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Security and Speed
By F5 Networks | 16/7/2014
Security is an intrusive mechanism that is often seen to interfere with normal business operations. Nonetheless, security is essential to the normal operation of the business, and the right security mechanisms and approaches can minimize performance degradation.
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10 Tips for Successful BYOD
By Good Technology | 6/5/2014
No longer is BYOD a disconnected project with a handful of users… In fact, it’s becoming an industry standard. BYOD can deliver improved user productivity, engagement and satisfaction, not to mention cost savings. Get the top 10 best practices for the successful implementation of a BYOD program.
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Secure Mobile Access to Corporate Applications
By F5 Networks | 13/7/2014
The way corporations operate around mobile devices is currently shifting—employees are starting to use their own devices for business purposes, rather than company-owned devices. With no direct control of the endpoints, IT departments have generally had to prohibit this or risk insecure access inside the firewall. But as more mobile devices appear on the corporate network, mobile device management has become a key IT initiative.
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F5 data center firewall aces performance test
By F5 Networks | 16/7/2014
"The F5 firewall came up aces, maxing out network capacity while also offering sophisticated filtering and attack protection capabilities" slide. Read this network World performance test
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Mobile device management policies - Best practices guide
By IBM Australia | 28/11/2014
This document is designed to give you MDM best practices to provide maximum control over mobile devices, reducing risks to your corporate data without jeopardising employee productivity. •You can set it up so that you don’t have to do anything if devices fall out of compliance •Many of your decisions will be grounded in the regulations for your industry •Maintenance will be easier if, as much as it is possible, you treat all your users the same way
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