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Preparing your organisation for the future of work
By Lenovo | 3/11/2015

Research shows that the next generation of workforce will be more mobile than ever before with 49% of staff working away from the office. This whitepaper will look at the importance of supporting your organisation in the shift to flexible workspaces.

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Solving your top 5 email archiving challenges
By CommVault | 24/6/2015

According to IDC, sixty percent (60%) of business critical information is now stored, sometimes exclusively, in email. It۪s more important than ever to establish an email archiving strategy that ensures business continuity and information availability. Modern email archiving solutions are changing to accommodate the new realities of the digital workplace and can intelligently store, manage and discover email content to meet business and compliance requirements. Read this paper to learn how to solve your top email challenges.

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Reward your loyal customer for increased client acquisition
By Aimia | 5/11/2015

It is important to reward your existing clients as they are integral to building brand equity for your business. Find out how a multi-channel customer relationship and loyalty platform not only combines all touch points of your business but also enables you to gain better insights to your clients through feedback and purchase data.

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7 Benefits you realise with a holistic data protection approach
By CommVault | 24/6/2015

Like a wildfire that quickly spreads as it increases speed and power, today's data growth increases the demand and management complexity of storage, backup and recovery. Imagine trying to stop that fire with a garden hose. Your legacy backup and recovery software is equally under-equipped to manage and facilitate operations that need more speed, efficiency, scalability and reliability to handle today's 24/7, always-on environment. Read about the benefits of moving from a solution comprised of multiple legacy point products to a holistic data protection platform designed to serve today's enterprise environment.

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Guidelines for maintaining business continuity for your organisation
By Citrix | 23/9/2015

Internal and external disruptions can impede business continuity and result in negative repercussions for enterprise productivity and data resources. This whitepaper looks at how improved mobility access can shield companies from unprecedented risks, resulting in greater cost savings and enhanced workforce continuity. It also highlights the benefits of having a mobile workspace technology which enables the workforce to have access to apps, desktops and files in difficult situations.

Included are four case studies where organisations are able to demonstrate a high level of business continuity with sound disaster recovery strategies in place.

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