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Microsoft reveals Black Friday 2015 deals

Microsoft has revealed more than two dozen Black Friday 2015 deals, ranging from big discounts on everything from Windows Surface tablets to Office 365 to Xbox consoles and games.

By Bob Brown | 22 November, 2015 02:38

Tags: Dell

More Black Friday 2015: Verizon data freebie, Amazon starts early, Newegg boasts of 5,000 deals

Verizon, Amazon and Newegg get in on Black Friday 2015 tech deal bonanza with free wireless data, cut-rate Kindles and Windows 10 discounts among the bargains.

Best Buy pulls away curtain on Black Friday 2015 tech deals

Best Buy overnight revealed its Black Friday deals, which include a slew of tech products from vendors such as Apple, Microsoft, Dell and Samsung. A handful of deals are already live, too.

By Bob Brown | 10 November, 2015 17:44

Tags: samsung, Apple, Lenovo

iOS 9 now on two-thirds of Apple's iPhones, iPads & iPod touches

Apple's iOS 9 software for its iPhones, iPads and iPod touch devices is now on 66% of those products, which means the new edition of iOS is off to a faster adoption rate than last year's iOS 8.

By Bob Brown | 04 November, 2015 19:03

Tags: iOS 9, Apple, iphone 6

Raspberry Pi Foundation merges with Code Club to benefit more youths

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced a merger with the UK's Code Club in an effort to better reach out to young people with a message of making things with computers rather than just using them.

By Bob Brown | 03 November, 2015 19:53

Tags: Raspberry Pi

iPhone case review: Leathery goodness

Review: Three iPhone case makers sent me samples over the past month that all might appeal to the fashionista set, or really just anyone who wants to look good while texting, Web surfing or paying by phone.

By Bob Brown | 29 October, 2015 21:00

Tags: Apple, iphone 6

Sony BMG Rootkit Scandal: 10 Years Later

Hackers really have had their way with Sony over the past year, taking down its Playstation Network last Christmas Day and creating an international incident by exposing confidential data from Sony Pictures Entertainment in response to The Interview comedy about a planned assassination on North Korea’s leader.

By Bob Brown | 28 October, 2015 21:22

Tags: sony

Apple's Wi-Fi Assist iOS 9 feature subject of $5M lawsuit

First the complaints about Apple's iOS 9 Wi-Fi Assist feature came via the media and from customers over social media. Now a Florida couple who own iPhone 5S devices has taken the frustration to a new level and slapped Apple with a class-action lawsuit over the technology, which can jack up your cellular data usage if you don't know it's turned on.

By Bob Brown | 26 October, 2015 16:40

Tags: iOS 9, iphone 6

Hiring good tech people: Where to start?

Tech industry employers ponder the question of how to hire good tech talent, and whether "good" is good enough.

Leaked Dell ad gets Black Friday tech bargain train rolling

You have to give Dell points for ambition: Not only is the company hosting its annual DellWorld conference in Austin this week, but earlier this month it swung a $67B deal for EMC and supposedly filed a secretive IPO for its SecureWorks unit. And apparently, the company has its Black Friday sale all prepared as well.

By Bob Brown | 21 October, 2015 00:59

Tags: Dell, gaming

How higher ed IT is staying ahead of the cloud computing curve

Signs that cloud computing is for real are piling up around Carnegie Mellon University’s Tom Dugas, but perhaps nothing else brings this home like the fact that the renowned Pittsburgh research school has posted a job opening for its first-ever cloud architect.

Apple comes to controversial iOS 9 Wi-Fi Assist's defense

Since Apple released iOS 9 in mid-September for its iPhones and iPads one of the most talked about -- and maligned -- features has been a hard-to-find one dubbed Wi-Fi Assist. But Apple has been pretty quiet about the feature until this week.

By Bob Brown | 15 October, 2015 17:48

Tags: iOS 9, Apple

Southwest Airlines blames technical issues for major flight delays on Sunday

Southwest Airlines delayed hundreds of flights on Sunday due to unspecified technical issues affecting its website, mobile and reservation system.

Quick iPhone 6S case review: Ballistic Tungsten Tough

I risked carrying around my new iPhone 6S for a week before finally stopping by Best Buy to pick up a case: the Ballistic Tungsten Tough model.

By Bob Brown | 09 October, 2015 01:37

Tags: Apple, iPhone

Black Friday 2015: Not too early to plot your tech buys

Work up your gift list, bookmark your favorite shopping sites and if you're really hardcore, get your tent ready. Black Friday 2015 will be here before you know it and bargains on everything from the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus to the latest smart watches, TVs, tablets and laptops will be there for the taking.

By Bob Brown | 05 October, 2015 20:42

Tags: iPhone, Android, Windows 10, iPad

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