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It’s all about the data
By Nuix | 5/8/2015
Unstructured data formats are much harder to search and analyse than databases or simple text. In this context, ‘big data’ is a challenge, not an advantage. This whitepaper looks at how you can apply a data-centric approach across diverse business areas and shows how, having cracked open the content of unstructured data, your organisation can develop processes and competencies that will reduce costs, improve efficiency and deliver new sources of business value.
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Designing a secure DNS architecture
By Infoblox | 5/8/2015
In today’s networking landscape, it is no longer adequate to have a DNS infrastructure that simply responds to queries. This whitepaper looks at how you can utilise a comprehensive, secure, and scalable DNS solution that not only provides low latency and high throughput, but also ensures availability of essential infrastructure to enable your organisation to both grow and stay protected without the need for frequent infrastructure upgrades.
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Can broadband change the WAN?
By Silver Peak | 6/7/2015
With large shifts to SaaS and cloud-based solutions, IT is discovering that the end user (IT’s own customer) is seeing a significantly different user experience as the applications that they rely on for their day-to-day productivity are being choked by the backhaul bottlenecks that never existed within the walls of the corporate datacenter. This whitepaper looks at how businesses feeling bandwidth pressure should reassess their WAN.
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Solving your top 5 email archiving challenges
By CommVault | 24/6/2015
According to IDC, sixty percent (60%) of business critical information is now stored, sometimes exclusively, in email. It۪s more important than ever to establish an email archiving strategy that ensures business continuity and information availability. Modern email archiving solutions are changing to accommodate the new realities of the digital workplace and can intelligently store, manage and discover email content to meet business and compliance requirements. Read this paper to learn how to solve your top email challenges.
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5 things field workers hate and how to fix them
By Click Software | 9/7/2015
This paper not only outlines five things that field workers hate, but also gives you simple, actionable suggestions on how to fix them using mobility solutions. After all, happy workers lead to greater productivity, better service and a better customer experience—and that’s the bottom line
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