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Youtube Kids faces further complaints about inappropriate ads

Ads marketing sugar-laden snacks and drinks have prompted a further round of complaints about Youtube Kids, a supposedly safe space for children to spend time online.

This new tool helps software developers make money from their Windows 10 apps

Microsoft has partnered with mobile ad network Vungle to provide Windows developers a way to monetize apps that they share through the Windows Store.

By Blair Hanley Frank | 18 November, 2015 18:30

Tags: Microsoft, Windows 10

Online ad industry, battling ad blockers, admits it messed up

From one perspective, it could be argued that the online advertising industry is getting what it deserves. After years of stuffing Web pages with ads, Web surfers are increasingly blocking them with free tools.

Adblock for Chrome signs on to Eyeo's acceptable ads whitelist

The decision by Eyeo, owner of the Adblock Plus browser extensions and mobile browser apps, to hand control of its acceptable ads program to an independent board has prompted the developer of another adblocker to join the program -- and sell his company.

Adblock Plus creators plan independent board to decide ad acceptability

Facing criticism that they are taking money from some advertisers while blocking ads from others, the creators of Adblock Plus will let an independent advisory board decide what ads are acceptable.

After pushing malware, ad networks also used for DDoS

Experts believe a recent large-scale distributed denial-of-service attack was launched through malicious ads displayed on mobile devices.

That ad blocker you love? It's costing publishers a pretty penny

Ads have long been part of the trade-off for users of the free Web, but the rise of ad blockers is making it increasingly difficult for publishers to sustain that ad-supported model.

By Katherine Noyes | 11 August, 2015 12:04

Tags: advertising, mobile applications, Internet-based applications and services, Adobe Systems, mobile, internet

Facebook gives businesses more ways to privately message users

Facebook is giving businesses more reasons to use Facebook Messenger to reach customers.

By Zach Miners | 06 August, 2015 04:49

Tags: advertising, mobile applications, Internet-based applications and services, social networking, mobile, social media, internet, Facebook

EFF-led group wants to give do-not-track some bite

For years now, checking the "do-not-track" option on your browser has been little more than wishful thinking on the part of users who care about privacy online. But now a group led by the Electronic Frontier Foundation is looking to make that a more meaningful action.

By Mikael Ricknäs | 05 August, 2015 03:09

Tags: advertising, Mixpanel, security, adblock, disconnect, internet, privacy, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Medium

Yahoo tackles large 'malvertising' campaign in its ad network

Yahoo said Monday it had removed malware from its advertising network, after malicious code there had gone undetected for at least six days.

By Zach Miners | 04 August, 2015 10:35

Tags: advertising, Internet-based applications and services, Yahoo, security, Malwarebytes, internet, malware

Facebook revenue surges 39 per cent but costs also soar

Facebook has posted strong sales results for the second quarter, showing continued success in its advertising business, though its costs also rose sharply.

By Zach Miners | 30 July, 2015 07:46

Tags: business issues, advertising, Internet-based applications and services, financial results, mobile, social media, internet, Facebook

NSW to launch digital identity for government services

Service NSW will launch a digital profile for state government services that will minimise the number of times that people have to hand over their personal details.

By Rohan Pearce | 29 July, 2015 09:43

Tags: dominic perrottet, Service NSW, government, myGov

Twitter surprises with a sales gain, but user growth lags

Twitter reported a higher than expected increase in revenue on Tuesday, suggesting progress in the company's efforts to grow its ad sales.

By Zach Miners | 29 July, 2015 07:01

Tags: business issues, advertising, Internet-based applications and services, financial results, twitter, mobile, social media, internet

Google tells its publisher partners to comply with EU cookie directive

Google is now requiring that publishers that carry its ads comply with a European Union directive and ask their site visitors' for permission before setting cookies on their computers.

By Loek Essers | 29 July, 2015 01:31

Tags: advertising, Google, security, european commission, legal, internet, privacy

Over 10 million Web surfers possibly exposed to malvertising

Upwards of 10 million people may have visited websites carrying malicious advertisements in the last ten days, possibly infecting their computers with malware, according to computer security company Cyphort.

By Jeremy Kirk | 28 July, 2015 14:08

Tags: advertising, Cyphort, security, internet, E-planning

Google stops using annoying 'interstitial' mobile app ads

Most mobile web users are all too familiar with the infamous "interstitial" ad that often pops up to promote a website's native app, but this week Google did them a favor and eliminated its own such ads.

By Katherine Noyes | 25 July, 2015 04:08

Tags: advertising, mobile applications, Google, mobile, internet

Online ad industry tries to stamp out click fraud

The online advertising industry is marshaling a fresh effort to fight click fraud, which steals money from advertisers and undermines faith in online campaigns.

By Jeremy Kirk | 22 July, 2015 14:29

Tags: advertising, Yahoo, Google, security, Trustworthy Accountability Group, internet, fraud, Facebook

Google reports strong earnings, propelling its stock

Google's stock jumped more than 7 per cent in the after-market hours on Thursday, after the company reported strong earnings results for the second quarter.

By Zach Miners | 17 July, 2015 06:51

Tags: business issues, advertising, Google, financial results, mobile, internet, search engines

PayPal tweaks terms in wake of 'robocall' controversy

PayPal is fine-tuning its policies after a recently announced plan to make unsolicited prerecorded calls and texts to users drew questions and concerns from customers, regulators and consumer advocates.

By Zach Miners | 30 June, 2015 05:16

Tags: advertising, Internet-based applications and services, telecommunication, e-commerce, paypal, internet

Avira wins German case over adware blocking

A lawsuit alleging that security software from Avira improperly blocked downloads of a software bundle that presented itself primarily as an Angry Birds-style game has been dismissed.

By Jeremy Kirk | 29 June, 2015 11:34

Tags: advertising, freemium, Avira, Civil lawsuits, legal, internet

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