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The F5 DDoS Protection Reference Architecture
By F5 Networks | 13/7/2014
A guide for security and network architects in designing, deploying, and managing architecture to protect against increasingly sophisticated, application-layer DDoS attacks.
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Health Unit Boosts Disaster Recovery Capabilities with NetIQ
By NetIQ | 8/2/2015
The Health Unit needs to provide continuous and secure access to online medical services, and must safeguard citizens’ health information held in its medical centers.
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Multicolor Steel Protects its Business with PlateSpin Forge
By NetIQ | 19/2/2015
Multicolor, Steel designs, manufactures and installs, pre-fabricated buildings, and metal roofing and wall systems. The company serves a large number of clients in the private and public sectors and reports annual revenue of more than US$34 million. As Multicolor Steel expanded its operations, the company wanted to guarantee that it could rapidly and fully recover critical business information in the event of a system failure.
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Single Sign-on: with passwords, less is more
By NetIQ | 8/2/2015
There are many benefits to SSO and many options. But with so many choices, picking the right one can be a real challenge. As you evaluate your choices, however, there are some simple questions you should consider. Download this report and use these questions as your evaluation criteria.
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Mitigating DDoS Attacks
By F5 Networks | 14/7/2014
The most basic network attacks attempt to overwhelm a defensive device with sheer volumes of traffic. Sometimes these volumetric attacks are designed to overload the connections-per-second (CPS) capacity (e.g., the ramp-up rate). Learn how to mitigate DDoS attacks
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