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SANS Combining Security Intelligence and the Critical Security Controls
By LogRhythm | 1/12/2014
The Critical Security Controls for Effective Cyber Defense (CSCs) represent an established and solid set of guidelines for the government, financial, education, manufacturing and health care sectors, according to a 2013 SANS survey on the CSCs. SANS had the opportunity to review numerous features of LogRhythm's security information and event management (SIEM) platform with new security intelligence features built in for compliance. In our review, we focused on LogRhythm's ability to ease some of these pain points while meeting 10 of the most valuable CSCs.
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Small business technology - This is why your business needs to be in the Cloud
By IDG | 6/3/2014
The days of relying solely on local storage and in-house servers to deliver your data are well behind us. These days, it makes sense to move some (if not all) of your business’s services into the Cloud. From email to document management, much can be achieved with Internet services that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. The main benefit is that a proper Cloud service can make it easier to manage and share information with your workers and help boost productivity. Here, then, are the main reasons to consider a service such as Google Apps.
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Application-aware network performance management for dummies
By Fluke Networks | 27/11/2014
This Dummies Guide explains the relatively new frontier of application-aware network performance management in an easy-to-understand and straightforward way. Find out, what the biggest challenges today’s networks are facing – from BYOD and Voice over IP to increasing complexity and why the end user’s experience is what really matters.
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Counting the cost of network efficency
By Fluke Networks | 28/11/2014
Making a business case for network and application performance improvement. Download today
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Security Intelligence Platform
By LogRhythm | 4/12/2014
Protecting against today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape requires broad and deep visibility across the entire IT environment. Threats and risks arrive from many angles and evidence of their existence can be found within existing log and machine data. Deeper, essential visibility is gained through targeted host and network forensic monitoring. When this is applied to multiple, machine-automated analysis techniques, threats and risks are exposed like never before.
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