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MIT takes a page from Tony Stark, edges closer to an ARC fusion reactor

MIT has been developing a small fusion reactor prototype, three of which could power the City of Boston if they were fully built. Though the project lost federal funding for its current fusion device, the school plans to press ahead on building a new, more advanced prototype.

Stratasys enables more than 1000 colours via Photoshop on 3D printers

3D printer maker Stratasys today announced that users can now design and print objects with more than 1,000 colors through Photoshop.

By Lucas Mearian | 03 February, 2016 07:27

Tags: Stratasys, 3d printing, adobe, software, photoshop

Apple expected to finally introduce wireless charging with the iPhone 7

Wireless charging has proved wildly popular, with 90% of respondents to a recent survey saying they want it in the next smartphone. Apple has been a standout among makers in not adopting it, but IHS believes that's about to change.

By Lucas Mearian | 30 January, 2016 06:14

Tags: Apple

Ta-ta to passwords and PINs; faces and fingerprints to rule the future

Biometric security technology is gaining market share over traditional passcode methods. Facial recognition will be a $450 million market by 2019 and fingerprint readers will reach $2.6 billion by 2020.

Panasonic to invest $US1.6bn in Tesla's Gigafactory

Longtime Tesla battery partner, Panasonic, said it will spend up to $US1.6 billion on the lithium-ion battery Gigafactory in the hopes it can cement its future in automotive electronics.

By Lucas Mearian | 20 January, 2016 06:18

Tags: nbatteries, Tesla, green channel, Panasonic, homes, businesses, solar power

Review: The da Vinci 1.0 Pro 3D printer reaches for the higher end

The da Vinci 1.0 Pro is marketed as a high-performance printer for designers, engineers and architects. What it does provide is a large build area, some decent features and the ability to create serviceable objects for a relatively low price.

Seagate inhales, uses helium to create 10TB HDD

Seagate's first 10TB enterprise-capacity hard drive is also its first use of helium to reduce friction and increase density in a drive as Western Digital has done with several of its drives.

Feds say only Chryslers were vulnerable to hacks via radio, not Audi or Volkswagen

U.S. auto safety regulators have determined that only Fiat-Chrysler infotainment systems have a security flaw that could allow hackers to take control of vehicles using nothing but a laptop and cellular connection.

Seagate touts fastest desktop drive and slimmest 2TB backup drive

Seagate and its LaCie subsidiary unveiled a new line of mobile and desktop drives, offering users the company's thinnest designs and USB C-type connectivity with up to 10Gbps throughput.

By Lucas Mearian | 05 January, 2016 19:01

Tags: CES 2016

In surprise move, Congress extends renewable energy tax credit

Congress today approved a five-year extension of a renewable energy investment tax credit that had been set to expire in 2016. Analysts believe solar and wind projects will now expand to create enough power more than 8 million additional homes.

Renewable energy passes the 50% mark for new U.S. electricity capacity

Fifty-four percent of all new electrical capacity installed in the U.S. last year came from renewable sources.

Review: M3D's Micro 3D Printer fits in a backpack, quiet as a mouse

When it comes to 3D printers, you'll be hard-pressed to find good ones for under $US500. The Micro 3D Printer from M3D started as a wildly successful crowdsourcing project, and I can see why. This adorable printer, which will just overlap the palm of your hand, is a reliable performer with only a few basic but important features.

By Lucas Mearian | 08 December, 2015 14:02

Tags: 3D printers, 3d printing, Micro 3D Printer, M3D

Google announces massive clean energy purchase

In the same week that President Obama, Bill Gates and others at the Paris Climate Change talks committed to more clean energy research, Google announced it will purchase 842 million watts of clean energy around the globe.

WD ships world's first 10TB helium-filled hard drive

WD unveiled a 10TB helium-filled hard drive that represents a 25% increase in capacity over the previous generation drive.

Consumer SSDs and hard drive prices are nearing parity

SSDs have seen four straight quarters of 10% or greater price drops, leading one analyst to predict that they will near price parity with hard drives in the next two years.

By Lucas Mearian | 01 December, 2015 23:24

Tags: SSD, hdd

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