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5 Reasons your storage snapshots aren't working
By CommVault | 24/6/2015
Snapshot-based data protection solutions were supposed to solve our backup challenges, weren't they? Then why are your backups still broken? If your snapshots are manually-managed or of the build-it-yourself variety, there may be several reasons that they aren't working very well. Learn more about the top reasons your snapshots are failing.
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20 Questions for all-flash array success
By EMC Corporation | 24/6/2015
This whitepaper covers the 20 simple questions you must ask about all-flash arrays that will set you up for success in your data centre roll-out. These questions will help you cover your bases when choosing a solution, looking at everything from design and efficiency to customer service.
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Understanding high-efficiency mode UPS return on investment
By Eaton | 23/6/2015
Before buying new UPS hardware, today’s data centre operators need to know that the funds they’re investing will result in a quick and significant payback, one that can be improved further if their electrical utility provides energy-efficiency incentive programs for data centres. Find out: How a properly equipped high-efficiency mode UPS pays for itself in as little as two years, the environmental benefits of UPS, plus, the 8 capabilities to look for in high efficiency mode UPS.
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Identity and Access Governance - bringing business and IT together
By NetIQ | 12/6/2015
With increasing levels of threats and regulations, your need for identity and access governance (IAG) has never been greater. You need to know exactly who has access to what, and make sure all access levels are appropriate. Your overall solution needs to be integrated and seamless. And it has to move fast—otherwise it's too little, too late. This white paper explores the market forces that are driving the growth of this problem.
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A guide to choosing a colocation service provider
By Eaton | 23/6/2015
While selecting the right data centre in terms of the facility, location, and reliability is critically important, SMBs need to understand they can realise significant value when they insist on maximising the operation. Find out why you should not assume equipment is well-tended just because the colocation is operating smoothly, why SMBs should take the initiative when it comes to organising, protecting, and managing their own equipment, and how you can achieve these goals effectively for the best result.
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