solve pressing cybersecurity issues

During a week in which everyone seemed to be searching for answers amid revelations of the Heartbleed bug, several universities and their partners announced new efforts to explore IT security advances.

By Bob Brown | 16 April, 2014 03:14

Tags: EE, education, security, Assurance, FEMA, Wide Area Network, industry verticals

In Pictures: Meet the 2014 Internet Hall of Fame Inductees

Father of the Mouse, Father of DSL among honorees

Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros singer leads digital tax revolt

Alex Ebert, whose band Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros is best known for its song "Home," is promoting a new website that lets Americans visualize where their tax dollars go vs. where they wish the money would go.

By Bob Brown | 12 April, 2014 08:00

Tags: sharp, software, TurboTax, youtube

Kids really do grow up too fast thanks to these CompSci researchers

New software developed by computer scientists at the University of Washington is designed to take an image of a young child's face and in about half a minute, project how the person will look up to the age of 80.

By Bob Brown | 11 April, 2014 05:07

Tags: Google, University of Washington, software, intel

Princeton CompSci prof wins prestigious award

David Blei, a Princeton University computer science associate professor who will soon be taking his talents to Columbia University, has been named the winner of the 2013 ACM-Infosys Foundation Award in Computing Sciences.

By Bob Brown | 03 April, 2014 06:15

Tags: Columbia University, Configuration / maintenance, infosys, education, hardware systems, Princeton University, industry verticals, Data Center

In Pictures: Google Graveyard - Here's what Google has killed so far in 2014

Google beats spring cleaning rush, nixes apps and services

By Bob Brown | 20 March, 2014 08:30

Tags: Google, apps, slideshow, mobility, social networking

'Nobel Prize in Computing' goes to distributed computing wrangler Leslie Lamport

Leslie Lamport, a Microsoft Research principal, has been named the winner of the 2013 ACM A.M. Turing Award, also known as the "Nobel Prize in Computing."

By Bob Brown | 18 March, 2014 16:12

Tags: Configuration / maintenance, Google, Microsoft, hardware systems, intel, Data Center

College stats geeks' computerized system predicts Louisville to repeat as men's NCAA basketball champ

The brainiacs behind Georgia Tech's LRMC computerized ranking system predict that the University of Louisville Cardinals (29-5) defend as NCAA men's basketball titlists, vindicating those upset that the team only has a #4 seed at the tournament's start this week.

By Bob Brown | 17 March, 2014 18:06

Tags: Columbia University, applications, Georgia Tech, big data, software, data mining

iPhone Air: Latest iPhone 6 concept video has fanboys fired up

With rumors heating up that Apple will announce an iPhone 6 by year-end, concept designers are working their fingers to the bone and YouTube is lighting up with their videos.

By Bob Brown | 11 March, 2014 22:07

Tags: The Huffington Post, iphone 6 rumors, Apple iPhone 6, Networking, smartphones, wireless, apple iphone air, anti-malware, youtube, Apple, consumer electronics, security

Computer science enrollments rocketed last year, up 22%

A sneak peek at the annual Computing Research Association's (CRA) report on computer science enrollments at colleges shows that strong demand for technically-savvy workers is luring students in a big way.

By Bob Brown | 11 March, 2014 16:35

Tags: management, Networking, infrastructure management

Ellen DeGeneres pulls Oscars selfie flip-flop: Samsung on stage, iPhone backstage

Ellen DeGeneres, the queen of awkward humor, set a record overnight for the most retweeted Twitter post of all time by squeezing a dozen of her closest Hollywood friends into a selfie during the Academy Awards show Sunday night.

By Bob Brown | 03 March, 2014 17:29

Tags: unified communications, LANs & Routers, Internet-based applications and services, applications, Networking, social media, internet, collaboration, galaxy, Apple, Guinness, Web 2.0, twitter, software

In Pictures: iPads, smartphones on the front lines in Syria

War-torn country involved in high-tech conflict

13 of today's coolest network research projects

Here's a whirlwind look at some of the wildest and potentially most useful technology research projects from university and vendor labs related to computer networking.

By Bob Brown | 26 February, 2014 12:05

Tags: Michigan Technological University, Configuration / maintenance, hardware systems, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, twitter, Data Center, Facebook

Shark Tank's tech winners & rejects

ABC's "Shark Tank" program, on which entrepreneurs make their pitches to a panel of high profile investors on national TV, isn't the final word on whether a product or service will succeed. But as last week's show featuring Egos Ventures' $1.99 Cycloramic iOS and Android app illustrates, a thumb's up on the program – not to mention a $500,00 investment -- can boost a product into the stratosphere, or in other words, to the top of the Apple App Store charts.

By Bob Brown | 06 February, 2014 23:13

Tags: abc, Apple, Networking, wireless, anti-malware, mobile apps

7 highlights from Ethernet inventor Bob Metcalfe's Reddit AMA

Father of Ethernet Bob Metcalfe bravely dove back into the Reddit Ask Me Anything pool on Wednesday, deftly fielding questions from the masses about everything from techie topics like SDN to news topics like the NSA to random topics like bar fighting.

By Bob Brown | 05 February, 2014 22:12

Tags: unified communications, reddit, Internet-based applications and services, applications, EE, Xerox, Networking, PARC, nsa, internet, LAN & WAN, Ethernet Switch, Web 2.0, software, social media, collaboration

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