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HP's move into 3D printing will radically change manufacturing

HP's announcement this week that it's entering the 3D printing market with an industrial machine that is 10 times faster and 50% cheaper than current systems, immediately brought out the online snark.

By Lucas Mearian | 31 October, 2014 21:16

Tags: HP, peripherals, Printers, reddit, 3D printers, 3d printing

HP embraces 'blended reality', dives into 3D printing

HP has announced a new 3D printing technology called Multi Jet Fusion that it said will enable mass production of parts with a technology traditionally reserved for rapid prototyping.

By Lucas Mearian | 30 October, 2014 04:42

Tags: HP, peripherals, Printers, 3D printers, 3d printing

Amazon launches $39 Chromecast competitor

Amazon this week began taking pre-orders for its Fire TV Stick, an HDMI dongle that streams content. But if you order the $39 stick today, you won't get it by Christmas.

By Lucas Mearian | 29 October, 2014 05:53

Tags: amazon, consumer electronics, Media players / recorders, consumerization, portable media players

Review: The new Da Vinci all-in-one 3D scanner/printer

Start-up XYZPrinting today released its first all-in-one 3D printer, which uses a 3D laser scanner to replicate objects placed inside the machine.

By Lucas Mearian | 28 October, 2014 21:37

Tags: XYZPrinting, peripherals, Printers, 3D printers, 3d printing, MakerBot

Global 3D printer shipments will double over the next year

Shipments of 3D printers will double over the next year, reaching 217,350 units in 2015, up from 108,151 in 2014, according to a study released today by Gartner.

By Lucas Mearian | 28 October, 2014 05:11

Tags: peripherals, Printers, Gartner, 3D printers, 3d printing

Your next fridge could charge all your mobile devices

Your next refrigerator or television may also double as a wireless charger for your mobile devices and wearables.

By Lucas Mearian | 28 October, 2014 01:11

Tags: popular science, Energous, emerging technology

Wearable health devices are a novelty that will wear off

Once the novelty wears off, people abandon their health wearable devices, many of which require regular syncing, powering up and other steps needed to keep them running.

By Lucas Mearian | 24 October, 2014 02:39

Tags: consumer electronics, PwC, Wearables

World's first 3D full-body scanning booth to create custom you figurines

3D scanner manufacturer, Artec Group, has announced the US debut of its Shapify Booth, which can scan your entire body in 12 seconds and use the resulting file to print a life-like figurine.

By Lucas Mearian | 22 October, 2014 07:46

Tags: peripherals, Printers, ASDA, 3D printers, 3d printing, WalMart

Samsung now producing 32GB DRAM modules, 128GB to follow

Samsung Electronics is now mass producing its most advanced 8Gbit, DDR4 memory and 32GB registered dual in-line memory modules (RDIMM).

By Lucas Mearian | 22 October, 2014 07:11

Tags: dram, Data storage, storage, Samsung Electronics

Ethernet is coming to cars

One of the top microchip suppliers for the auto industry has announced its first automotive-grade Ethernet chipset and software, paving the way for car makers to install 100Mbps networks in vehicles.

By Lucas Mearian | 22 October, 2014 04:01

Tags: popular science, emerging technology, Frost & Sullivan

Samsung delivers fix for SSD slowdowns

One of Samsung's most affordable consumer solid-state drives is experiencing read slowdowns with older data, a problem the company has now addressed with a firmware upgrade and installation guide.

By Lucas Mearian | 21 October, 2014 05:35

Tags: SSD, Drives, Data storage, storage

Kickstarter suspends Anonabox Tor router project

Kickstarter has suspended the crowdfunding campaign of a Tor-enabling wireless router that gained widespread media attention as a privacy device for the masses but left others questioning its legitimacy.

By Lucas Mearian | 18 October, 2014 07:49

Tags: reddit, security, Kickstarter, computerworld, data privacy, privacy

Once the FBI has a backdoor into your smartphone, everyone does

FBI director James Comey said this week thattech companies should not be allowed to put cryptographic locks on mobile devices so they can't be accessed by U.S. intelligence agencies.

By Lucas Mearian | 18 October, 2014 06:25

Tags: Apple, Google, security, data privacy, fbi, privacy

Snapchat and other online services need to tighten security

In recent weeks, there have been data breaches involving passwords and email addresses from JP Morgan Chase, celebrity nude photos from Apple's iCloud, more than 70,000 images from Snapchat and now a new alleged hack at Dropbox -- a claim it denies.

By Lucas Mearian | 16 October, 2014 23:36

Tags: Apple, dropbox, SnapChat, security, data privacy, Pastebin, privacy

Google launches telemedicine beta for video chats with docs

Google is running a temporary trial of a new feature that allows people looking for medical advice to also connect with a physician for an online consult.

By Lucas Mearian | 14 October, 2014 11:59

Tags: Internet-based applications and services, Google, healthcare IT, internet

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