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  • iPads and Apple TV aimed at transforming patient care

    Apple TVs and iPads give patients more control at Jacobs Medical Center. Behind the scenes, UCSD Health Sciences relies on Jamf technology to manage and secure its interactive patient care system.

    22 Oct. 16 06:29 Written by Ann Bednarz
  • Esri and Waze join up to push road condition data in cities

    Digital mapping company Esri has partnered with crowdsourcing traffic app maker Waze to help city governments and drivers communicate more efficiently about traffic conditions, including construction delays and accidents.

    19 Oct. 16 03:11 Written by Matt Hamblen
  • Qualcomm's 5G preview: high frequencies, 5-gigabit speed

    5G networks will be five times as fast as the quickest LTE technology by using the highest cellular frequencies ever, according to Qualcomm, which provided a glimpse of a next-generation modem on Tuesday.

    18 Oct. 16 13:13 Written by Stephen Lawson
  • Big Black Friday prize: Virtual reality gaming systems?

    A fresh infusion of virtual reality gaming systems such as Sony PlayStation VR could make these hot Black Friday 2016 shopping items, but don't expect to get off too easy on prices.

    16 Oct. 16 09:43 Written by Bob Brown
  • US bans Samsung Galaxy Note7 from all flights

    The U.S. government has issued an emergency ban of Samsung's exploding Galaxy Note7 devices from all airline flights, two agencies announced Friday.

    15 Oct. 16 07:47 Written by Grant Gross
  • Some reports of faulty Note7s invalidated

    Some of the early reports on faulty Samsung Galaxy Note7 smartphones that caused burns and property damage have been invalidated, significantly reducing the number of incidents.

    14 Oct. 16 05:38 Written by Matt Hamblen
  • Samsung hikes recall incentives to retain Note7 customers

    In a bid to retain customers, Samsung Electronics is giving larger financial incentives to people who choose to exchange the recalled Galaxy Note7 for another smartphone from the company, rather than seek a refund.

    13 Oct. 16 20:41 Written by John Ribeiro
  • Samsung’s Galaxy Note7 from hell

    While production of the Note7 has stopped, it's imperative that Samsung figure out what went wrong and lay out the details publicly.

    13 Oct. 16 07:39 Written by Matt Hamblen
  • Samsung issues elaborate fireproof boxes for Note7 returns

    Samsung has begun sending customers of its discontinued Galaxy Note7 smartphones special boxes designed to protect the fire-prone phablets from doing any damage on their way back to the vendor through the mail.

    13 Oct. 16 01:25 Written by Bob Brown
  • Samsung cuts revenue and profit forecast after Note7 fiasco

    Samsung Electronics has cut its revenue and profit forecast for the third quarter, after the disastrous launch of its flagship Galaxy Note7, which eventually led to the company recalling the smartphones and stopping their production in the wake of reports of overheating batteries.

    12 Oct. 16 20:24 Written by John Ribeiro
  • The Note 7 is dead: What Samsung must do now

    There is a split opinion over whether the successor phone should be named the Note8 or adopt an entirely new moniker, to avoid reminding consumers of a device that can catch fire in their pants.

    12 Oct. 16 06:27 Written by Matt Hamblen