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Mitigating Multiple DDoS Attack Vectors : Infographic
By F5 Networks | 1/10/2014
Security professionals need to know how to plug the security gap from Layers 3 to 7, and protect against multi-layer attacks, with a full proxy security architecture.
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The Importance of Cyber Threat Intelligence to a Strong Security Posture
By Webroot | 16/4/2015
This research report explores the importance of security strategy and Cyber Threat Intelligence. The purpose of the study is to understand how companies are using, gathering and analyzing threat intelligence as part of their IT security strategy. Some of the topics covered are: Whether timely, accurate and actionable cyber threat intelligence make a difference in blocking or preventing external attacks. Are companies using cyber threat intelligence effectively to make informed decisions about how to respond to a menace or hazard
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The journey to continuous everything
By HP | 26/5/2015
There’s no question that Dev/Ops needs to automate deployments. The question is how? What’s the first step, what are the milestones, what are the pitfalls to avoid? This infographic shows best practice recommendations for automating deployments for continuous delivery. You’ll find: Gartner's, Ovum's and Forrester’s future predictions, how continuous delivery makes testing easier and more manageable and key benefits and best practices for implementing continuous delivery.
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Agile security for the mobile workforce
By Dell | 1/9/2014
This whitepaper discusses the challenge of BYOD and how best-practice deployments help deliver on the business promise of mobility with integrated protection throughout the workplace. See why flexible, end-to-end security enables enterprises to speed adoption of transformative technologies for a competitive edge, why if employees feel that security policies impede productivity or encroach on personal data, they look for work-arounds and how integrated solutions that avoid overlapping functionality and streamline management can help organizations maintain tight security and ensure compliance.
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Energy-efficiency in Multi-tenant data centers
By Eaton | 23/6/2015
This white paper explains the variety of challenges when rapidly growing multi-tenant data centres (MTDCs) and then describes how the latest uninterruptible power systems (UPSs), air containment solutions can help MTDC owners significantly lower power-related operating expenses without weakening reliability or agility. It also uses the experiences of Hurricane Electric Internet Services, a leading retail co-location provider, as real-world evidence of the benefits MTDC operators can realise by embracing energy-efficiency best practices.
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