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Finding your way around B2B Integration: a field guide
By OpenText | 10/8/2015
While data flows at the speed of light within the four walls of a corporation, the information flowing between the firewalls of business partners often moves at a snail’s pace. This guide looks at the fours steps to B2B integration and explains the how you can utilise B2B integration to speed interactions and increase efficiency in plain english.
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Solving your top 5 email archiving challenges
By CommVault | 24/6/2015
According to IDC, sixty percent (60%) of business critical information is now stored, sometimes exclusively, in email. It۪s more important than ever to establish an email archiving strategy that ensures business continuity and information availability. Modern email archiving solutions are changing to accommodate the new realities of the digital workplace and can intelligently store, manage and discover email content to meet business and compliance requirements. Read this paper to learn how to solve your top email challenges.
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Sharp demand for managing IT complexity
By SAP Australia | 13/7/2015
IT complexity has become a serious business problem, and IT managers are taking steps to control it, according to the findings of a recent survey. This whitepaper looks at the negative impact IT complexity has had on businesses, how the top industry players are dealing with the burden and why winning in the digital transformation race means IT leaders must be ready to not just respond to business needs but anticipate them with new tools and approaches to simplification.
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5 best practices to optimise sales revenue in 2015
By LogMeIn | 20/7/2015
CSO Insights recently completed their 21st annual Sales Performance Optimization (SPO) Study, surveying over 1,000 sales organisations worldwide. They found 5 key best practices emerge from the data to help enable sales teams to meet and exceed quotas. In this e-book, we examine the five practices that you can implement today to ensure meeting or exceeding your sales goals in 2015.
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2015 Cost of data breach study: impact of business continuity management
By IBM Australia | 19/8/2015
This global study involving 350 companies in 16 industry sectors looks at the impact of data breaches and trends. The results from this annual research give insight and a better understanding of the factors that can minimise the financial consequences of a data breach, as well as the positive impact a business continuity management (BCM) program can have on the financial and reputational consequences of breaches.
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