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IDG STEM Study Insights
By Dell | 20/9/2016

Australian schools are embracing innovative technology for STEM education

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By HP | 26/4/2016

Computer vendors have carefully straddled the line between laptop and tablet, distributing features in both directionsas end-user demand transitions from one form factor to the other. Recent consolidation around convertible devices, which combine both form factors into a single coherent unit, has turbocharged the tablet into a productivity tool that is gaining currency amongst business users whose primary needs include productivity tools and access to cloud services.

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BYOD and Mobile Security – 2016 Spotlight Report
By Tenable Network Security | 21/7/2016

BYOD and Mobile Security – 2016 Spotlight Report

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Assessing the Business Case for Independent Software Support
By Rimini Street | 20/6/2016

This report looks at companies seeking to do more with fewer resources by looking at their overall IT operations budget to identify under performing investments. They’re finding that moving to independent support frees up vendor tax dollars to invest in technology that drives growth and greater innovation, enabling them to deliver what the business needs now.

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High Consequence Cyber Crime: The Crime of the Century
By Wynyard Group | 19/1/2016

Organised criminals are using new tactics to put a new face on old crimes, and with overwhelming success. Better analysis of network data is emerging as a powerful defence helping Australian companies to harness the power of analytics to detect breaches early and minimize their exposure.

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