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Truly Semiconductors Limited Protects Its Growing Business with PlateSpin Forge
By NetIQ | 19/2/2015
Established in 1991, Truly Semiconductors Limited (Truly Semi) develops, manufactures and sells displays, including LCD and Organic LED (OLED) flat panels and touch screens. Truly Semi’s workforce and production have grown rapidly over the last ten years, increasing the cost of downtime and putting pressure on IT to ensure availability for key information systems.
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Fulton Hogan case study
By Citrix Systems Asia Pacific | 12/1/2015
This case study looks at the results of civil contracting company, Fulton Hogan, was able to achieve after adopting a suite of technologies to support its end-user computing environment. •Company was looking for new technology that would give better project support, secure access and to increase mobile usage •Growth was seen in all goal areas of: growth, cost management, risk management, talent management, client engagement, CSR, productivity and innovation •Dynamic infrastructure allows the IT department to adapt quicker and support the business’s needs, across multiple areas
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Filling the threat management gateway void with F5
By F5 Networks | 12/11/2014
The recent discontinuation of Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG) requires enterprises to find a new solution to secure corporate access to the web. •See the alternative paths to security after the discontinuation of the popular Microsoft Forefront TMG •Understand the important standards needed for new solutions to safeguard web access •Learn the four functions needed to ensure secure and managed access to Internet resources
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Consolidated Disaster Recovery
By NetIQ | 13/2/2015
Traditional disaster recovery solutions cannot keep pace with business requirements for recovery speed and integrity at a reasonable cost. The high cost and complexity of mirroring solutions have forced most organizations to choose which workloads to protect. They can easily justify the expense of protecting the relatively small number of mission-critical server workloads such as customer-facing applications (online order processing, for example), but given budgetary constraints, it is harder to find sufficient funds to protect the more numerous business-critical and business-important workloads such as file servers and internal web servers.
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IDC Vendor Spotlight: Optimising Application Performance
By F5 Networks | 13/7/2014
This IDC Vendor Spotlight examines how enterprises and service providers can tap on next-generation application delivery solutions to increase the availability of applications to end users.
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