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2015 Cost of data breach study: impact of business continuity management
By IBM Australia | 19/8/2015
This global study involving 350 companies in 16 industry sectors looks at the impact of data breaches and trends. The results from this annual research give insight and a better understanding of the factors that can minimise the financial consequences of a data breach, as well as the positive impact a business continuity management (BCM) program can have on the financial and reputational consequences of breaches.
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5 best practices to optimise sales revenue in 2015
By LogMeIn | 20/7/2015
CSO Insights recently completed their 21st annual Sales Performance Optimization (SPO) Study, surveying over 1,000 sales organisations worldwide. They found 5 key best practices emerge from the data to help enable sales teams to meet and exceed quotas. In this e-book, we examine the five practices that you can implement today to ensure meeting or exceeding your sales goals in 2015.
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5 things field workers hate and how to fix them
By Click Software | 9/7/2015
This paper not only outlines five things that field workers hate, but also gives you simple, actionable suggestions on how to fix them using mobility solutions. After all, happy workers lead to greater productivity, better service and a better customer experience—and that’s the bottom line
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It’s all about the data
By Nuix | 5/8/2015
Unstructured data formats are much harder to search and analyse than databases or simple text. In this context, ‘big data’ is a challenge, not an advantage. This whitepaper looks at how you can apply a data-centric approach across diverse business areas and shows how, having cracked open the content of unstructured data, your organisation can develop processes and competencies that will reduce costs, improve efficiency and deliver new sources of business value.
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CIO Spotlight: 3 ways a next-generation email archive delivers true business value
By CommVault | 24/6/2015
Email archiving is a little bit like driving your reliable car. You expect it to operate smoothly, day after day, and do not necessarily plan for any crisis events such as a sudden engine failure. That is about the same perception many enterprises have about email. They don't worry about backup, about archiving, about eDiscovery, until, as one IT administrator said, something goes wrong. As the CIO whose diverse responsibilities includes budget control, cost avoidance, risk mitigation, data management and supporting the operational excellence of the enterprise as a whole, email archiving may not always be top of mind. Until something goes wrong. Read this whitepaper to learn how next-gen email archive delivers true business value.
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