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  • Which is cheaper: Containers or virtual machines?

    As the containers vs. virtual machine debate rages on, new research finds that containers could yield double-digit resource savings compared to virtual machines.

    30 Sept. 16 05:15 Written by Brandon Butler
  • Google will shore up one of its biggest cloud weaknesses next year

    Google announced a major change to its cloud platform infrastructure on Thursday that will help shore up one of the company's biggest weaknesses relative to competitors like Microsoft and Amazon. The company will be launching 8 new regions around the world next year.

    30 Sept. 16 04:28 Written by Blair Hanley Frank
  • 10 tips for a successful cloud plan

    How do you get started using the cloud? To have a successful cloud deployment, it’s helpful to have a plan. The following 10 tips are key for a successful cloud rollout.

    28 Sept. 16 18:59 Written by Brandon Butler
  • Video: What’s it like to be a cloud startup

    In a market dominated by vendors like Amazon, Microsoft and Google is there room for startups? Cloud Chronicles visited ClearSky Data in downtown Boston to find out.

    28 Sept. 16 03:38 Written by Brandon Butler
  • As Adobe, Microsoft Azure ink cloud partnership, Amazon looms

    To kick off his company’s Ignite conference in Atlanta this week, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced that Adobe will run three of its most popular software as a service apps on the Microsoft Azure IaaS cloud. The move is a power play by Microsoft, but it should be taken with a grain of salt: Adobe uses Azure competitor Amazon Web Services heavily, too.

    27 Sept. 16 06:51 Written by Brandon Butler
  • Microsoft continues pushing hybrid cloud with new launches

    Microsoft continued its push to get companies on the hybrid cloud train on Monday, with the launch of several products all tailored at helping bridge on-premises datacenters and the public cloud.

    27 Sept. 16 01:15 Written by Blair Hanley Frank
  • Does Oracle have a shot in the public cloud vs. Amazon and Microsoft?

    This week at OpenWorld Oracle czar Larry Ellison has some fighting words for AWS, announcing that new features in the second generation of the company’s cloud would give the leader of the IaaS public cloud computing market a run for its money. Does Oracle really have a shot at that?

    22 Sept. 16 22:19 Written by Brandon Butler
  • Mobile apps still have long way to go in state governments

    A new survey released this week reveals that while a little more than half of state CIOs surveyed consider mobile devices and apps an essential or high priority, relatively few state government apps are mobile ready or are being used by employees and external users on mobile devices.

    22 Sept. 16 06:19 Written by Bob Brown
  • Apple commits to run off 100% renewable energy

    Apple joined with 77 other corporations around the world in committing to using electricity from 100% renewable sources to run its data centers and offices around the globe.

    21 Sept. 16 20:53 Written by Lucas Mearian
  • Larry Ellison says Amazon is '20 years behind' Oracle

    Larry Ellison continued his assault on Amazon during his second keynote address at Oracle OpenWorld on Tuesday, with a host of benchmarks that showed his company's database outperforming its public cloud competition.

    21 Sept. 16 09:22 Written by Blair Hanley Frank
  • 9 keys to having a HIPAA-compliant cloud

    For a public IaaS cloud environment to be compliant with strict data privacy laws from HIPAA certain controls must be put in place. Here are 9 examples.

    20 Sept. 16 20:00 Written by Brandon Butler

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